Sci-tech ACA repeal would leave the vulnerable without help | Letters
Author: 0 ACA repeal would leave the vulnerable without help | Letters

Bill Cassidy's 2017 Patient Freedom Act, and Sen. Supporters of the ACA celebrated the success of the law, pointing to the creation of taxpayer funded jobs and the expansion of sign ups for Medicaid (Medi-Cal in the Golden State). That would leave tremendous uncertainty in the market. On Feb. 14, Humana announced it is withdrawing from the individual marketplace and Obamacare's public exchanges for 2018.

Sci-tech Andromeda's Multiplayer Beta Cancelled… For Now
Author: 0 Andromeda's Multiplayer Beta Cancelled… For Now

We've seen how combat and squad skills work, now it's time to dive into what happens when your Pathfinder actually goes... you know, path-finding. A "handful" of those planets can be landed on, and each will have their own story, characters and unique creatures.

Sci-tech Searching for a transgender bathroom? Yelp has your back
Author: 0 Searching for a transgender bathroom? Yelp has your back

As well, business owners can fill out that information themselves. Yelp, which defines a gender-neutral bathroom as "accessible to persons of any gender and are a locking, single-stall bathroom", will add "Gender Neutral Restrooms" as an attribute that appears on a business's information pages, similar to how it now lists whether or not a business takes reservations or accepts credit cards.

Sci-tech Mercedes recalls 1M vehicles worldwide due to fire risk
Author: 0 Mercedes recalls 1M vehicles worldwide due to fire risk

Fortunately, no injuries or deaths have been reported as a result of the self-immolating Mercs. There was no immediate indication from which other countries the cars are set to be recalled. Notified customers will be advised to contact their local retailers to have an additional fuse in the electrical line to the starter installed as a "precautionary measure" when remedy parts become available - believed to be in July.

Author: 0 US Federal Reserve plans rate hike this month: Evercore ISI

Canada's central bank struck a cautious tone while holding rates steady, weighing on the loonie. "The Fed rate hike balloon has successfully been floated, and the market has continued to reprice the March rate hike probability fuelled by the dove of doves, Lael Brainard, who came out "hawks-a-blazing" at exactly the appropriate time", said senior OANDS trader Stephen Innes in a note.

Author: 0 Canvas and other Penn web services are down

US-EAST-1 refers to a region of data centers in northern Virginia. Amusingly, the outage tracking website Is It Down Right Now is down right now because of the S3 outage. Nilay Patel, ‏ editor-in-chief of tech website The Verge , said on Twitter that an article "published without an image because our image system runs on AWS".

Sci-tech Xiaomi's slick Mi 5C packs the company's first processor
Author: 0 Xiaomi's slick Mi 5C packs the company's first processor

The Mali-T860 quad-core GPU is said to have a 40 percent improved power efficiency (compared to the previous-gen Mali-T760) when running graphic intensive apps. There's plenty of speculation around the Mi6 while Xiaomi wowed the industry with the impressively designed Mi Max , yet here it is trotting out a budget version of last year's flagship phone.

Author: 0 GM's United States sales rise 4.2% in February, beating industry

February sales forecasts on Wednesday, as incentives rise and concerns endure about auto loans and plateauing auto sales. Industry watchers were split over whether United States sales would eke out modest gains or decline compared to February 2016.

Author: 0 How to get a Nintendo Switch at Walmart on launch day

Horizon: Zero Dawn is due out on March 2, so if players are willing to wait a week and purchase those two together, there will be a free game in store. We already know everything we need to know about GameStop's plans for the launch of the Nintendo Switch this Friday. As Mashable reported, the 15% battery notification on the Nintendo Switch appeared after two hours, with the device going into sleep mode nearly half an hour later.

Sci-tech Subway swears its chicken is chicken and releases its own study
Author: 0 Subway swears its chicken is chicken and releases its own study

Subway's results were such an anomaly that the team tested them again. "The stunningly flawed test by Marketplace is a tremendous disservice to our customers", Subway President and CEO Suzanne Greco said. The test can show the DNA percentage of a product, says Newmaster, but "it is very difficult" to translate that to the product's mass. Obviously, Subway wasn't too pleased with this study, and after releasing multiple statements disputing the report and demanding the piece be retracted, ...

Sci-tech Sensex, Nifty may open higher on firm Asia, bullish Wall Street
Author: 0 Sensex, Nifty may open higher on firm Asia, bullish Wall Street

On the other hand the Sensex slumped 305.83 points or 1.04 per cent from its days high to close the session at 28,839.79. Market breadth was negative with 885 advances against 1,825 declines. The dollar hit seven-week high on signals from Fed officials of a hike in interest rates. However, a strong rupee and inflow of foreign funds provided some support to the benchmark indices.

Sci-tech Amazon explains massive cloud-computing outage
Author: 0 Amazon explains massive cloud-computing outage

Instead, the incorrect keystroke knocked even more servers offline and sent many people into a tizzy on Tuesday as websites failed to load. Joe was an authorized user, and he entered the command according to procedure based on what Amazon calls "an established playbook".

Author: 0 Most Active Stock: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMD)

The consensus rating is 1.8, indicating analysts in general look favorably on the company's future prospects. Advanced Micro Devices, Inc is a global semiconductor company. The company's quarterly performance represents an optimistic momentum of 9.48 percent, with a surge of 9.22 percent in the stock price over the last one month.

Sci-tech Xbox One and Project Scorpio will support mixed reality headsets next year
Author: 0 Xbox One and Project Scorpio will support mixed reality headsets next year

And that's the way it should be, according to Kipman. That is, having the ability to see the real world and put holograms on it. For now, this headset has to be connected to a PC running Windows 10 to function. The Microsoft HoloLens team leader did not, however, reveal and details about the planned new controllers. This means that all the room tracking and motion tracking is done inside the headset.

Author: 0 KGI: Apple's Keeping Lightning Port On 'iPhone 8,' Other New Models

The internal components of USB'S ports are just as compact as the Lightning Port. Apple can use the USB-C in the phones and tablets without worrying about the device being thick. Do you really believe that Apple will give up control over the single existing physical connection to its most popular device - especially when Apple holds all of the access keys to said connection ? Kuo says, with the new iPhone 8 of display size 5.8 inches, the available area is will be 5.15 inches.

Author: 0 New details of feathered dinosaur could elucidate the origins of flight

The outlines revealed it had "drumstick-shaped legs, a slender tail and an arm that looks just like a modern bird wing", said Michael Pittman of the University of Hong Kong , who co-authored the study in Nature Communications . The skeletons scientists dig up from the ground are seldom complete, and soft tissues like organs, muscle, or skin nearly never survive into the present.

Sci-tech The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild review
Author: 0 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild review

It's one of the best video games I've ever played. And while fans may have hoped for few more AAA games being offered on launch, The Legend of Zelda looks set to be become one of the strongest launch titles in console history. They were built in ways that they'd have Z-targeting priority where, even while surrounding you, they'd take their turns in fighting you. The second content pack will launch in Holiday 2017, and adds new challenges that will let players enjoy a new dungeon and a ...

Author: 0 Now Michigan has to recover from stunning loss to Northwestern

Instead, Nathan Taphorn inbounded the pass and tossed up a Hail Mary the full length of the court to Dererk Pardon, who made the game-winning bucket as time expired to give the Wildcats the 67-65 win. No. 2 Maryland (27-2, 15-1) vs. 7-10 victor, 6:30 p.m. For as long as we have loved the Wildcats, we have merely wanted them to be decent. Vic Law scored 18 for Northwestern.

Author: 0 Antarctica Set A New Temperature Record

Antarctica logged a record-cold temperature in 2014, according to NASA climate scientist Gavin Schmidt , but until confirmed by the WMO , the coldest temperature ever recorded in the South Pole was -128.6 degrees Fahrenheit at the Soviet Union's Vostok Station on July 21, 1983.