U.S. Armed man in custody at Orlando airport; no one hurt
Author: 0 Armed man in custody at Orlando airport; no one hurt

Everyone is safe. Will brief as soon as possible in the media staging area. The airport's official Twitter account posted about the incident, saying that police are now on the scene after an armed man was spotted in the Level 1, A-side of the rental auto area.

Author: 0 US First Lady Melania Trump is Catholic, spokeswoman confirms

Since Inauguration Day, the inscrutable first lady Melania Trump has been scrutinized for any sign of her interior monologue. After the meeting the Vatican released a statement saying the visit was "cordial" and that the two discussed "healthcare, education and assistance to immigrants".

U.S. Officer who shot Tamir Rice is fired in unrelated matter
Author: 0 Officer who shot Tamir Rice is fired in unrelated matter

The announcement on Tuesday was the result of a review by the department's critical incident review committee, which was established in February 2016, Williams said. At the news conference announcing Loehmann's firing Tuesday, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson offered "condolences to the family of Tamir Rice ". "This is a politically motivated witch hunt", he added.

Author: 0 Fort Smith National Cemetery Honors Veterans At Memorial Day Program

GVMC Director Russell Feagin asked people to stop by headstones and read names out loud of veterans who served. See this week's Stratford Star for more information on the Memorial Day parade . The company specializes in the creation and sales of the National Flag of the United States of America that are crafted from solid iron. Daughters of the Union Veterans also spoke under the monument in the cemetery.

U.S. 1 dead, 25 injured in Barron County
Author: 0 1 dead, 25 injured in Barron County

Storms barreled through a large swath of the central USA and tornadoes reportedly touched down in four other states, including Kansas, Nebraska, Texas and Oklahoma , where another man was killed trying to flee to safety. "Then we will assess the damage we have several other areas in the county that has damage", Fitzgerald said. When first responders arrived at the scene, they could hear the people crying for help in the rubble, Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald told a local television ...

U.S. Nebraska Baseball Eliminated From Big Ten Tournament, Loses 8-5 Against Maryland
Author: 0 Nebraska Baseball Eliminated From Big Ten Tournament, Loses 8-5 Against Maryland

The Gophers scored seven runs in the third and fourth innings to jump ahead 8-3 and chase Iowa's Elijah Wood and Nick Nelsen. "Martsching came in and did great and their guys came in and did great, too", Cropley said. A Ben Dickey two-run single and an RBI double by Charlie Maxwell in the top of the ninth made the final score a slightly more palatable 13-4. We're a group that became warriors and got after it, and we saw that all the way to the end with the tying run coming to the dish even ...

Author: 0 Anthony Weiner's wife Huma Abedin files for divorce

While running for New York City mayor in 2013, more messages surfaced, burying his attempt to resurrect his political career. Former US Congressman Anthony Weiner was expected to plead guilty in federal court in NY, months after prosecutors opened an investigation into his alleged "sexting" with a 15-year-old girl that eventually played a role in the US presidential election.

U.S. Veterans reflect on meaning of Memorial Day
Author: 0 Veterans reflect on meaning of Memorial Day

On Monday, he sat on a bench in a tree's shade and remembered them. Staying in contact with people on the ground at the ceremony. He has such a passion for the Army and serving his country. "It's very special because they died for freedom and for us", said Peyton Berger, who was visiting the cemetery for the first time. Service members stood and proudly sang along as the songs for their respective branches played.

U.S. Kushner sought secret back channel with Russia
Author: 0 Kushner sought secret back channel with Russia

Trump simply waved and walked off with Melania. Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said he didn't know if the news reports were true but described back-channel communications as a "good thing". The disclosure of the back channel put the White House on the defensive. The news of the secret channel proposal came in the same week that Reuters reported that Kushner had three unreported contacts with the Russians between April and November of previous year.

U.S. North Korea fires short-range ballistic missile off western Japan
Author: 0 North Korea fires short-range ballistic missile off western Japan

U.S. military monitors said the short-range missile flew for six minutes, while Japan said it fell into its exclusive economic zone, extending 200 nautical miles from the coast. The agency added that North Korea fired a suspected Scud-type ballistic missile that flew about 450 kilometers (280 miles). South Korea will send home all six North Korean sailors recently rescued from the East Sea in accordance with their free will, a Ministry of Unification official said Tuesday.

U.S. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott mulling special legislative session
Author: 0 Texas Gov. Greg Abbott mulling special legislative session

They are also key issues for Governor Abbott though Abbott didn't start speaking out in favor of a bathroom bill until relatively late in the session. Based on the per diem rate of $190 per day for each member of the Legislature and the lieutenant governor, a special session could cost upward of $1 million for 30 days.

Author: 0 To many Americans, Memorial Day has lost its meaning

As most people are aware (or should be), Memorial Day and Veterans Day serve different purposes. Memorial Day was always a day for traveling to the cemeteries, cleaning up the grave sites, and placing the flags for all of those who had passed.

Author: 0 Trump in Italy for second day of G-7 meetings

Macron's office confirmed to The Associated Press the veracity of the president's comments in Le Journal du Dimanche . The first meeting between Trump and Macron at the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit was immortalized in this decidedly awkward video , and by the time the two sat down for their first formal meeting with the press in attendance, the French president had another plan in place.

U.S. Hannity says liberal fascists after sponsors; 1 is leaving
Author: 0 Hannity says liberal fascists after sponsors; 1 is leaving

Rich's death has become a voracious talking point for many in the conservative media over the past month as unsubstantiated reports said he had been in contact with WikiLeaks and that he may have been the source of the DNC email leaks during the election, not Russian Federation.

Author: 0 Trump supporter apologises to Guardian reporter after winning US House race

Scott Taylor said Friday. Four counties that voted democratic and wanted Quist to represent Montana in the special election, voted republican during the 2016 race. Gianforte could be heard on an audio tape yelling at the reporter, Ben Jacobs of The Guardian . It's also unclear how quickly Gianforte can assume his seat.

Author: 0 House intel Dem would review Kushner's clearance

Former CIA Director Mike Hayden, said: "What manner of ignorance, chaos, hubris, suspicion, contempt would you have to have had to think that doing this with the Russian ambassador was a good or appropriate idea?" The DNC has called for Kushner's security clearance to be revoked outright, but it doesn't appear Schiff is quite there yet.

Author: 0 Fresh from his travels, Trump rails on Twitter about 'fake news'

Trump went on an early morning Twitter rant Sunday to dump his latest thoughts after returning from his first foreign trip in Europe and the Mid East. Other reports about Kushner's interactions with Russian officials have surfaced in recent days in other major news outlets, including The Washington Post.

U.S. Forecast: Sunny skies today, Memorial Day
Author: 0 Forecast: Sunny skies today, Memorial Day

Cloudy skies will gradually become mostly sunny with a high near 77 degrees. Southwest winds will range between 10 to 15 miles per hour, diminishing to around 5 miles per hour after midnight. Highs will rise to the mid 70s in southwest Montana, mid 80s along Highway 93, and upper 80s in parts of Mineral, Lincoln, and Sanders counties. Thursday night: A chance of showers and thunderstorms.

Author: 0 UK police arrest 9th man in concert bombing investigation

Prime Minister Theresa May said Thursday morning that when she meets later in the day with President Trump in Brussels, she would make it clear "that intelligence shared must remain secure". "This is until such time as we have assurances that no further unauthorized disclosures will occur", said the counter-terrorism source, who spoke on condition of anonymity.