Sci-tech SpaceX to Send Tourists Around the Moon in 2018
Author: 0 SpaceX to Send Tourists Around the Moon in 2018

The tourists will ride aboardSpaceX's Crew Dragon capsule, atop Falcon Heavy rocket which is scheduled for its first unmanned test flight later this year. It's about 240,000 miles to the moon alone, one way. "For more than a decade, NASA has invested in private industry to develop capabilities for the American people and seed commercial innovation to advance humanity's future in space".

Author: 0 MS announces Xbox Game Pass subscription service

Do you aspire to have a library of over 100 games playable on Xbox One at your fingertips? New games will be added to the Game Pass catalog every month, with Microsoft also pulling some out of rotation. Xbox Live Gold is not required to play Xbox Pass games, but a Gold membership is required for multiplayer for those titles. Xbox Game Pass is your ticket to endless play.

Sci-tech Warren Buffett says Investors Should Stick With Index Funds
Author: 0 Warren Buffett says Investors Should Stick With Index Funds

In an interview on Monday with CNBC , Buffett said that if only one employee gets the Sweet 16 picks right, he or she will get the million-dollar prize every year for the rest of their life. The portfolio is rather top-heavy, meaning the bulk of the portfolio's value is invested in just a handful of stocks. "We don't dispute the data that has led Mr.

Author: 0 3 reasons why Newcastle will beat Brighton in the Championship this evening

Top scorer Dwight Gayle (hamstring), whose 20 goals in 24 league games have played a key role in the Magpies' promotion push, is still sidelined for the visitors. This game looks very tricky to call, with the best home team taking on the side that have picked up the most points on their travels this season.

Author: 0 FCC Chairman Pledges to Undo Net Neutrality Rules

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will not review the pending $85 billion takeover of Time Warner by AT&T, the head of the US regulator told CNBC on Tuesday. A transfer of that station to AT&T could have prompted an FCC review. He said the agency's job was to allow the private sector to run their businesses, remove any regulatory uncertainty, "incentivize these massive investments in networks that are going to benefit consumers" and protect consumers.

Author: 0 NASA Will Send A Spacecraft To The Sun In 2018

The corona, the core of the sun, is known to be less hot than the rest of the star. However, unlike Icarus, who plunged to his death when the sun melted his wings, we need to be very careful in our endeavor. The scientists also want to know how solar wind gets its speed, " Live Science " reported. These particles are a danger to astronauts and spacecraft.

Author: 0 Germany Launches 24 Raids, Shuts Down ISIS-Linked Mosque In BERLIN

The association Fussilet 33 was formed around the Fussilet Mosque which authorities shut down earlier this year because it was a magnet for Jihadists. Berlin authorities have stepped up counter-terror measures since the truck attack and arrested three Islamic State suspects last week. "People who preach hate have no place in this city".

Sci-tech Google Unveils New 'YouTube TV' Streaming Service for $35 per Month
Author: 0 Google Unveils New 'YouTube TV' Streaming Service for $35 per Month

The $35 price tag provides access for up to six individual users who can personalize the service to their liking. Though its programming offering isn't as robust as its competitors - like AT&T's DirecTV Now, Sony's Vue, and Dish's Sling - YouTube said trying to replicate the traditional TV bundle would be too expensive.

Author: 0 Andromeda Producer Calls Game 'Softcore Space Porn'

We've followed up with BioWare in an attempt to get more details. Elsewhere, we're told that Mass Effect Andromeda will be getting a day-one patch. Unfortunately, they didn't say anything about romancing opting, dialogues, or weapons, but they did talk about some interesting facts about the game.

Sci-tech Berkshire Hathaway profit advances 15% to $6.29 billion on investments
Author: 0 Berkshire Hathaway profit advances 15% to $6.29 billion on investments

To date, the hedge funds investing in more than 100 other hedge funds have delivered a compound annual return of just 2.2 per cent, versus 7.1 per cent for the index, allowing for fees. The move increased Berkshires shares outstanding by more than 20 percent for a reinsurer that stumbled initially after the purchase. Buffett also didn't take the time to mention Wells Fargo.

Author: 0 Millions without drinking water as rainstorms batter central Chile

Sunday's rains, which caused rivers to overflow their banks in mountain valleys near Chile's capital, Santiago, had left 373 people cut off in their remote homes, the Onemi emergency service said. Falling rocks and other debris overwhelmed the intakes for urban water systems, cutting service to about 1.2 million homes in the area around Santiago.

Author: 0 Kawann Short Receives Franchise Tag from Carolina Panthers

For the second straight year, the Carolina Panthers have used their franchise tag. The tag keeps Short from becoming a free agent and gives the team until July 15 to negotiate a long-term contract. "He started all 16 games and led the team with 11 sacks - the most by a defensive tackle in franchise history - and earned Pro Bowl and All-Pro honors".

Author: 0 Comcast is basically making YouTube into a TV channel

With the deal , Comcast customers can avoid the hassle of toggling between their cable service and web-connected devices like a Roku Inc. player. Comcast already has Netflix integrated into its X1 box, and YouTube likely won't be the last major app to hit the platform.

Sci-tech Sunny Pawar Steals The Oscar Show With 'Lion King' Live Performance
Author: 0 Sunny Pawar Steals The Oscar Show With 'Lion King' Live Performance

The moment had everyone, including Sunny's co-stor Dev Patel, laughing and applauding with the child star. Ben Kingsley, who won the best actor Oscar in 1983 for "Gandhi", is half-Indian. India's chances are inspirational. Lion's Saroo Brierley , whose real-life story became the focus of the Oscar-nominated film, is "over the moon" to be recognized.

Sci-tech Oppo's 5X Optical Zoom Camera Technology Announced At MWC
Author: 0 Oppo's 5X Optical Zoom Camera Technology Announced At MWC

The camera can only physically provide 3x optical zoom, but Oppo's own processing technology is able to provide digital zoom to bring it up to 5x zoom overall. Optical Zoom uses the lens of the camera to magnify what comes into the camera sensor , while digital simply enlarges the picture that exists on the camera sensor.

Author: 0 Sony Has Sold Over 900000 PlayStation VR Headsets

The PlayStation VR headset unit has been scarce in many stores, but Sony promised the supply will improve by April. The virtual reality headset and controllers, which launched on October 13, retails for $399, much cheaper than its competition.

Author: 0 Asheville Jewish Center, at least 7 others targeted by bomb threats

Parents said there was a threat last May and that it's a very hard conversation to have with their children. That school was not evacuated. Police were dispatched to the center, but found no suspicious items, a police spokeswoman said. Warhit continued, "We would also like to thank our fellow Westchester residents from all ethnic and religious background who have stepped up to show their support in fighting anti-Semitism, bias crime, terror and hatred".

Sci-tech Demi Lovato Tweeted That She's
Author: 0 Demi Lovato Tweeted That She's "1% African!!!!" and People Got Upset

She also said she's 1 percent African. Lovato said that she made a decision to take a DNA test after a family member got some interesting results from their test. In a follow-up Tweet, she called out some of her haters for being "mean [as f**k]". "Some of y'all are mean af (as f**k) Twitter sucks". "@elielcruz I also included the other nationalities.

Author: 0 Potential Technical Issues Revealed; Learn To Set Up Game Console

After doing so, the console will ask users to press a non-specified button three times in a row, with Nintendo hiding a cool little secret for those who fiddle around with the console's Joy-Con controllers. Ultimately, only time will tell if this ends up making, breaking or being irrelevant to the Switch's overall lifespan. Not every single Nintendo Switch game will take advantage of the console's TV/Portable abilities.