Sci-tech Apple allows users to tip content creators
Author: 0 Apple allows users to tip content creators

It's a feature buried pretty deeply in your iOS device. Because every app in the App Store has to be approved by Apple , curious consumers can download and try out any number of apps without having to worry about malware, adware, or any other type of issue that Apple likes to claim plagues the Google Play Store.

Author: 0 Google poaches Apple employee in move to build its own processors

The Pixel and Pixel XL are rightfully called Google's answer to the Apple iPhone, coupling great software with great hardware. Manu Gulati, an Apple micro-architect who worked on the company's chip development for almost eight years, has just joined Google , announcing the hire today on his Linkedin profile.

Author: 0 Uber CEO to Take Leave, Leadership Team to Run Company

They include renaming the so-called "War Room" conference room the "Peace Room", and scrapping some of the company's infamous 14 core values, such as "Always Be Hustlin'". The U.S. Justice Department is investigating Uber's use of the Greyball software. "With respect to alcohol consumption at after-hours work events and at other work-sponsored events, Uber should consider limiting the budget available to managers for alcohol purchases, restrict reimbursement for alcohol-related events, ...

Author: 0 France steps on climate accelerator as US allies sidestep Trump

Presenting the communique Monday, Italy's environment minister, Gian Luca Galletti, called the Paris accord "irreversible, non-negotiable and the only instrument possible to combat climate change". When announcing the USA was pulling out of the Paris accord Trump said his administration would begin negotiations either to re-enter the deal or set up a new agreement on "terms that are fair to the United States".

Sci-tech Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Resigns As Verizon Completes $4.5 Billion Purchase
Author: 0 Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Resigns As Verizon Completes $4.5 Billion Purchase

Mayer was the sixth Yahoo in five years (including two interim chief executives). "They're all around us, in Silicon Valley, and around the globe", says Dan Rosensweig, chairman and CEO of Chegg, and a former COO at Yahoo . Folding in Yahoo's sites both expands the reach Verizon can offer advertisers and amplifies the company's ability to tailor ads to specific users. She also has 491,000 shares set to pay out.

Author: 0 No bond for woman accused of leaking top-secret documents

He says additional factors will play a role in whether or not she will be released such as her ties to the community, statements gathered from friends and family as well as previous employment history. Investigators said in court records that they wanted to search her property for a variety of computer information as well as possible contacts with media outlets and any possible contacts with "foreign governments, foreign powers, or agents of foreign powers".

Sci-tech Waymo Ditches Futuristic Self-Driving Bubble Car for a Minivan
Author: 0 Waymo Ditches Futuristic Self-Driving Bubble Car for a Minivan

Firefly will give way to a fleet of 600 Chrysler Pacifica minivans , each fitted with the latest self-driving technology developed by Waymo, formerly known as Google's autonomous vehicle division. By designing and building a truly self-driving vehicle from scratch, we were able to crack some of the earliest self-driving puzzles - where to place the sensors, how to integrate the computer, what controls passengers need in a auto that drives itself.

Sci-tech Just Dance 2018 Release Date Confirmed for October
Author: 0 Just Dance 2018 Release Date Confirmed for October

Sean Paul & Anne-Marie, "24K Magic" by Bruno Mars, "Side to Side" by Ariana Grande ft. Some people seemed surprise, but with Just Dance being popular party-style games and numerous more casual gamers sticking to older consoles, they certainly know their market.

Author: 0 Mojang Bring Crossplay and 4K to Minecraft on Xbox One

Microsoft's behemoth multimedia frenzy Minecraft made an appearance at their E3 presentation. With the merging of different platform players arriving this Summer, it will mark a new approach to gaming - one that isn't hindered by console , but instead expands across the whole width and breadth of online servers.

Sci-tech Tropical Storm Calvin forms in Pacific, hits southern Mexico
Author: 0 Tropical Storm Calvin forms in Pacific, hits southern Mexico

Tropical Storm Calvin is making landfall in southeastern Mexico. Delivered at 11 a.m. Monday-Friday. "Continued heavy rainfall and flooding (are) expected", the center said. The estimated minimum central pressure is 1007 millibars. Mexico's National Water Commission reported that the storm touched land in the early evening just east of the town of Ayutla, in Oaxaca state.

Author: 0 Apple Legalizes In-App Tipping for Content Creators

This means that if you open the photos app, the segment will fill itself with photo editing apps for instance. When markets mature, the successful consolidate their power. The app review prompts will no more annoy the users as Apple have come up with a solution. There are a lot of new features in iOS, but one of them saw the light of day only after the keynote wrapped up.

Author: 0 METROID Goes 3DS in First Trailer for SAMUS RETURNS Remake

Metroid Prime 4 is in development for the Nintendo Switch , Nintendo revealed at E3 2017 . Developed in collaboration with MercurySteam, Metroid: Samus Returns is an expanded remake of GameBoy classic Metroid II (1991). Retro Studios is not making Metroid Prime 4 for Switch, according to Nintendo of America marketing boss Bill Trinen. However, considering how long it has been since the last game this is definitely more than enough to make fans of the series ecstatic.

Author: 0 Sony @ E3 2017: New trailer for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

She is clearly a more than capable treasure hunter and is known to be the best driver in the business. First revealed by Sony in 2016, the expansion for Naughty Dog's most recent Uncharted game in the series features the fan-favorite Chloe Frazier.

Sci-tech Dragon Ball FighterZ announced, bringing anime fighting to PC
Author: 0 Dragon Ball FighterZ announced, bringing anime fighting to PC

How many Dragon Ball Z fighting games does it take to get to the center of why Dragon Ball Z fighting games somehow feel like gaming's longest running genre? This video game will be in 2.5D animation style. The trailer showcases everything that we see and we know that this title is arriving as early as 2018. Developed by Arc Systems, the game looks a bit like what you might expect out of a Marvel vs Capcom title.

Author: 0 Days Gone Gameplay Reveal Showcases Stealth and Survival

In the new gameplay reveal, Deacon gets into altercation with human enemies and takes them down without mercy. Below, you can check out the gameplay featured at this Sony's E3 presser. From what we have seen of Deacon already, we know he's more than capable of handling himself and getting out of tough situations. Zombies are a dime a dozen but SIE Blend Studios is looking to do something a little different with Days Gone .

Sci-tech US Unlocked and Verizon Galaxy S8, S8+ Units Being Updated
Author: 0 US Unlocked and Verizon Galaxy S8, S8+ Units Being Updated

Inside, Samsung is bringing both devices up to the June 1, 2017 security update level and including the Bixby UI enhancements that T-Mobile units received last week . There's no change on this price tag, which makes this eBay deal a go-to option for those looking to save about $126 on the same phone. The phone which was dubbed the best Android phone of it's time, has a large fan base in Samsung's home country where the phone will officially launch on the 7th of July with carrier plans.

Sci-tech Google's keyboard now recognises hand-drawn emoji
Author: 0 Google's keyboard now recognises hand-drawn emoji

The new search by drawing feature is similar to what we've previously had on Android Wear, and in other places, where you start to draw an emoji and Gboard will start to show you a predicted list of what you're looking for. The Incognito Mode should welcome users with Google's all-too familiar Incognito icon, which is sitting under the actual keys that are visible in both the dark and light versions of Gboard .

Author: 0 Oil edges up on Saudi pledge to make real supply cuts

US drillers added eight oil rigs in the week to June 9 RIG-OL-USA-BHI, bringing the total count to 741, the most since April 2015, energy services firm Baker Hughes Inc (BHI.N) said on Friday. There's little in the way of encouraging news for global oil prices as traders recognise that OPEC should have boosted the size of its production cut at last month's meeting and extended it for a year or more.

Sci-tech 'The Unspoken' is the main attraction of a new VR esports league
Author: 0 'The Unspoken' is the main attraction of a new VR esports league

ESL announced Monday in accordance with Intel the $1,000,000 Intel Grand Slam to help add even more excitement to its Counter-Strike events. Acting as ESL's global technical partner, Intel will provide all tournament's PCs, as well as high-performance processors to ensure "optimal streaming".