Sci-tech Microsoft Launches To-Do App For iOS
Author: 0 Microsoft Launches To-Do App For iOS

Moreover, To-Do is deeply integrated with Office 365 and hence, automatically syncs with Outlook. MacRumors learned that the company is going to release it for the iPad and Mac soon. The tasks that you've assigned due dates to won't automatically be added to My Day when they're nearly due, but they will show up at the top of your Intelligent Suggestions alongside other tasks that To-Do believes you may want to complete today.

Sci-tech Loud sex sounds interrupt pro tennis match in Florida
Author: 0 Loud sex sounds interrupt pro tennis match in Florida

But during a semi-professional tennis match in Sarasota, Florida, on Tuesday, the head-turning grunting wasn't coming from the players. Check out the video around 1:50 in. Tiafoe, who reportedly rose almost 1,000 spots in year-end rankings according to his profile on ATP World Tour's website, won the match against Krueger, in straight sets, 6-3 and 6-2.

Sci-tech Nearby earth-like planet may be just right for life
Author: 0 Nearby earth-like planet may be just right for life

The MEarth facility first noticed the telltale sign of a dip in light as the exoplanet passed in front of its star. The planet itself is 1.4 times larger and 6.6 times more massive than Earth, and the principal investigators of the study published today in Nature believe it to be rocky.

Author: 0 At Facebook's F8 Conference, Company Takes a Big Jab at Snapchat

It will take a while to develop, he cautioned, saying that your experience won't change "over night" and that this will be an important technology that changes how we use our phones. Zuckerberg was lively onstage during the talk, opening with a joking reference to the fact that Facebook's conference was overshadowed by another F8, the weekend premiere of action film Fate of the Furious .

Author: 0 Space station supply ship at launch pad honors John Glenn

At 11:33 a.m., NASA confirmed Cygnus had successfully separated from the rocket and was flying solo. The Antares is planned for this year which will be propelling the next Cygnus mission . Saturday. Scientists, so far, have been unable to monitor those conditions on a large scale, and a better understanding could lead to more accurate spacecraft breakup predictions, better spacecraft designs, and materials capable of better resisting the extreme heat and pressure during the return ...

Sci-tech NASA providing 1st live 360-degree view of rocket launch
Author: 0 NASA providing 1st live 360-degree view of rocket launch

The spacecraft will remain at the space station until July before its destructive reentry into Earth's atmosphere, disposing of several thousand pounds of trash. with the big Canada 2 arm. Also aboard Cygnus is the Genes in Space II experiment, created to study the effects of space on telomeres, protective caps which protect the tips human chromosomes.

Author: 0 Saturn moon has necessary conditions to harbor life

Enceladus now appears likely to have all three of the ingredients scientists think life needs: liquid water, a source of energy such as sunlight or chemical energy, and the right chemical ingredients like carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen.

Author: 0 Samsung heir accused of bribery, perjury as trial opens

It is the group's best quarterly profit in nearly four years. Lee has gone on trial in South Korea . Samsung Electronics said Friday, April 7, 2017 its first-quarter profit jumped 48 percent likely due to smartphone component s. Samsung has denied any wrongdoing and Lee has pleaded not guilty to the charges, with his lawyer contending the prosecution case is "full of contradictions".

Sci-tech Nintendo Mini-Switch Coming in Next Two Years Analyst Says
Author: 0 Nintendo Mini-Switch Coming in Next Two Years Analyst Says

Kaplan further went on to explain that patching the game would be very hard, especially on the Nintendo Switch. Almost a month after its release , we are finally getting some hard numbers to see just how well the console and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild performed.

Author: 0 Zuckerberg to transform Facebook New Camera to depict reality

This year Facebook is poised to show off what it meant. But Facebook could still have the edge on rivals such as Snapchat, which also launched some augmented reality features on Tuesday, likely to coincide with Facebook's news. The company has made significant progress in virtual reality experiences. Camera Effects is for artists, designers and developers to build custom graphics for Facebook Camera.

Sci-tech Asus shows off a quartet of Radeon RX 500 cards
Author: 0 Asus shows off a quartet of Radeon RX 500 cards

The 4GB Radeon RX 570 will be priced at $170, while the RX 580 will start at $200 for the 4GB variant. You can actually buy the things, for one-the RX 470 and RX 480 were understocked (and therefore, overpriced) for months. Typical board power is 150W. In fact, those who are still interested in a decent graphics card for gaming performance, can get the RX 480 straight away as it will be a lot cheaper than the new RX 580.

Sci-tech IMF Raises Global Growth Forecasts
Author: 0 IMF Raises Global Growth Forecasts

The IMF report stressed that risks to the outlook " remain tilted to the downside ", meaning that while growth could turn out to be faster than expected - particularly if there is a large USA government spending program - there are more negative possibilities on the horizon.

Sci-tech North Korea is
Author: 0 North Korea is "learning curve" for Trump, panel says

The report also accused China of restricting market access and investment, and called China's goods trade surplus with the USA, at $347 billion in 2016, as by far the largest among any of the USA major trading partners. "That's my fault because people have confidence in me", Trump told the Wall Street Journal . McMaster said the launch "fits a pattern of provocative and destabilizing and threatening behavior" on North Korea's part.

Sci-tech Instagram Bookmarks Can Now Be Saved In Private Collections
Author: 0 Instagram Bookmarks Can Now Be Saved In Private Collections

Here are Instagram's instructions for using the feature: "Tap and hold the bookmark icon underneath any post to save it directly to a collection ". On Monday, Instagram launched private collections , a way to not just save but organize photos for easy access later. "Whether you want to plan your next day trip, revisit your favorite artists' illustrations or always have some animal videos on hand, collections can help you keep track of the posts you want to remember", the ...

Author: 0 NASA to broadcast live 360-degree video of rocket launch

Orbital ATK , one of NASA's main delivery services for the International Space Station, opted to use an Atlas V for this supply run from Cape Canaveral versus its own smaller, Virginia-based Antares rocket in order to haul up more items.

Sci-tech Trump defends about-face on labeling China a currency manipulator
Author: 0 Trump defends about-face on labeling China a currency manipulator

The semi-annual U.S. Treasury currency report released on Friday did not name any major trading partner as a currency manipulator, although it seemed to leave open the option for action in the future. Japan, South Korea, Taiwan (Taiwan OTC: 6549.TWO - news ) and Switzerland also were again included on the monitoring list. "There are artillery on the border between North and South Korea that can reach Seoul, and we can't take them all out before [they launch an attack]", McCain said .

Sci-tech Petersburg metro bombing suspect detained by Russian authorities
Author: 0 Petersburg metro bombing suspect detained by Russian authorities

Petersburg metro has been detained near Moscow on Monday, Russia's Federal Security Service said in a statement, APA reports quoting sputnik. An FSB statement said the suspect, 27-year-old Azimov Abror Akhralovich, was detained on April 17 in the Moscow region's Odintsovo district "in the framework of the criminal case" over the suicide terrorist attack.

Sci-tech United changes policy, crew can't displace seated passengers
Author: 0 United changes policy, crew can't displace seated passengers

The change comes in response to videos showing a man being dragged from his seat after refusing to give it up voluntarily. Now the airline has come to the conclusion that it's not going to forcibly remove boarded customers from overbooked flights so that staff can take their seats anymore-the new policy requires staff and crew members to check in an hour prior to departure.

Author: 0 Apple receives permit to test autonomous cars in California

The tech giant was added to a long list of companies on the California Department of Motor Vehicles website that hold permits for the state's Autonomous Vehicle Tester Program . Apple issued the letter because it is "investing heavily in machine learning and autonomous systems", an Apple spokesman said in an email to AFP at the time.