U.S. Bothell Man Shot To Death While Showering At Mason County Home
Author: 0 Bothell Man Shot To Death While Showering At Mason County Home

CBS affiliate KIRO reports that officials say they arrested the homeowner after he shot an intruder, who was taking a shower. Belfair resident Bruce F. Lt. Travis Adams of the Mason County Sheriff's Office said that "other than an exchange of words, there was no indication that Mr". Pictured the Belfair , home where Nathaniel Rosa was shot dead by homeowner, Bruce Fanning.

Author: 0 Kentucky's Monk becomes 2nd Wildcat to enter NBA draft

Doubters of Monk coming out of high school thought he had a tendency to be a streaky shooter, but he silenced those doubts, failing to score in double figures just twice all season. Perhaps saving his best for last, Fox scored a record 39 points in the victory over UCLA in the Sweet 16. "De'Aaron's speed, length and ability to pick up defensively from 94 feet set him apart from his peers", Calipari said.

U.S. Threatened dog attack, other details emerge in FB Live sex case
Author: 0 Threatened dog attack, other details emerge in FB Live sex case

The 14-year-old boy is accused of telling the victim she could "have sex the easy way or the hard way", according to the Associated Press . Judge Patricia Mendoza, assigned to the Juvenile Division, ordered Tuesday that the 15-year-old boy be held in custody, calling the gang rape "one of the most serious cases that I have seen".

Author: 0 Equal Pay Day provides rallying point for women in workplace

For Atisha, that meant living paycheck to paycheck, working overtime to sustain her family and spending less time with her kids. "This is about if you fully engage your employees and you fully engage women ... "This isn't just about equal opportunity, this is about more effectiveness for your company, and I thought that was a really important message that came out of this hearing", McSally said at last Tuesday's hearing.

Author: 0 Severe weather rolls into Georgia, causes damage

Officials say severe weather has killed two people in MS, including a woman who was desperately directing rescuers to her submerged vehicle when she died. The National Weather Service's Storm Prediction Service said "damaging winds, possibly widespread and significant" were anticipated through much of the region from southern MS into SC but that that Alabama would be at greatest risk of tornadoes overnight.

U.S. Trump says 'we must fight' Freedom Caucus, Democrats
Author: 0 Trump says 'we must fight' Freedom Caucus, Democrats

Trump did not offer specifics, and White House spokesman Sean Spicer on Wednesday said Trump's comments came during a "light-hearted" moment. While looking ahead to tax reform as an opportunity to recover the President's tainted image as a unique fixer and the dealmaker in chief, a more pressing issue awaits - funding the government.

Author: 0 NWS: 10 tornadoes so far this year in Middle TN

An EF-1 tornado tossed around cars Wednesday afternoon in Pasadena. The vertical winds in tornadoes are capable of temporarily lifting heavy objects such as automobiles or even people hundreds of feet off the ground. Now forecasters are confirming there was more tornado activity as part of that storm system. One of these tornadoes touched down in Houston County, approximately 35 minutes southwest of Clarksville.

U.S. Schiff says he will meet with Nunes on Thursday
Author: 0 Schiff says he will meet with Nunes on Thursday

Nunes, for his part, has said those reports about where he got his information are wrong. The top Democrat on the House intelligence committee, Rep. A government investigation of Russian meddling during the US presidential campaign past year has stayed in the headlines for weeks, particularly since Trump tweeted his belief that his headquarters in New York City had been "wiretapped".

U.S. TBI: Reported sighting of missing teen, Tad Cummins in Nebraska not confirmed
Author: 0 TBI: Reported sighting of missing teen, Tad Cummins in Nebraska not confirmed

Jill Cummins, who has pleaded with her husband to bring Elizabeth home, filed the documents last week, citing irreconcilable differences and alleging that Tad Cummins is "guilty of inappropriate marital conduct". Cummins is accused of kidnapping Thomas, a 15-year-old student at the school where he taught. The same images show Elizabeth may have red hair. Authorities say there have been no other credible sightings despite more than 1,200 tips from all over the country.

U.S. North Dakota Gordmans to remain open
Author: 0 North Dakota Gordmans to remain open

Bankruptcy court documents indicated that the final list of stores that close and remain open is subject to change. The brand's stores in Woodbury, Minn., Kenosha, Madison and Wausau in Wisconsin and Rapid City and Sioux Falls in South Dakota also won't be closed, according to the new documents.

U.S. HOPE Center to promote crime victims' rights on Thursday at Greenway
Author: 0 HOPE Center to promote crime victims' rights on Thursday at Greenway

It brings together victims, their families, law enforcement personnel, members of the judicial system, community leaders and supporters of the victims' rights movement. The ceremony also will feature guest speakers Richard Rocha, Barbara Gonzalez and Elisabeth Corey of the newly established Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement Office.

Author: 0 Trump tells Sisi US, Egypt will fight Islamic militants together

Sisi was elected a year after leading the military's ousting of the Muslim Brotherhood's president Mohamed Morsi after mass protests. Trump had taken to Twitter before the meeting and said, "Getting ready to meet President Al-Sisi of Egypt".

U.S. Priyanka Chopra beats Jolie, Emma Watson and Michelle Obama
Author: 0 Priyanka Chopra beats Jolie, Emma Watson and Michelle Obama

So in case you need proof of why she deserves the title or perhaps just another excuse to appreciate her beauty, here she is on the covers of 13 magazines, Indian and global. Here's to Priyanka Chopra! She captioned the snap, "Sunday shenanigans. thank u @jazmasri @mdesante for the lesson! @ Beyonce is my number 1 too!".

U.S. 3 storm chasers killed in crash while chasing tornado in Texas
Author: 0 3 storm chasers killed in crash while chasing tornado in Texas

The poor weather shifted east on Wednesday with severe weather warnings spanning from the area surrounding Kansas City, Missouri, to the Gulf Coast. Stronger storms are expected on Thursday in parts of MS and Tennessee. A number of school closed in North Texas on Wednesday morning due to lack of power, causing delays for students taking an annual achievement test known as STAAR, or the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness.

U.S. President Engages in Twitter Offense on Russia Claims
Author: 0 President Engages in Twitter Offense on Russia Claims

Aside from the triviality of what actually happened-and the fact that it happened during the primaries, not during the debates against Trump-we have Trump's assumption that Hillary Clinton received the "answers" to debate questions , as if they're tests that have right and wrong responses.

Author: 0 Judge approves plan on fix for 18000 Flint water lines

It's likely too late for the kids in Flint, Michigan who drank lead-poisoned water, but the city plans to replace 18,000 underground pipes that were involved in bringing the water to the city. Flint returned to using Detroit's water nine months later, but the damage had already been done - a fifth of Flint water samples were found to exceed EPA lead limits in research conducted at Virginia Tech University.

Author: 0 Trump signs order dismantling Obama-era climate policies

Former EPA chief Gina McCarthy suggested Tuesday that President Donald Trump's rollback of Obama-era climate rules is causing her to pick up drinking. This means that the U.S. is still obligated to fulfil its commitments made in the Paris deal; however, with the Clean Power Plan gone, how is America planning to do that? The latest executive orders indeed constitute a "watershed moment", as BCC Professor of Environmental Science Tom Tyning described it (Eagle, March 29).

Author: 0 Feds extend deadline for first border wall bids

Republicans in Congress are considering delaying a decision on President Trump's request for $1.5 billion this year to begin construction on a border wall along the U.S. President Donald Trump's Mexican border wall may be delayed as Republicans consider putting its funding on hold. "According to Trump's order, "'southern border' shall mean the contiguous land border between the United States and Mexico, including all points of entry.

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