Author: 0 Apple receives permit to test autonomous cars in California

The tech giant was added to a long list of companies on the California Department of Motor Vehicles website that hold permits for the state's Autonomous Vehicle Tester Program . Apple issued the letter because it is "investing heavily in machine learning and autonomous systems", an Apple spokesman said in an email to AFP at the time.

Author: 0 Mark Hamill says he'd like to play George Lucas in a movie

In "The Force Awakens", Adam Driver's Kylo Ren has turned to the dark side after being tutored by Luke. "We made the heroes much more physical; they have more presence". "It's so amusing, when people started asking that when the title was announced because I had never even pondered that question", Johnson said. Fisher will indeed appear in Episode VIII , as she'd completed filming all her scenes prior to her death.

Sci-tech Microsoft rumor: New Surface device that runs Windows Cloud
Author: 0 Microsoft rumor: New Surface device that runs Windows Cloud

Belfiore is seen as the poster boy for Microsoft's efforts on the mobile side of things and his prolonged radio silence has been puzzling fans thirsty for more Surface hardware. It's likely new hardware will be introduced, and some Microsoft watchers believe it will be the launch for a Windows Cloud device. Foley's theory makes sense and it sounds more plausible than the vague job description without a title, but it's unconfirmed for now.

Author: 0 Tesla Announces Plan For Semi-Trailer Truck

We've known that Tesla was working on a semi-truck, as Musk mentioned it in his second Master Plan , but the only real detail there was that the project was in "the early stages of development". This put the company ahead in market capitalization of much larger vehicle companies such as Ford and General Motors. The Model 3 has been spotted since April, of course; Tesla has official press images, and had one sitting in a garage at its solar tile product unveiling late past year.

Sci-tech Life beyond earth? Try Saturn's moon Enceladus
Author: 0 Life beyond earth? Try Saturn's moon Enceladus

The paper by researchers with the Cassini mission , published Thursday in Science magazine, says that the hydrogen gas - which could potentially provide a source of chemical energy for the existence of life - is found in Enceladus' frozen ocean.

Sci-tech NASA Says Moon Orbiting Saturn Might Be Habitable
Author: 0 NASA Says Moon Orbiting Saturn Might Be Habitable

If or since hydrogen was found in the oceans of the moon, in the oceans, then this could be a potential source of chemical energy for life that might be found there - if any exists there. Cassini has no instruments that can detect life, so it will be up to future robotic visitors to seek out possible life on Enceladus, the scientists said.

Author: 0 Saturn's Moon 'Enceladus' Can Host Alien Life — NASA Announcement

Now, the American space agency has announced that Saturn's moon Enceladus is a habitable world because it has almost all the ingredients to support life. The scientists noted that "life as we know it requires three primary ingredients": liquid water, a source of energy for metabolism, and a combination of chemical ingredients that include hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen, among others.

Sci-tech Russia, Syria and Iran warn U.S. against further strikes
Author: 0 Russia, Syria and Iran warn U.S. against further strikes

But the day before the United Nations vote, Russian President Vladimir Putin called for a United Nations investigation into the incident -- though he blamed the incident on rebels, not Assad. Russian Federation said the resolution had implicitly apportioned blame. On Wednesday Syria's ally Russian Federation vetoed a UN Security Council resolution to condemn the attack and push the Syrian government to cooperate with investigators.

Author: 0 Past patches address leaked NSA exploits

Shadow Brokers first surfaced a year ago offering for sale a suite of hacking tools from the NSA. The NSA has not yet commented on the leak. Now it seems that the NSA gained access to SWIFT customer accounts through one of SWIFT's service bureaus to monitor money flow in the Middle East, although EastNets has denied the claim.

Author: 0 Minecraft, Rayman: Legends, And Payday 2 Heading To The Switch In 2017

So what do you think of the new character and game modes for Arms? It's possible Nintendo could also take time to talk about Mario Kart 8 Deluxe , which is released later this month on April 28. A beta version of " Splatoon 2 " was made available in late March, giving Switch owners the opportunity to test out the game before deciding to acquire the full version once it is released.

Author: 0 Beeping Easter Eggs Let Blind Bakersfield Children Join the Hunt

Carnival games start at 10 a.m., as does the VIP Easter Egg Hour for special needs children. Earth Experience, the Middle Tennessee Museum of Natural History at 816 Old Salem Road in Murfreesboro, will host a Dino Egg Hunt from 11 4 p.m.

Author: 0 Grumpy Jose Mourinho questions the adulation flowing in Conte and Chelsea's direction

Ibrahimovic, 35, gave an uncharacteristically below-par performance in Thursday night's Europa League draw against Anderlecht. "I think when I talk about a tough game I invoke the tactical, physical and mental aspects". 'Our unbeaten record is nothing we focus on. 'But we have one month to go, we are still grinding, still pushing because we have the Europa League and the end of the Premier League.

Sci-tech India
Author: 0 India "too poor" to consider expansion says, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel

In a detailed report carried by Variety earlier this week, Snap, the parent company of Snapchat, claimed to have 100 million DAUs at the time, whereas only 95-97 million were confirmed by agencies. "I don't want to expand into poor countries like India and Spain", Spiegel reportedly told Pampliano. Pompliano said he proposed ideas about adding users in global markets that already heavily used other social networks, like Spain and India.

Author: 0 New Secret Google Device "Bisto" Spotted In Google App Beta Teardown

It's also a handy reminder to keep a good backup of your device up-to-date, especially if you're the kind of person who installs the latest updates the second they become available. But, most importantly, some of the users are facing this issue, and not all the users. During the teardown of a Google app 7.0 beta version, Android Police has found a new device category called 'Bisto.' The Google app will treat Bisto differently than other device categories listed in the app.

Sci-tech DHS To Detain And Prosecute More Immigrants
Author: 0 DHS To Detain And Prosecute More Immigrants

ICE agents have the advantage of living in more populous areas and they don't have to pass a polygraph test, which around 2/3 of Border Patrol applicants fail, according to the AP . Republican leaders have proposed delaying a decision on Trump's initial request of $1.5 billion for the wall and an additional $2.6 billion for more border security next year until after a new spending bill is approved this month in the hope of averting a government shutdown.

Author: 0 Russian Federation blocks UN Security Council condemnation of Syria attack

Mr Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the Russian leader on Wednesday gave Mr Tillerson his view of the causes of the current "deadlock" in bilateral ties. He says both countries have agreed that their lines of communications must stay open. The two sides spoke of the low-level of trust between them and the US, noting it's an unacceptable state of strain between the world's two biggest nuclear powers.

Sci-tech K'taka students, teacher drown off Maha coast
Author: 0 K'taka students, teacher drown off Maha coast

In a similar tragedy, 13 students from a Pune college, who were on a picnic, had drowned off the Murud beach near Mumbai in February a year ago. A search was on for the missing student.A group of 19 students from Kapulapalem in the same district had come to Kakinada for the picnic and nine of them had entered the water.

Author: 0 BJP eyes eastern push as executive meet begins in Bhubaneshwar

Sources said that the party was initially planning to hold the National Executive meeting in Lucknow in view of the grand success in the UP Assembly elections. "After the results of the 2017 [Assembly] elections, again, it was claimed that the party has peaked", Mr. Prasad said. In Pics: BJP National President Shri @AmitShah addressing BJP National Office Bearer's meeting in Bhubaneswar .

Author: 0 Saturn's Moon Could Have Conditions 'Favourable' For Supporting Life

The water contains organic molecules and is one of the key components for supporting known biological organisms, said, and now researchers have purportedly found a second key ingredient: an energy source. Despite being thousands of metres under the sea and therefore far away from sunlight, life was being sustained via the energy produced from hydrothermal activity released from the vents.

Author: 0 Apple receives permit in California to test self-driving cars: DMV

Recent reporting suggests that the company is no longer attempting to build its own autonomous, electric auto to compete with companies like Tesla , but is instead focused on developing self-driving software it can deploy in partnership with existing carmakers.