Author: 0 SpaceX Successfully Launches Its First Spy Satellite To Space

SpaceX wants to become a major launch service provider to the DoD, which intends to launch up to 13 more military satellite in the next few years. "I think it is good for SpaceX that they are able to get these contracts", Marr said . "Launch and landing of the NRO spy satellite was good", said Musk. The payload for the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), which makes and operates spy satellites for the United States, soared into the sky atop a Falcon 9 rocket at 7.15am (7.15pm ...

Sci-tech Scientists discover new Neptune-like planet
Author: 0 Scientists discover new Neptune-like planet

This pointed towards how rich the planet is in elements which are heavier than hydrogen and helium. The analysis of HAT-P-26b's atmosphere was done using both the Spitzer and Hubble space telescopes as the planet transits its star. "We expected the smaller worlds to be formed further out, where they would accumulate clumps of icy debris and richer heavy elements during the formation in the [protoplanetary] disk".

Sci-tech NASA Reportedly Denies Trump's Request To Send Astronauts On A New Rocket
Author: 0 NASA Reportedly Denies Trump's Request To Send Astronauts On A New Rocket

Soon after the inauguration, Trump political appointees showed up at NASA headquarters and met with the veteran civil servants running the agency and reviewed NASA's human spaceflight program. EM-1 is meant to be both the inaugural launch of SLS - the rocketry system meant to facilitate heavy-payload missions into deep space - and a more robust test of Orion by flying it out to a retrograde orbit around the moon.

Sci-tech FCC website hit by attack following John Oliver plea
Author: 0 FCC website hit by attack following John Oliver plea

It appears that bots are getting in on the great net neutrality debate of 2017, according to multiple reports , including CNET's sister site ZDNet . The Federal Communications Commission , whose chairman last month promised to review a 2015 rule that requires broadband firms to treat all online traffic equally, said yesterday it was hit by a denial of service attack, which is a flood of traffic aimed at taking down a website.

Author: 0 States brace for big decisions under GOP health care changes

The House health care bill would defund Planned Parenthood for one year, a provision that could face increased scrutiny in the Senate where some moderate lawmakers like Sens. This would only apply to those who are not continuously insured. "Our amendment further protects people from the financial impact associated with having a pre-existing condition".

Sci-tech Cortana-Powered Harman Kardon Invoke to Take On Amazon's Echo
Author: 0 Cortana-Powered Harman Kardon Invoke to Take On Amazon's Echo

Apart from Cortana, the Invoke speaker comes with Harman's "Sonique" far-field voice recognition technology. Last year, Harman teased a new speaker that would feature Microsoft's digital assistant, Cortana. A new product page for the speaker - which is called Invoke - has appeared on its website providing a few more details on how the smart speaker will work.

Sci-tech Google's Fuscia OS Now Has a User Interface
Author: 0 Google's Fuscia OS Now Has a User Interface

Kernels are like an empty house (Linux) where the tenant (Google) can furnish from the ground up to work, look, and feel the way it wants. There seems to be a card which is all about the user as a starting point and from there you can scroll up and down to various information cards, or perhaps in the future access widgets or applications.

Sci-tech Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 'Zombies Chronicles' gets gameplay trailer
Author: 0 Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 'Zombies Chronicles' gets gameplay trailer

This new DLC for Black Ops 3, titled "Zombies Chronicles", is the fifth one for the title and has been the subject of much rumor and speculation over the past few weeks. Zombies Chronicles support: All of the maps included in the new zombie content have been uploaded in today's patch and will be available May 16. Players expect that the changes could have a positive impact in the future, particularly with the upcoming "Zombies Chronicles" expansion.

Sci-tech HIV drugs 'give near-normal life expectancy'
Author: 0 HIV drugs 'give near-normal life expectancy'

Young people on the latest HIV drugs now have near-normal life expectancy because of improvements in treatments, a study in The Lancet suggests. "Combination antiretroviral therapy has been used to treat HIV for 20 years, but newer drugs have fewer side effects, involve taking fewer pills, better prevent replication of the virus and are more hard for the virus to become resistant to", said lead author Adam Trickey, of the University of Bristol .

Sci-tech Samsung fans rejoice, Galaxy Note 8 confirmed
Author: 0 Samsung fans rejoice, Galaxy Note 8 confirmed

The world's largest smartphone maker did not specifically mention the Note 8, but the company has stated in the past to continue with the Note series. Samsung however has made a decision to turn down calls for a corporate restructuring, and has offered instead to reward shareholders by paying its first-ever quarterly dividend.

Author: 0 SpaceX Just Performed Its Most Mysterious Mission Yet

The National Reconnaissance Office is a clandestine agency that manages and operates United States' defense satellites in space. "I can tell you that everyone of our launches, everyone of our payloads we put up in space brings new, wonderful technology, new capabilities to our warfighters, our policy makers, all of it helps keep us safe as a nation", said Karen Furgerson, of the NRO.

Author: 0 Snapchat parent company reports £1.7bn loss in first earnings report

Shares in Snap have sunk after it reported slow growth in its first quarter. Snap took a loss of $2.2 billion for the quarter, or adjusted losses of 20 cents per share, but the company said approximately $2 billion of that was due to stock-based compensation costs related to the company's March IPO.

Author: 0 Snap Inc.'s stock tanks after $2.2 billion first-quarter loss

They also created more than 3 billion snaps every single day. Snapchat shares were down nearly 25% in after hours trading. Tech gurus asserted that it is due to the slow user growth . Growth in Snapchat's user base began to slow down previous year after Facebook's Instagram copied Snapchat's Stories feature, which lets users post short video clips that disappear after 24 hours.

Author: 0 Microsoft's Terry Myerson explains the Why of the Surface Laptop

As per Panay, the change doesn't have to be associated with the hardware and should rather be an experiential change that makes "huge difference" in the product line, as per the report. A sensational statement that sure is for the corporate vice president of the Surface division at Microsoft to make. Windows 10, the Surface Studio, and the Surface Laptop are all admissions of failure to unite the mobile and desktop worlds in a single operating system.

Author: 0 Samsung Virtually Confirms Galaxy Note8 Launch Later this Year

Samsung Electronics Co. on Thursday ruled out speculation that Galaxy S8 smartphones have faulty displays , claiming the controversial red tint on some devices can be changed by users. EBITDA Margin was 29 percent for the quarter, higher than 24 percent a year ago. The details shared by the ET News report, however, does not constitute of an official announcement from Samsung.

Sci-tech Amazon to launch new touchscreen version of the Echo
Author: 0 Amazon to launch new touchscreen version of the Echo

The Echo and Echo Dot lack screens and cameras, so calls will be limited to audio. The best bit about the new feature is that it's completely free to use as it works over Wi-Fi and mobile data, so you don't need to invest in a talk plan.

Author: 0 MacBook Air: Its new competitor is called Surface Laptop!

Still, at just over $2,000, the highest configuration of Core i7 / 16GB RAM / 512GB SSD with 14.5 hrs battery life in a 2.7 pound frame is a compelling device for any number of professionals, especially with a touch screen and a Pixel Sense screen that clearly sets it above anything Apple can now offer.

Author: 0 Snapchat's latest update aims to reduce frustration, adds new features

At the end of 2016, a whopping 78% of USA consumers ages 18-to-24 - and 48% of those 25-to-34 - were using Snapchat By Snap's own estimate, 41% of US adults ages 18-to-34 check out Snapchat every day. Snap stock is now trading at around $23 - more than 20% below its peak price. And while Facebook commands almost 2 billion monthly users, half of its $8 billion in revenue last quarter came from the U.S.