U.S. The US wants to ban electronics on Board the aircraft
Author: 0 The US wants to ban electronics on Board the aircraft

The meeting, which was set to include officials from Delta Air Lines (DAL), American Airlines (AAL) and United Airlines (UAL), took place Thursday, and airline representatives have also aired their worries about the restrictions to Congress, Bloomberg reported .

U.S. Flash flood watches cover parts of 6 southern states
Author: 0 Flash flood watches cover parts of 6 southern states

The weather service forecast calls for periodic heavy rains and thunderstorms across the watch area through midweek. After some parts of the area saw heavy rainfall over the weekend, another in a series of impulses will approach the area Monday afternoon , bringing a renewed chance of showers and thunderstorms.

Author: 0 Trump arrives in Israel in search of 'the ultimate deal'

Donald Trump made clear from the moment of his arrival in Israel Monday that the objective of his trip, promoted by the White House and the media as part of a quest for "Middle East peace", is the consolidation of reactionary regional alliance in support of a U.S.

Author: 0 Marshall talks NAFTA with grain trade delegation from Mexico

Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross praised the announcement which came from the newly confirmed U.S Trade Representative Robert E. Lighthizer. The Canadian and Mexican governments are prepared for NAFTA renegotiation discussions. Since NAFTA went into effect January 1, 1994, US trade north and south of the borders has more than tripled, growing more rapidly than USA trade with the rest of the world.

Author: 0 US Muslims welcome Trump's change in tone but remain sceptical

President Donald Trump urged Arab and Islamic leaders to unite and do their share to defeat Islamist extremists, making an impassioned plea to "drive out" terrorists while toning down his own harsh rhetoric about Muslims. "In addition, Trump has demonstrated no concern for the human rights issues dear to the hearts of neo-liberals, which results in cultural imperialism", Etler noted.

Author: 0 Trump budget slashes safety-net programs

The proposed budget refocuses decades of US spending - both foreign and domestic - to reflect Trump's belief that too much taxpayer money is simply given away. The budget allocates $2.6 billion for improved border security, including $1.6 billion for Trump's physical wall on the Mexican border. The budget also relies heavily on assumptions that economic growth will soar under tax cuts and regulatory reductions that Trump has promised to deliver.

Author: 0 Senate moderates hold bipartisan health care talks

House of Representatives on May 4, but still faces review in the U.S. Senate , would give states the option of setting insurance premiums according to a person's medical history. But some people with individual coverage worry about the proposed changes, including Rachael Rice, a self-employed 28-year-old Mount Washington consultant for people who have dementia.

U.S. Police find Nazi items, explosives during murder probe
Author: 0 Police find Nazi items, explosives during murder probe

Arthurs was arrested Friday after police say he held hostages at a Tampa smoke shop. Tampa police officers swarmed the scene and got Arthurs to surrender after several minutes. Inside the building, cops found the bodies of Himmelman and Oneschuk, who had been shot in the head and torso. He was arrested on possession of unregistered destructive devices and unlawful storage of explosive charges.

U.S. Haitians facing deportation get US extension
Author: 0 Haitians facing deportation get US extension

This month, however, the Associated Press revealed that a top immigration official was searching for crime and other statistics on Haitian immigrants, sparking fears that the administration was building a case to end temporary protection.

Author: 0 Curtain falls on 'Greatest Show on Earth' after 146 years

Big Cat Trainer and Presenter Alexander Lacey performs on the final day of the Ringling Bros Barnum and Bailey Circus on May 21, 2017 in Uniondale, New York. The circus originated from a show created by William Coup and PT Barnum in the 1870. At its prime, the Ringling Bros . and Barnum & Bailey Circus was considered a family-friendly outing.

U.S. California Democrats take aim at Trump, GOP Congress
Author: 0 California Democrats take aim at Trump, GOP Congress

Longtime party insider Eric Bauman defeated Ellis by 62 votes out of almost 3,000 cast — a razor-thin margin for a candidate who lined up support from most of the state's elected Democrats and, until recently, was widely expected to win with minimal opposition.

U.S. President Donald Trump Illuminates the White House in Blue to Honor LE
Author: 0 President Donald Trump Illuminates the White House in Blue to Honor LE

In 1962, President John F. Kennedy declared this day as Peace Officers' Memorial Day, and this week around the country will be National Police Week . "We wish the courageous 22 officers were still with us today". He urged Americans to thank police officers on the beat and vowed to make it a "personal priority" to ensure police are treated "with honor and respect".

U.S. Appalachia's approach to drugs at odds with AG policy
Author: 0 Appalachia's approach to drugs at odds with AG policy

Many experts say those laws and sentencing rules led to drug offenders spending decades in prison or even receiving life behind bars, when lesser sentences would have been adequate. "The data showed that while they brought fewer indictments carrying a mandatory minimum sentence, the prosecutions of high-level drug defendants had risen and that cooperation and plea rates remained effectively the same", Holder said.

Author: 0 Congressman calls for Trump's impeachment on House floor

The Democratic representative played some of the messages at a meeting Saturday morning at the Fountain Life Center in southwest Houston . "I hope you can let this go", the memo reportedly quotes Trump as saying. "I don't know that a special counsel is warranted at this point", Chaffetz said. "The President must be impeached", Green said on the floor. Is this possible? Republicans now control both chambers of Congress, so they'd have to break with a president from their own party in a very ...

U.S. Hahn's 64 gives him Nelson lead on a Day of birdie streaks
Author: 0 Hahn's 64 gives him Nelson lead on a Day of birdie streaks

Day shot 2-under 68, one shot better than eventual victor Horschel in the final round, however a disappointing bogey on the par 4 12 hole, where he made par in the three rounds prior, pegged him back to an equal finish at the end of 72 holes.

Author: 0 Ringling Bros. shuts down the big top after 146 years

Elephant acts used to be the popular cornerstone of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus. Ticket sales have declined in recent years after accusations of animal cruelty. "I want to bring my son or daughter to the circus some day". Head clown Davis Vassallo poses for a portrait before taking part in the last weekend of the Ringling Bros .