Author: 0 North Lake College shooting: Victim and suspect dead, police say

The college was placed on lockdown at 11:43am, and Irving police later confirmed that shots had been fired at the school. A few hours after the incident, Irving Police reported on Twitter that there appeared "to be no continuing threat", adding that law enforcement officers were still searching the campus.

Author: 0 Community leader criticizes mum Phoenix police

Accused Phoenix serial killer Aaron Saucedo's gun was in the hands of authorities for a year and a half before he was arrested for allegedly murdering nine people in a rampage that terrorized the area. Police announced Monday that Saucedo had been arrested in the case dubbed the Serial Street Shooter. The murder was not yet connected to the spate of random attacks that had the Phoenix Valley in fear since last June, when authorities first realized that numerous shootings were connected.

Author: 0 James Comey Sends Farewell Letter to Select FBI Staff

In March of that year, Comey rushed to the hospital bed of Attorney General John Ashcroft to physically stop White House officials in their bid to get his ailing boss to reauthorize a secret no-warrant wiretapping program. Before this, the president had met privately with Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. He also dismissed claims of Russian meddling in U.S. domestic politics as "fabrications".

Author: 0 Putin and Trump to meet in Hamburg in July

This came at a meeting in Washington with Russian top diplomat Sergei Lavrov, the highest Russian official received by the US President since ascending to the top job. The announcement came as Trump's campaign was being investigated by United States authorities for possible connections with Russian Federation. Jordan Fabion, the White House correspondent for The Hill, said he asked why the press corp wasn't ushered into the meeting while the Russians were still present.

Author: 0 Russian government releases photos of Oval Office meeting

The meetings with the Russian Foreign minister came in the wake of the surprise sacking of Comey who was overseeing a probe into Russia's meddling in the 2016 United States presidential polls. Former national security adviser Michael Flynn was forced to resign in February over his contacts with Kislyak previous year and over misleading statements about the nature of those conversations to Vice President Mike Pence.

U.S. NJ residents grade President Trump on 100-day mark
Author: 0 NJ residents grade President Trump on 100-day mark

In the time frame, President Donald Trump's pick for the Supreme Court was confirmed by the Senate. 100 Successful days of Donald Trump Presidency: On the eve of completing 100 days in office, US President Donald Trump has said this landmark timeline had been most successful in the country's history.

U.S. DeVos booed delivering Bethune-Cookman address
Author: 0 DeVos booed delivering Bethune-Cookman address

During the February gathering of HBCU leaders at the White House, she described historically black institutions as " pioneers of school choice ", dismissing the fact that such schools were founded because blacks often weren't allowed in colleges due to segregation.

Author: 0 Marchers use Trump's 100th day to protest climate policies

Saturday for the People's Climate March . And as was the case with the previous weekend's March for Science, some protesters got extra-creative with their sign game, albeit with a more confrontational tone toward the Trump administration (see below).

U.S. Motive unclear for University of Texas stabbings
Author: 0 Motive unclear for University of Texas stabbings

The man in custody seemed calm, Hasse said. Prichett screamed and ran away, reports the Statesman . "I've never seen like horror-stricken faces like that in my life, it was just insane, it was hectic". White was an active member of a student group of African American health professionals. They are asking, 'How could this happen again? "It was unusual.

Author: 0 Happy Cinco de Mayo! Here are 5 facts about the day

Napolean III had multiple motives on May 5th: For the leader of France, Napolean III, the battle at Puebla was an attempt at not only spreading his empire but at conquering a key Mexican access point to the USA, where he meant to lend support to the confederate army during the Civil War in an effort to keep the US divided and consequently less powerful.

U.S. News Coverage of President Trump's Executive Order
Author: 0 News Coverage of President Trump's Executive Order

Johnson of Texas, is a provision in the USA tax code that prohibits all 501 (c)(3) non-profit organizations from endorsing or opposing political candidates. Despite Trump's executive order, the law remains on the books, and removing it will require an act of Congress. Kaylia Metcalf-Armstrong, with Gay Central Valley, said, "Anytime one group gets to dictate the healthcare for another group, I think you have problems, especially when the rubric is based on religious ideology".

U.S. Wreckage of a small plane crash at Lake Berryessa, May 8, 2017
Author: 0 Wreckage of a small plane crash at Lake Berryessa, May 8, 2017

Vacaville-based Icon describes the two-seat A5 as an amphibious light sport aircraft which can land on water. Icon A5's have been a common sight flying over the Lake Berryessa area recently, said Blower. The plane Kilkus was using was an Icon A5. Efforts to recover the aircraft were still underway on Monday afternoon. As for the investigation, the NTSB says a preliminary report should be released in the next five business days.

Author: 0 Senators Looking Ahead to Sally Yates Testimony on Russian Federation and Flynn

White House officials, including Vice President Mike Pence, had insisted that Mr Flynn did not discuss US-imposed sanctions with Mr Kislyak during the presidential transition period. Yates said she believes it is the responsibility of the attorney general to make those conclusions. Mr Trump made no mention of the fact that Mr Flynn had been fired from his position by the Obama administration in 2014.

Author: 0 Trump delaying decision on Paris climate deal

Mr Tillerson is a former Exxon executive and has yet to appoint deputies in the State Department on a range of issues including climate change, though has said he thinks climate change is real. President Trump has previously said he believes there is no evidence that humans are responsible for climate change. Mr Trump does seem to prefer face-to-face interactions with world leaders to clarify his positions rather than other diplomatic avenues.

Author: 0 Memorial fund formed for grieving family of fallen DSP trooper

According to Delaware State Police, Cpl. Police say Sealy pursued him, and fired at Ballard, hitting him in the upper body. The trooper was shot multiple times and died at a hospital, state police Superintendent Col. Officers still have not gone inside the home but continue to try to persuade the suspect to surrender, Fournier said. Carney ordered flags in the state to be lowered to half-staff.

U.S. Judge agrees to toss Aaron Hernandez murder conviction
Author: 0 Judge agrees to toss Aaron Hernandez murder conviction

Aaron Hernandez died a convicted murderer, but in the eyes of the law, his conviction has been erased. Hernandez's appellate attorneys want the conviction thrown out under a long standing state principle called "abatement ab initio ", which in Latin, means to roll back a process to its beginning.

Author: 0 AAP stages demo on tampering EVMs, just a lookalike gadget

Before Bhardwaj's demonstration, Kejriwal tweeted, "Saurabh Bhardwaj will reveal the truth behind a big conspiracy in the country". "It is common-sense that gadgets other than EC-EVMs can be programmed to perform in a pre-determined way, but it simply cannot be implied that the EC-EVMs will behave in the same manner because they are technically secured and function under an elaborate administrative and security protocol", the poll-panel said in a statement.

Author: 0 Probe into deadly fall at Penn State frat to be released

Eighteen Penn State fraternity brothers have been charged with crimes ranging up to involuntary manslaughter in the case of a pledge who authorities say repeatedly fell down a flight of stairs after he and others were made to run a gantlet of drinking stations where they guzzled vodka, beer and wine.

U.S. Yates: Alarm about Russian blackmail led to warning on Flynn
Author: 0 Yates: Alarm about Russian blackmail led to warning on Flynn

Lindsey Graham, who opened the hearing with an implicit rebuke of the President and his alternative explanations for the interference in the election. FBI Director James Comey told Congress in March that a federal investigation examining Russian interference in the presidential election and potential coordination between Russia and the Trump campaign had began in late July.