U.S. Rolling Stone settles, but fight over rape story isn't over
Author: 0 Rolling Stone settles, but fight over rape story isn't over

Eramo accused the magazine of portraying her as the story's villain and as being focused on hushing up sexual assault reports. An investigation by The Washington Post showed that aspects of the account were not true. After feeling so sure about the Article, and believing so strongly that it would help spur change on college campuses, losing faith in the credibility of one of my major sources post-publication took me entirely by surprise.

Author: 0 New York lawmakers approve free middle class college tuition

College education without the cost? "It's incredibly expensive and debt is so high it's like starting a race with an anchor tied to your leg". The scholarship is only available to those who take 30 credits a year - a move that has drawn criticism.

U.S. Time to pressure Russian Federation on Syria: Bishop
Author: 0 Time to pressure Russian Federation on Syria: Bishop

On Monday, the USA upped the stakes significantly by accusing Russia of knowing in advance of the chemical attack and using a Russian-operated drone to help cover it up. had initiated the call. However, Tillerson said in television interviews that aired Sunday that the top US priority in the region remains the defeat of Islamic State militants.

U.S. Trump, Xi have 'candid,' 'positive' talks in Florida
Author: 0 Trump, Xi have 'candid,' 'positive' talks in Florida

That message may have been underscored by the USA missile attack on Syria that took place as the two leaders had dinner. Reuters first reported the move of the Vinson group. Taking action against North Korea has been a sticking point in USA talks with the Chinese. It is particularly worrying to note that they did no more than share the view that North Korea's nuclear and missile development has reached "a very serious stage".

Author: 0 At least two dead, two wounded in Southern California school shooting

Once in the classroom, Anderson used a "high caliber revolver" to fire at Smith, fatally wounding her, Burguan said . A school shooting in San Bernardino has led to the deaths of two adults in a classroom. Thomas in Minnesota, school shootings that have actually resulted in casualties occurred as recently as March 13 at Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio.

U.S. Man who shot wife in class had no convictions
Author: 0 Man who shot wife in class had no convictions

After two people were killed in a shooting at a classroom in a San Bernardino elementary school on Monday, the city's bishop is praying for the victims and the school community. He was armed with what was believed to be a.357 revolver, and opened fire "without saying anything" after entering the classroom - which contained 15 students and two teacher aides, Burguan said.

Author: 0 Sessions Directs Prosecutors to Focus on Immigration Crimes

Sessions was speaking first of transnational gangs like MS-13 and worldwide cartels. The post Sessions to tour Arizona-Mexico border Tuesday appeared first on PBS NewsHour . Re-entering the country after a prior removal will be referred for felony prosecution, "especially where indicators of gang affiliation, a risk to public safety, or criminal history are present", he said.

Author: 0 Cases, but also cafeteria duty, await Gorsuch at high court

Donald Trump revelled in the biggest political victory of his presidency at a White House ceremony on Monday in which his Supreme Court pick Neil Gorsuch was sworn in, poised to make an instant impact on a court once again dominated by conservatives.

U.S. Chris Christie named least popular governor in the U.S
Author: 0 Chris Christie named least popular governor in the U.S

At the opposite end of the survey, GOP Gov. Charlie Baker of MA is the most-popular governor in the nation, with 75 percent approval from his constituents, followed by Republican Gov. His approval is considerably better than his Democratic predecessor's, Peter Shumlin, who had a 53 percent approval rating and a 40 percent disapproval rating in our rankings from September.

U.S. The Senate Confirmed Neil Gorsuch To The Supreme Court
Author: 0 The Senate Confirmed Neil Gorsuch To The Supreme Court

It is unclear if Trump will have any future nominations to the top court, but two justices - Anthony Kennedy and Ruth Bader Ginsburg - are 80 or older, while Stephen Breyer is rapidly approaching that milestone. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-New York, had attempted to delay the effort to change the rules until after the two-week congressional recess, but failed to secure enough votes to proceed that way.

U.S. High Court Greenlights Impeachment Proceedings For Alabama Governor
Author: 0 High Court Greenlights Impeachment Proceedings For Alabama Governor

The 7-0 decision by the high court, with one justice recusing himself and a seat vacant, allows impeachment proceedings to go ahead in the House of Representatives' Judiciary Committee on Monday. The report accuses him of using state resources, including law enforcement, to hide the affair and protect his reputation, "in a process characterized by increasing obsession and paranoia".

Author: 0 First two Democrats back Trump's US Supreme Court pick

In all, 35 Democrats have said so far that they definitely will oppose Gorsuch. Their announcements mean 35 of the 48 Democrats in the 100-seat Senate oppose Gorsuch, the Colorado-based federal appellate judge nominated by Trump in January for a lifetime post on the high court.

U.S. Alabama governor faces impeachment hearings after ruling
Author: 0 Alabama governor faces impeachment hearings after ruling

State lawmakers on Friday night filed a notice of emergency appeal to the Alabama Supreme Court - capping a long day of escalating hostilities between the Republican governor and the Republican-controlled legislature. Sharman also wrote that Bentley obstructed the legislative investigation by refusing to cooperate and redacting text messages and other material requested by the committee.

Author: 0 Russian Federation knew Syrian chemical attack was coming

The U.S. military action has renewed the world's focus on Assad's fate and on Syria's civil war, now in its seventh year. As he laid a wreath, he alluded to the Syria chemical attack. The U.S. attack ordered by the Trump administration avoided targeting chemical stockpiles at the base to avoid explosions that could release deadly toxins into the air, the Pentagon said.

Author: 0 Multiple victims in shooting at California elementary school, authorities say

One teacher and two students were shot, a law enforcement spokesperson told KCAL . Two adults were killed and two students were critically injured in a shooting at an elementary school in San Bernardino. "As a mother and grandmother, today's senseless violence is a tragedy no parent should ever have to face", she said in a statement. Police told parents to go to a nearby high school to pick up their kids, but it's not clear when the students would get there.

U.S. Uzbek man arrested over Swedish truck attack
Author: 0 Uzbek man arrested over Swedish truck attack

His application for residency was rejected in June past year and he was being sought by immigration officials, police said. He was given four weeks to leave the country in December but could not be located because he had given police a wrong address .

Author: 0 House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes To Step Aside From Russia Probe

In his statement, Nunes said he has asked to speak to the House Ethics Committee at the earliest possible opportunity "in order to expedite the dismissal of these false claims". K. Michael Conaway (R-TX) would be taking over the matter. "It's going to be a holy war", the congressman said. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has been investigating the issue since June, when it became clear to USA intelligence that the Russian government was behind hacks of Democratic Party communications ...

U.S. H1B cap reached just 4 days after start of application process
Author: 0 H1B cap reached just 4 days after start of application process

As per the PTI report, the USA announced multiple measures to "deter and detect" what it described as "fraud and abuse" of H-1B work visas, the most sought after by Indian IT firms and professionals. Some H-1B employers aren't subject to the visa cap, including universities and some nonprofits. Over the past week, several federal agencies, including USCIS, the Justice Department and the Labor Department, have said that they scrutinize this year's visa application process to ensure ...

U.S. Bannon, Kushner meet to smooth tensions
Author: 0 Bannon, Kushner meet to smooth tensions

Possible replacements began circulating Friday morning, among them House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Cohn. Still, Chris Ruddy, a longtime Trump friend and the head of NewsMax, said Trump thrives on internal debate but does not like "when people are leaking or criticizing to the outside".