Author: 0 Whole Foods CEO suggests grocer could spin off new brand under Amazon

Many wonder what the deal means for the grocer's current e-commerce fulfilment partner, Instacart , but this analysis from Stratechery suggests the implications run far deeper. That has been its practice - within reason of course - and I don't see that changing. Mackey was assured that Whole Foods' quality standards wouldn't be compromised, he said.

U.S. Spicer seeks more strategic role at White House
Author: 0 Spicer seeks more strategic role at White House

The search for new members of the White House communications team comes after Communications Director Mike Dubke resigned last month, and Spicer once again took on dual roles as the White House faces numerous scandals, including the deepening Russian Federation probes, Politico news reported.

Author: 0 In the United States has suspended sanctions against Russian Federation

The White House is concerned that the new sanctions are a hurdle to Trump's attempts at getting Moscow to cooperate with Washington on several fronts, Politico reported Saturday, citing a senior administration official. The vote came a day after U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson made a plea for patience from lawmakers in relation to Russian Federation, saying the administration feared being "handcuffed" by the new measure.

U.S. Woman flips out after mistaking rattlesnake for dog toy
Author: 0 Woman flips out after mistaking rattlesnake for dog toy

No one, including her dogs, were injured. The rest of us? The whole thing captured on home surveillance cameras. "That's when I realized it wasn't a rope". "And it didn't make sense". The couple called Los Angeles County Fire Department, who warned them that baby rattlesnakes are even more unsafe than adults because they're unable to control their venom.

Author: 0 Russia Draws A Line Across Syria After US Shoots Down Syrian Jet

Army brought down a jet near Raqqa. The United States, however, intends to continue their operations as usual in their fight against ISIS targets. A formation of US Navy F-18E Super Hornets leaves after receiving fuel from a KC-135 Stratotanker over northern Iraq as part of US led coalition airstrikes on the Islamic State group and other targets in Syria, September 23, 2014.

Author: 0 Coroner: Cocaine among drugs found in Carrie Fisher's system

Fisher's blood and tissue, with regard to the cause of death", the report stated. In addition, traces of heroin and MDMA - also known as ecstasy - were also present in her system, but they could not determine when Fisher had taken those drugs.

Author: 0 Race: Gillespie will face Northam in November

Polls closed at 7 p.m. Virginia , once a Republican bulwark in presidential polls, has gone Democratic in three straight elections. Perriello ran as an anti-Trump progressive with a populist message and was endorsed by U.S. He was the Virginia co-chair of Trump's campaign but was sacked for participating in a protest outside the Republican National Committee offices in Washington.

U.S. Wife of alleged Virginia shooter: 'I can't believe he did this'
Author: 0 Wife of alleged Virginia shooter: 'I can't believe he did this'

A bar manager at a restaurant in Alexandria told the newspaper that Hodgkinson visited repeatedly and seemed like "not a friendly person" but did not discuss politics or why he was in Alexandria. Scalise, who was reportedly shot in the hip, underwent surgery on Wednesday morning. Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) told the Post that he heard two or three shots before he realized what was going on.

U.S. Gas Prices Continue to Decline in Northern New England
Author: 0 Gas Prices Continue to Decline in Northern New England

AAA reports that the most expensive gasoline can be found in the City of Chicago, at $2.73 per gallon. New Haven- $2.42/g, down 4.3 cents per gallon from last week's $2.47/g. The state average is on a 15-day streak of declines, falling a total of 10 cents since June 3, according to AAA , whose data is collected from credit card swipes and direct feeds from 120,000 gas stations nationwide, in cooperation with OPIS and Wright Express.

Author: 0 Supreme Court strikes down sex offender social media ban

Justice Neil Gorsuch did not participate in the case . In North Carolina, where 14,268 people are entered in the N.C. Sex Offender and Public Protection Registry database, civil liberty organizations have paid close attention to Packingham's case.

U.S. Three men arrested for $300000 avocado theft
Author: 0 Three men arrested for $300000 avocado theft

But some customers didn't get the memo and continued returning to the facility to pick up their shipment, Franchi said. According to the company, they had stopped selling avocados recently, but their customers apparently didn't notice. So why steal and sell avocados , specifically? Barnard and other managers were tipped off by customers that something was amiss. Sgt. Franchi stated it looked like the suspects had "skimmed" the avocados "off the top" and then sold them separately to ...

U.S. Severe Thunderstorm Watch issued for all of NH until 8 pm Monday
Author: 0 Severe Thunderstorm Watch issued for all of NH until 8 pm Monday

Those storms will develop mainly north of Interstate 20. Storms have the potential to produce damaging winds, small hail, and torrential rainfall which could lead to flash flooding. A severe thunderstorm warning has been issued for northwestern Nassau County through 6:15 p.m.as a system with potential for 60 miles per hour gusts and penny-sized hail was located over Newark, moving to the northeast at 45 miles per hour, the National Weather Service said.

U.S. House leader joins Handel on final campaign day
Author: 0 House leader joins Handel on final campaign day

Vote now for Karen H", the president wrote on the social messaging site, using the P to refer to rising premiums in the healthcare plan. A day before voters will head to the polls in Georgia's closely watched 6th District race between Democrat Jon Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel , Trump used his preferred method of communication, Twitter , to try and give the GOP candidate a boost.

U.S. Juneteenth celebrations kickoff in Houston this weekend!
Author: 0 Juneteenth celebrations kickoff in Houston this weekend!

It's a day in history that many believe should never be forgotten. This is Centennial Christian Church and every year this congregation looks to the past at an historic event as they move to the future. It languished for a few years before Cannon and Howard took over in 2000. "All of our food display are out here, we have over 100 vendors, a lot of arts and crafts a lot of heritage things".

Author: 0 Severe thunderstorms possible Monday

These storms could become severe as they move into central NY later this afternoon and evening. In addition to always unsafe lightning these storms will bring very strong straight-line winds (and perhaps a tornado somewhere) along with very heavy rains.

U.S. Republican baseball practice gunman 'had list of names'
Author: 0 Republican baseball practice gunman 'had list of names'

The Louisiana Republican is recovering from "substantial damage" he suffered when a bullet pierced his left hip and traveled directly across to the other hip, Dr. He arrived " in critical condition with an imminent risk of death", Sava said, adding that now, "we are encouraged by improvement in his condition".

Author: 0 Seattle police kill woman that family says was pregnant

In the choppy audio , the unidentified officers discussed previous visits to Lyles' residence, before greeting her and asking to come into the apartment. Because of that history, two officers, instead of one, were dispatched in response to the burglary call on Sunday, authorities said. Two police officers responded to Lyles's call around 10 a.m.

U.S. Democrats Say They'll Slow Senate Work Over Secretive Health Care Bill
Author: 0 Democrats Say They'll Slow Senate Work Over Secretive Health Care Bill

The bill - which would repeal and replace large chunks of the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) - passed by a razor-thin margin in an early May vote in the House . They are targeting Sens. Write to Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), Bob Corker (R-South Carolina), Susan Collins (R-Maine), Rob Portman (R-Ohio), and Bill Cassidy (R-Louisiana).

Author: 0 Redskins owner says he's thrilled with ruling

Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, which ruled 9-3 a year ago that "the First Amendment protects even hurtful speech". The US Patent and Trademark office had denied the application, pointing to a portion of the law that prohibits federal registration of a trademark if it disparages persons, beliefs, or institutions.

U.S. USA police officer acquited for killing black man
Author: 0 USA police officer acquited for killing black man

Kaepernick, 29, compared modern day police officers to patrolmen who hunted fugitive slaves in the days of American slavery, in a tweet that showed badges for the two side by side, Daily Mail reports. 'The system continues to fail black people, and it will continue to fail you all. They murdered my mother f***ing son with his seat belt on. Many Kaepernick supporters believe the NFL is punishing the quarterback for drawing unwanted attention on the league when he began a controversial ...