Sci-tech U2 feature on new Kendrick Lamar album
Author: 0 U2 feature on new Kendrick Lamar album

U2 have collaborated with Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar on his new album " Damn ". Anticipation for Kendrick Lamar's next album is reaching its zenith. The two were features on Isaiah Rashad's "What's Wrong" record that released in September of past year. The single was unveiled earlier this month and has received mixed reactions from fans and critics.

Sci-tech A Revolutionary New Material Pulls Drinking Water From Thin Air
Author: 0 A Revolutionary New Material Pulls Drinking Water From Thin Air

Using a special material produced at the University of California, Berkley (UC Berkley), researchers at MIT created a water harvester that uses only solar power to draw water out of dry air. While the technology is nowhere near commercialization, scientists say their breakthrough has laid the foundations for a product that could deliver safe drinking water to parts of the world where it's scarce.

Sci-tech NASA finds conditions for life on Saturn's moon
Author: 0 NASA finds conditions for life on Saturn's moon

Saturn's moon Enceladus has hydrogen gas pouring into the ocean from underneath, NASA said Cassini data indicated. The Cassini spacecraft , in a fly-by of the moon Enceladus, discovered some of the building blocks for life in plumes of vapor and particles erupting through cracks in the moon's crust, according to a report from Cassini mission researchers in the journal "Science ".

Sci-tech Arizona teen scores first-ever female college football scholarship
Author: 0 Arizona teen scores first-ever female college football scholarship

In 2016, she converted 35 out of 38 extra-point attempts and scored on her lone field goal from 30 yards out. " I didn't know that until today ", Becca said after he football coach, Gerald Todd , told her about this historic fact. Here she is in practice connecting from 48 yards out. Longo reached out to Adams State while she was still in season, but didn't hear back from the school until the season was over.

Author: 0 Samsung Galaxy S8 Microsoft Edition being sold at Microsoft stores

That's been the case with Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7 too but Microsoft is doing things differently this time around. No it isn't running on Windows 10. The variants differ according to the regions that they'll be shipped to. Industry watchers said Samsung apparently has been seeking to bring more efficiency to its structure, especially amid the escalating competition with USA archrival Apple Inc., as well as other Chinese smartphone makers.

Author: 0 North Korea: U.S. airstrikes on Syria prove need for nukes

The President has now returned home to Beijing. So now what? That's the question following President Trump's decision last week to launch a missile attack on a Syrian air base. "I think it says a lot about the USA power and preeminent leadership role. The relationship developed by President Xi and myself I think is outstanding", Trump told reporters.

Author: 0 Samsung Galaxy S8 Facial Recognition Can Be Fooled With A Photo

Check out all of the ways you can pre-order the S8 and the top Galaxy S8 deals and incentives so far. "This customization ensures customers a best-in-class productivity experience with Microsoft applications such as Office, OneDrive, Cortana, Outlook and more".

Author: 0 $19.8B airwaves auction may mean better cell service

The Federal Communications Commission, which regulates the nation's airwaves, ran the auction to help wireless networks keep up as people spend more time on smartphones. It's worth noting that Dish still managed to nab $6.2 billion in spectrum despite mounting skepticism that the company ever actually intends to use the spectrum it already has.

Sci-tech Signs Of Hospitality To Life Found On Saturn's Moon Enceladus
Author: 0 Signs Of Hospitality To Life Found On Saturn's Moon Enceladus

The existence of water in Europa increases the expectations of finding alien life in a nearby environment, joining Enceladus, one of Saturn's moons which may also harbor life. As it turns out, these are exactly some of the ingredients necessary to sustain life as we know it here on Earth. Analysis has shown the plumes mainly to consist of tiny particles of water ice, with traces of methane, ammonia, carbon dioxide, salts, and simple organic molecules.

Author: 0 Ocean world near Saturn hotter-than-ever contender for life

Underwater vents on Enceladus may resemble the ones seen on Earth's ocean floors, where microbes and other sea life congregate in or near the superheated water, often at extreme depths. Some believe that life is inevitable, given the right conditions. "This exposes rocks to warm water, which drives geochemical transformations", he said.

Sci-tech Ocean world near Saturn top contender for life beyond Earth
Author: 0 Ocean world near Saturn top contender for life beyond Earth

The second step would be looking for signs of life by flying a spectrometer through the plume, searching for rations of amino and fatty acids, certain isotopic ratios indicative of life and other relationships in molecules that indicate energy for microbial life, Waite said.

Author: 0 Samsung sees strong demand for Galaxy S8 despite Note7 fiasco

Rhee said the Bixby interface is "much more natural and easier to use". In another S8 deal, Samsung partnered with, offering its users up to 40 per cent discount plus an additional 12 per cent coupon on bookings. One of the fantastic things about what companies like Samsung do at the big tech trade shows like CES and Mobile World Congress is the experience - the interactive displays that let you experience - in particular Virtual Reality - first hand.

Author: 0 Microsoft Is Now Offering Refunds For Digital Purchases

Basically, if you're not satisfied with a game you bought off the Xbox Store or Windows 10 Store, you will soon be able to request a refund . You must have less than 2 hours of play time on the game across all accounts. It's likely cheaper to offer Microsoft an automated method for obtaining these refunds, rather than have a human process whether or not the requests are valid and genuine.

Sci-tech Freedom Caucus Chair: Deal 'Close' on ObamaCare Repeal
Author: 0 Freedom Caucus Chair: Deal 'Close' on ObamaCare Repeal

During the last recess, members of Congress heard from unhappy constituents about the planned repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Here's how what's going on in Washington might touch you. The survey shows that overall 72 percent of Louisiana respondents approve of the state's expansion of its Medicaid program, while less than 50 percent have a favorable opinion of the ACA , which provided for the expansion.

Sci-tech Science Just Figured Out Why Your Shoelaces Keep Coming Undone
Author: 0 Science Just Figured Out Why Your Shoelaces Keep Coming Undone

Certain knots are stronger than others. Sadly, there's no real solution to this issue, since the team - who presented their findings in the Proceedings of the Royal Society journal this week - found that laces are liable to unravel over time, regardless of what kind of knot you tie.

Sci-tech Caught on camera: Man jumps into freezing lake to save dog
Author: 0 Caught on camera: Man jumps into freezing lake to save dog

A Canadian news crew filming footage for a segment on thin ice captured the moment a man jumped into a freezing pond to rescue his dog. The city's firefighters said since Thursday they had been called to three ice rescues. Seeing that the dog was trapped between the ice caps, the man got down from the ledge, went to his companion, and went under. Eventually, he and Cosmo managed to reach the shore and climb out of the icy pond to safety.

Author: 0 Microsoft Finally Gives Up On Windows Vista

Small business owners running on Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system should be looking to upgrade as soon as possible as Microsoft has ended support for the operating system (OS), meaning users will no longer receive security update or any type of technical support.

Sci-tech 'Manchester by the Sea' inspired duo to kill son
Author: 0 'Manchester by the Sea' inspired duo to kill son

Heather and Ernest Franklin were indicted on March 24 on charges of second-degree murder, according to the Chenango County Sheriff's Office in NY. "Within two hours of that movie playing to this defendant and her husband, Jeffrey's deceased", Chenango County district attorney Joseph McBride said on Friday (April 7).

Sci-tech Malala named youngest ever UN Messenger of Peace
Author: 0 Malala named youngest ever UN Messenger of Peace

Malala Yousafzai , the youngest Nobel laureate, has broken another age barrier and become the youngest UN Messenger of Peace, an honour she shares with Hollywood actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Charlize Theron. "What I realized is if you remain silent, you are still going to be targeted by these people", she said. The fund promotes 12 years of free, safe and quality education for girls worldwide.

Author: 0 Andre Ayew: West Ham have great manager

West Ham have been in the doldrums recently, but Swansea's record of seven losses from their last nine away games means we are reluctant to dabble in the results markets. Clement was hopeful a week on the training field would be enough to stop a run of five successive away defeats at Watford on Saturday. We have had a lot of injuries.