Author: 0 McConnell faces hunt for GOP votes for Senate health bill

She is committed to ensuring that all Alaskans have access to affordable, quality health care and will review the bill through that lens, she says. The Affordable Care Act required carriers to offer "essential health benefits" covering a wide range of services including hospitalization, maternity, prescription drugs and mental health.

U.S. Trump's Legal Plan Built in His Image: Fight, Fight, Fight
Author: 0 Trump's Legal Plan Built in His Image: Fight, Fight, Fight

Thus, Sekulow's spin itself serves as a reminder that Trump's conduct leading up to the firing of Comey will likely be examined. President Trump added Sekulow to his legal team just this month, and it's clear he's already making a splash.

Author: 0 FBI to detail findings on Congressional baseball shooting

Capitol, inside the visitor's entrance of the Dirksen Senate Office Building, the front entrance of the Library of Congress, the west side of the Supreme Court, the front entrance of the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture, and the Washington Monument.

U.S. Rain chances linger into Saturday, dry by Sunday
Author: 0 Rain chances linger into Saturday, dry by Sunday

A wet and rainy May led the way for a wet and rainy June, but the Chattahoochee Valley should be spared the worst of Tropical Storm Cindy , according to WRBL meteorologist Bob Jeswald. As for the moisture that Cindy will bring inland with it that should also, for the most part, remain well east of Green Country. Hopefully we'll see skies begin to brighten and clear by late Saturday afternoon.

U.S. Student takes jab at school dress code with yearbook quote
Author: 0 Student takes jab at school dress code with yearbook quote

The dress code "is all based on sexism, and it is completely unreasonable", she told Yahoo Style . DiPaolo is set to graduate from West Milford High School next week. The yearbook photo , which we first saw on the HuffPost , has now gone viral. It really is the flawless quote coming from someone who describes themselves as infamous for fighting their school's dress code double standards.

Author: 0 North Korea says USA student's death a 'mystery to us as well'

The meeting of top United States and Chinese diplomats and defense chiefs was held a day after President Donald Trump said Chinese efforts to use its leverage with Pyongyang had failed, raising fresh doubts about his administration's strategy for countering the threat from North Korea.

Author: 0 California restricts state travel to four states over LGBT laws

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's Communications Director Marc Rylander says when they heard the news about the California to Texas state-sponsored travel ban, they just rolled their eyes and kept going. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott this month signed a law that allows child welfare providers to deny services because of " sincerely held religious beliefs ", a provision that critics interpreted as permitting adoption agencies to deny services to gay families.

U.S. Air Force Thunderbird plane involved in 'mishap' in Ohio
Author: 0 Air Force Thunderbird plane involved in 'mishap' in Ohio

Lt. Col. Jason Heard of the Thunderbirds says a safety board will determine the cause of the "mishap" that occurred upon landing around 12:30 p.m. Friday at Dayton International Airport . The Thunderbirds say more information will be released when available. An F-16 Thunderbird crashed and overturned around one. The area was experiencing heavy rain, according to the Dayton Daily News .

Author: 0 Mistrial declared in OH cop's murder retrial

She declared a mistrial after they came back deadlocked for the second time. Harris also said that juries tend to come in giving officers "the benefit of the doubt" in most cases. Judge Leslie Ghiz declared the mistrial on Friday after the jury of nine white and three black people were unable to reach a verdict. Tensing told investigators that he feared for his life.

Author: 0 Amateur radio field day set

During Field Day the club will use the Cleveland - Bradley County Emergency Management Agency's communications trailer that is equipped for communication on several amateur VHF, UHF, and HF frequencies. This year, WCARES will have all five of their radio positions operating on low power provided by batteries, using a maximum of five watts. SkyWarn "hams" also report information about snow amounts and track rising water levels and work with the Red Cross, police and fire departments and local ...

U.S. Senate panel seeks details on Lynch role in Clinton probe
Author: 0 Senate panel seeks details on Lynch role in Clinton probe

The committee asked Lynch about any conversations she had with Clinton staffer Amanda Renteria or former DNC Chairwoman Rep. A Senate panel is now investigating whether former Attorney General Loretta Lynch interfered in the Federal Bureau of Investigation probe of Hillary Clinton's private email server, according to a letter sent to Lynch on Friday.

U.S. Children take part in largest swim lesson in Gastonia
Author: 0 Children take part in largest swim lesson in Gastonia

According to the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services, Montana has a higher rate of drowning deaths than the national average. Since summer is officially here, what better time is there than now to learn how to swim safely? It isn't just children who have difficulty swimming.

Author: 0 Federal Judges Uphold Ruling To Overturn Brendan Dassey Conviction

Dassey, who was convicted in the murder of Teresa Halbach and sentenced to life in prison, was found to have been coerced by investigators into a confession. Laura Nirider of the Center on Wrongful Convictions of Youth at Northwestern University says they're still considering those steps but want to send Dassey home to his mother as soon as possible.

U.S. The Supreme Court will hear a case on partisan gerrymandering
Author: 0 The Supreme Court will hear a case on partisan gerrymandering

In the past, cases that seek to end partisan gerrymandering have failed , because the justices were unable to concur on what the standard for constitutional districting was. We are hopeful that the decision to hear this case will be the first step in addressing the partisan gerrymandering that is now shaping the House of Representatives as well as state legislatures across the country.

U.S. 'Pizzagate' gunman in DC sentenced to 4 years
Author: 0 'Pizzagate' gunman in DC sentenced to 4 years

Welch pleaded guilty in March and acknowledged that he entered the Comet Ping Pong restaurant December 4 with an AR-15 assault weapon and a revolver. In a two-minute recording he made on drive to the restaurant, Welch addressed his daughters and said: 'I can't let you grow up in a world that's so corrupt by evil without at least standing up for you, for other children just like you'.

U.S. Murder charge for Virginia man in attack on Muslim girl
Author: 0 Murder charge for Virginia man in attack on Muslim girl

Darwin Martinez Torres of Sterling was arraigned in Fairfax County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court and ordered held without bail pending a July 19 court appearance. Authorities said nothing indicates that this crime was motivated by race or by religion, but the victim's family believes it was a hate crime. "She is dead because she was Black, Arab, and Muslim, and her killing is the responsibility not only of the man who killed her, but of politicians, law enforcement agencies, and ...

U.S. US officials lift Yellowstone-region grizzly bear protection
Author: 0 US officials lift Yellowstone-region grizzly bear protection

What's more, grizzlies alive are an economic boon to the Yellowstone region and the gateway communities that surround the park. "This achievement stands as one of America's great conservation successes", Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said, praising state, tribal and federal authorities as well as private-sector partners.

Author: 0 Supreme Court Has a Chance to Limit Partisan Gerrymandering

In a possible sign of deep ideological divisions among the nine justices over the issue, the court's conservative majority granted Wisconsin's request, despite opposition from the four liberal justices, to put on hold the lower court's order requiring the state to redraw its electoral maps by November 1.

Author: 0 Insurance study says crash claims rise in first states to legalize pot

A recent insurance study links increased auto crash claims to legalized recreational marijuana . Retail sales began in January 2014 in Colorado and in July 2014 in Washington. "The single-state analyses show how the effect differs by state". Two U.S. studies on the effects of marijuana on drivers in states where it is allowed for recreational use came to different conclusions about whether it increases risks behind the wheel.