Sci-tech Google Spaces Is Getting Shut Down on April 17th
Author: 0 Google Spaces Is Getting Shut Down on April 17th

However, since then, the popularity of Allo has waned. Google Allo for web was teased by Google's VP of Communications, Nick Fox. Google's Allo messenger will soon be easier to use at work, thanks to a new desktop version to complement the mobile app.

Sci-tech Why It Took Cloudflare a Week to Publicize Its Massive Data Leak
Author: 0 Why It Took Cloudflare a Week to Publicize Its Massive Data Leak

Cloudflare is yet to find any instance of the bug being exploited . So: Cloudbleed . The big problem with the bug was that Cloudflare would return sensitive data stored on uninitialized memory when an HTTP request was made under very specific circumstances and technological configurations.

Author: 0 Russian Progress Cargo Spacecraft Successfully Docks With ISS

EST on February 22 from Kazakhstan's Baikonur Cosmodrome. The mission follows the botched launch of the previous Progress ship on December 1, which crashed less than seven minutes after lift-off, spraying fiery debris over a sparsely populated area in southern Siberia near the border with Mongolia.

Author: 0 Hairy Beast Washes Ashore

Locals around the Cagdaiano on Dinagat Island in Philippines have encountered a odd mass that was washed ashore following an quake on Sunday. This is the second carcass to wash ashore in the Philippines recently, and both carcasses look like sea monsters to locals.

Author: 0 Finn Balor Returns To WWE NXT, Helps Nakamura Take Out Bobby Roode

The former champion appeared during Wednesday night's WWE NXT television tapings at the University of Central Florida. But there are no rumors or news yet of possible matches for him at the show. Balor could also go right back after his Universal Championship title, which depending on the result of Fastlane will be held either by Goldberg or Kevin Owens.

Sci-tech Thumbnail-Sized Frog Species Discovered in India
Author: 0 Thumbnail-Sized Frog Species Discovered in India

Scientists exploring the forests of the Western Ghats have come across four new species of tiny frogs no bigger than a human thumbnail, which make a distinctive chirping sound comparable to that of a cricket. "It was believed miniature frogs less than 15mm were exceptions - we've found four". The paper stressed that more studies were required to understand the "evolutionary advantages of miniaturisation and adaptation to terrestrial life" within the Nyctibatrachidae family, comprising ...

Author: 0 Terrifying prehistoric WORM with enormous jaws that preyed on fish identified

A prehistoric monster worm that terrorized the Devonian seas some 400 million years ago has been identified by an worldwide team of paleontologists from the University of Bristol, Lund University and the Royal Ontario Museum. The ancient fossils were first found in 1994, when researchers from the Geological Survey collected them from a remote digging site in Ontario. Sample materials, from what proved to belong to the Devonian Kwataboahegan Formation, were brought back to the Royal Ontario ...

Sci-tech Trump again calls media 'enemy of the people'
Author: 0 Trump again calls media 'enemy of the people'

And then he told a story about how his friend "Jim"-a "substantial guy"-who doesn't vacation in to Paris anymore because it's not the same as it once was". CPAC attendees told Politico's Tim Alberta they'd thought the person handing out the flags was a staffer. "If they do, they'll have bigger problems than they ever dreamed of".

Author: 0 Arizona 5th grader in the Doodle 4 Google Competition

Ninth-grade student Veronica Gonzalez was named as Indiana's state finalist victor of the annual Doodle 4 Google contest . Kindergarten through grade 12 students could use any materials to create their Doodle using the letters G-O-O-G-L-E, then write a 50-word essay describing the meaning behind the artwork and how it was created.

Sci-tech Contentious issues between AP, Telangana will be resolved soon: KCR
Author: 0 Contentious issues between AP, Telangana will be resolved soon: KCR

During the agitation between 2001 and 2014, Mr Rao had taken a vow to make offerings to several gods and goddesses. The first Cabinet meeting of the state resolved to present the gifts as per the vows of the Chief Minister. "Nirupedala needa" (saviour of the poorest of the poor), "Avineeti Raabandula Simha Swapnam" (nightmare for the corrupt eagles of the state), and "Jana Netha" (People's leader) were some of the slogans raised.

Author: 0 Northern Dynasty Minerals, Ltd. (NAK) Valuation According To Analysts

In the last trading session, The Company traded 26.77 Million shares. The company has Beta Value of 1.63 and ATR value of 0.37. The stock volatility for week was 25.99% while for month was 12.57%.The stock, as of last close, traded 707.14% to its 52 week low and was changed -34.49% from its 52 week high.

Sci-tech America Trusts the
Author: 0 America Trusts the "Fake News" Media More Than They Do Donald Trump

Half of Americans strongly disapprove of the way Trump is handling his job as president, while only 29 percent strongly approve, a change of 4 percentage points from a similar poll conducted just two weeks ago. No matter which polls are used, Trump's popularity is less than all presidents' first month in recent history - a trend that has been rather consistent for the former reality TV show host, according to The Hill.

Author: 0 Amazon: Alexa's speech is protected by the First Amendment

Amazon continues to resist the efforts of USA authorities to obtain recordings from an Echo device which was in a home at the heart of a murder investigation. Echo is only supposed to record audio when its wake command is heard to protect the privacy of consumers, but sometimes the device is activated when audio is misheard.

Sci-tech California Finally Out Of Extreme Drought
Author: 0 California Finally Out Of Extreme Drought

The weekly report by the National Drought Mitigation Center spotlighted a few areas of Southern California where drought remains, a considerable drop from previous year at this time, when 94 percent of the state was experiencing drought conditions ranging from moderate to the most extreme category of "exceptional drought".

Sci-tech Released Video Shows Harrison Ford's Fly-Over Mishap
Author: 0 Released Video Shows Harrison Ford's Fly-Over Mishap

The video also shows the same landing, but from a different angle. Shocking video footage has emerged of the moment Harrison Ford's plane came within metres of a passenger jet at an airport in California. The actor has been flying planes for nearly 50 years and is known for collecting vintage aircraft. According to reports, the actor was cleared to land on the runway, but touched down next to the taxiway next to it.

Sci-tech Dead Rising 4 is officially coming to Steam next month
Author: 0 Dead Rising 4 is officially coming to Steam next month

Capcom 3 , the frenetic crossover fighting game with battles that fly faster than a bolt of thunder from Thor's hammer, will launch on Xbox One and PC via Steam on 7th March as a digital download for £19.99/€24.99. More Microsoft published games are expected to be released for the Steam Store in the future. Photojournalist Frank West returns 16 years after the events of Dead Rising .

Sci-tech Celine Dion felt unfaithful to Beauty and the Beast
Author: 0 Celine Dion felt unfaithful to Beauty and the Beast

Dion, 48, feels her late husband will always be with her, and now she feels like the leader of the family. "30 year later, they [came] back to me", Dion told ET while promoting "The Celine Dion Collection" of handbags, luggage and accessories with the Bugatti Group, which was unveiled at PROJECT WOMEN in Las Vegas on Tuesday, and will be available at select retailers across the globe in September.

Author: 0 YouTube stream of giraffe giving birth back up after complaints of nudity

The Animal Adventure Park in NY has been live streaming the pregnancy. Silencing it, the zoo said, discourages animal conservation. They said they would pick back up the stream at 8AM on another live streaming platform, Facebook . A YouTube spokesperson suggested the removal was a mistake, noting that 400 hours of video are uploaded to the every minute. Also, be advised that we work closely with law enforcement and we report child exploitation.

Author: 0 Smart Money Buying the Price Weakness of Walt Disney Company (The) (DIS)

Balentine LLC raised its position in Walt Disney Company (The) by 365.8% in the second quarter. During the same quarter a year ago, the firm earned $1.63 earnings per share. The original version of this report can be read at [[permalink]]. The stocks are negative as compared to the S&P 500 for the past week with a loss of 0.77%.