Sci-tech Tesla CEO Elon Musk takes advice from a fifth grader
Author: 0 Tesla CEO Elon Musk takes advice from a fifth grader

That's what 10-year-old Bria Loveday of MI did. And Panasonic unveils a new 180W solar roof product for cars, an option Musk said could be a possibility for Model 3. Musk was so impressed by his idea that he quickly responded, expressing his delight to have received the letter and how they plan on taking inputs from Bria's ideas.

Sci-tech New Lego figures honour 'Women of NASA'
Author: 0 New Lego figures honour 'Women of NASA'

After submitting her design idea to a Lego website, Weinstock said it only took 15 days before her proposal garnered 10,000 public votes and attracted attention from the toymaker. SHAPIRO: And she says featuring women in science and math fields is important, whether in a book, movie or a Lego set. She is known for popularizing the modern concept of software.

Author: 0 Oculus slashes virtual reality headset prices in hopes more will buy

Whether you want to get a Vive or a Rift, both are still prohibitively priced - the Oculus Rift only slightly less so after this reduction. "Oculus' mission is to drive VR to the mass market", said Jason Rubin, Oculus' VP of content. Sony's VR headset, which costs US$399, requires a connection to a US$350 PlayStation 4 gaming console, while the PC-tied HTC Vive costs US$799. The HTC Vive has reportedly been the biggest selling virtual reality headset followed by the PlayStation VR ...

Sci-tech Mammoths had translucent coats and bad sniffers pre-extinction
Author: 0 Mammoths had translucent coats and bad sniffers pre-extinction

Genetic disease had so ravaged the animal that they lost their sense of smell, avoided socialization with other mammoths, and they had a weird shiny coat. Authors of the study urge conservationists to give attention as preservation steps alone might not be the optimal method as preserving a small group of isolated animals is not sufficient to stop negative effects of inbreeding and genomic meltdown.

Sci-tech Police arrest man accused of selling fake UNC-Duke basketball tickets
Author: 0 Police arrest man accused of selling fake UNC-Duke basketball tickets

Two teams intent on doing more big things this season collide Saturday night in the regular-season finale when No. 17 Duke travels to No. 5 North Carolina. According to oddsmakers from online sports book BetDSI, the Tar Heels are now 7-point home favorites versus the Blue Devils while the over/under currently sits at 156 points.

Sci-tech Elephants sleep just two hours a night, study reports
Author: 0 Elephants sleep just two hours a night, study reports

They tracked the sleep pattern of two matriarch elephants in the Chobe National Park in Botswana to undertake their study, the BBC reveals . They inserted a tiny Fitbit-like tracking device inside the trunks of two healthy, female elephants and monitored their sleep habits for 35 days.

Author: 0 Researchers Store Full Computer Operating System on DNA

That's equivalent to over 6 towers of 128-gigabyte iPad Airs, each reaching from Earth to the moon. Humanity has a data storage problem: More data were created in the past 2 years than in all of preceding history. "To reveal the card, please decode the data!" researchers said, launching a challenge for fellow scientists. "We believe this is the highest-density data-storage device ever created", said Erlich .

Author: 0 Microsoft announced the project Windows Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality is the new name for Windows Holographic, Microsoft's proprietary technology that mixes virtual reality elements called "holograms" into real-world elements. Additionally, Microsoft has also announced that the upcoming next-gen Project Scorpio will receive VR support. The launch of these mixed reality headsets will help prepare the launch of Microsoft's Mixed Reality platform, which will be integrated across Windows 10 devices, including PCs and the aforementioned ...

Sci-tech John Kerry meets with centrist French presidential hopeful
Author: 0 John Kerry meets with centrist French presidential hopeful

Le Pen addressed the tweets in 2015 to a French television journalist who had likened her party to the jihadist group. He knows the reams of newsprint devoted to the financial allegations against him and the hours of television debate over the problems of campaigning amid the scandal.

Sci-tech You won't be able to bring your 'Destiny' possessions to 'Destiny 2'
Author: 0 You won't be able to bring your 'Destiny' possessions to 'Destiny 2'

With Destiny 2 heavily rumoured to launch on PC with a cohort of brand new players, this system stops veteran console Destiny players turning up to the sequel with all the best gear and tons of in-game cash to burn. There is also some talk of Destiny 2 with a middle ground found for those that want to transfer over their characters. Despite that, you more or less got a hard reset as far as skills and equipment (which made a lot of sense given the plot setup of Mass Effect 2 ).

Sci-tech Uber drivers must pass English test, court rules
Author: 0 Uber drivers must pass English test, court rules

However, the United States company argued that the standard of reading and writing required by the test was too high. The capital's public transport authority had insisted cab drivers must take a written English exam, which includes a 120-word essay, in order to get a private-hire vehicle license.

Author: 0 Overwatch Update Adds Game Browser, Capture the Flag, and More

Moreover, Self-Repair is now working while on the go as well, and additional damage will not interrupt it. "Overall, Bastion should feel stronger and more flexible with these changes". One new change we hadn't seen previously involves the respawn delay. More specifically, if after a specified time the attackers haven't captured the point and the defense hasn't regained the advantage, the defender respawn timer will start to increase until it reaches the maximum value.

Sci-tech Google says there's no cheaper Pixel 2 in the works
Author: 0 Google says there's no cheaper Pixel 2 in the works

Google previously started in Pixel devices and other nexus devices initially now rolling out to other devices as play store app. The only new feature , according to the changelist, allows Android users to access Cortana from the lock screen.

Sci-tech Snapchat stock jumps 20% in second day of trading
Author: 0 Snapchat stock jumps 20% in second day of trading

Lightspeed sold 4.6 million shares, worth $78 million at the IPO price . He met co-founders Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy - who were operating the company out of a Standford dorm - and he chose to back the start-up. Despite the challenges in converting "cool" into cash, Snap's valuation is the richest for a USA tech flotation since Facebook in 2012. In 2016, the company garnered revenues of $404 million but lost $515 million.

Author: 0 Trump defends travel ban during first speech to Congress

She was seen shaking her head in her white outfit during Trump's speech. Instead this address to Congress was boilerplate Republican campaign rhetoric. When asked about anti-Semitism in a press conference he became hostile. He said his job is to represent the United States, not the world. "I did not hear President Trump say one word, not one word, about the need to combat climate change, the greatest environmental threat facing our planet", Sanders said.

Author: 0 Activision Blizzard, Inc. (NASDAQ:ATVI) earnings expectations

Activision Blizzard, having a Relative Strength Index of 66.36 which indicates the stock is not yet over sold or over bought based on the technical indicators. 2/13/2017 per share and the total transaction amounting to Robert J Morgado. It is calculated by dividing the current closing price of the stock by the latest quarter's book value per share.

Sci-tech Amazon boss wants to start delivery service to the Moon
Author: 0 Amazon boss wants to start delivery service to the Moon

While neither the agency or the Trump administration have announced a solid commitment to a moon colonization program, if Bezos's white paper goes over well, Amazon's plan for space shipping might just become a reality. Like the Apollo astronauts before them, these individuals will travel into space carrying the hopes and dreams of all humankind, driven by the universal human spirit of exploration,"Elon Musk, the billionaire Silicon Valley entrepreneur behind Tesla Motors, SpaceX and other ...

Author: 0 George W. Bush gets candid about whether presidential impressions bothered him

Unlike Trump, Bush said he wasn't bothered by portrayals of him. Bush on Wednesday pushed back at the notion that his recent remarks about the media were criticisms of President Trump . "I wrote these books that surprised a lot of people ", he joked , "particularly on the coasts, they didn't think I could read". He also spoke in more measured terms about race and the need for the country to unify even as he maintained hardline positions on issues such as building a wall along ...

Sci-tech Christian McCaffrey:
Author: 0 Christian McCaffrey: "I play with a chip on my shoulder"

I think you understand their perspective but don't necessarily think it's a positive thing for college football. "And whether it gave me an advantage or not, I stuck with it and I'm here now moving on". McCaffrey is expected to make an immediate impact on any team that he joins: he is explosive on special teams and can produce both as a running threat and a receiving threat out of the backfield.