Author: 0 MMTC's Q3 net profit triples to Rs 74 cr

Its net NPAs stood at 8.65 percent in the quarter as compared to Rs 4.23 percent in the corresponding period previous year. Despite a sustained pressure on the overall business demand and a slow global recovery, the topline during the third quarter of current fiscal was resilient, registering an increase of 10.1% on a y-o-y basis, the company said.

Sci-tech Top Lashkar commander killed in Hajin encounter
Author: 0 Top Lashkar commander killed in Hajin encounter

Later in the evening, security forces cordoned off Khan Mohalla in Hajin Kralgund area of north Kashmir's Handwara belt in Kupwara district following information that a group of terrorists was hiding there. He received minor bullet injuries, said the police official. The slain militants identity was being established. Reports said that a large number of youth assembled near encounter site and hurled stone on the government forces.

Sci-tech Vyapam Scam: SC cancels Admission of over 600 MBBS Students
Author: 0 Vyapam Scam: SC cancels Admission of over 600 MBBS Students

In an 83-page jugement, a bench of Chief Justice J S Khehar, Justices Kurian Joseph and Arun Mishra said,"The actions of the appellants are founded on unacceptable behaviour and in complete breach of rule of law ". Vyapam had cancelled the 634 admissions. However, at that time, there was a split verdict, due to which the case was referred to a three-judge bench.

Author: 0 Border Agents Detained a NASA Scientist Until He Unlocked His Phone

After his passport was scanned, Bikkannavar, U.S. citizen and an employee of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), was held with others seemingly affected by Trump's executive order preventing travel from seven Muslim-majority countries, which a federal court has since refused to reinstate.

Author: 0 New Zealand Beach Closed Amid Fears of Hundreds of "Exploding Whales"

In total, some 650 whales were found along the beach, which has gained notoriety as a location where whales frequently wash ashore. Rescue attempts halted overnight over safety concerns for the volunteers, as the large, stressed animals could become unsafe to those trying to help them.

Author: 0 Mobile US (TMUS) Beats Q4 Earnings and Revenues Estimate February 14, 2017

The stock traded up 0.99 percent at time of writing this. Growth Estimate for FirstEnergy Corp. They were forecasting US$0.31 per share three months ago. 6,294,873 shares of the company's stock were exchanged. The move is likely meant to maintain a discount relative to Verizon , which also priced 2-lines at $120 per the company's press release .

Author: 0 Qualcomm's new 802.11ax chips will ramp up your Wi-Fi

With 802.11ax, the next-generation Wi-Fi protocol, we'll all get a little closer to that flawless world. Qualcomm believes routers based on the IPQ8074 SoC will show up in the market before the end of the year, with end-user devices with the QCA6290 chipset being expected later in 2018.

Author: 0 In 1 With Kaby Lake, Surface Dial, Other Specs & Features

Some experts are favoring the Intel's new Kaby Lake Processor for the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 instead of core i7 7700 HQ CPU. On another note, Microsoft has announced that they have identified many new Surface Pro users coming from the folks who owns/owned a MacBook Pro.

Sci-tech Omarosa to White House Reporter: Trump Admin Keeps 'Dossiers' on Media
Author: 0 Omarosa to White House Reporter: Trump Admin Keeps 'Dossiers' on Media

She did say Ryan told her afterward that Manigault's behavior was "Secret Serviceable", which means it called for law enforcement intervention. As for allegations that the White House is keeping dossiers on non-compliant media, including reporters for primarily African-American outlets, Kellyanne Conway told CNN's Dylan Byers that she has "no clue" what Omarosa was talking about .

Sci-tech Hijab-clad Muslim woman attacked in New Zealand
Author: 0 Hijab-clad Muslim woman attacked in New Zealand

The aggressive woman then continues to shout at the group, raging: "You don't have the f****** right to be here, you f****** ugly b****. Or your f****** mothers". "She would like to meet with the woman filmed swearing and hurling abuse to help change her attitude towards Muslims", Rahman said. "Thanks everyone for your comments and support - this is so overwhelming".

Author: 0 Apple stops selling its new LG 5K monitor because of hardware issues

As mentioned earlier, anyone who does want to get their hands on the monitor will have to go to the Apple website . Last week, Apple pushed back the delivery date for online shipments of the UltraFine 5K from 2-3 weeks to 5-6 weeks. More than that, it also features three USB-C ports to expand connectivity options, built-in stereo speakers, a camera, and even a mic. If you're paying a very high price tag for a display that complements the 2016 MacBook Pro family, then you should not have to ...

Sci-tech Mercedes: Electric Smart cars will replace gas-powered cars in US
Author: 0 Mercedes: Electric Smart cars will replace gas-powered cars in US

Mercedes-Benz USA sold 6,211 units of the city cars previous year, down 16% from 2015 figures. Smart , a subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz's US arm, told dealers it would pull the plug on the gas version of its microcar - which went from an abysmal earlier effort to a far better, if still flawed, redesign - after the 2017 model year.

Sci-tech Linda McMahon Confirmed For Trump Cabinet Job
Author: 0 Linda McMahon Confirmed For Trump Cabinet Job

To view the full article, register now. McMahon's ties to Trump are the oddest of the lot: at the culmination of a staged feud, Trump once body-slammed her husband, legendary wrestling promoter Vince McMahon, and shaved his head in the middle of a wrestling ring on live television.

Author: 0 Scientists make troubling find at bottom of ocean

Scientists have discovered chemical pollutants almost 33,000 feet below the ocean's surface in the Mariana Trench, the BBC reports . Dr Jamieson, of Newcastle University's School of Marine Science and Technology, said: "The fact that we found such extraordinary levels of these pollutants in one of the most remote and inaccessible habitats on earth really brings home the long term, devastating impact that mankind is having on the planet".

Author: 0 Team Of Astronomers Detect More Than 100 Potential Exoplanets

This dimming is caused by an exoplanet blocking some of the star's light when it passes in front, and the change in brightness can tell us a lot about the size of the planet and how fast it orbits. The team highlighted over 100 stars thought to host exoplanets, but that require closer inspection, according to MIT. The planet has a very short orbital period of just under 10 days, so it is no Earth-twin.

Author: 0 India Now Has the World's Worst Air Pollution

India has recorded a almost 50 per cent increase in premature deaths linked to PM2.5 between 1990 and 2015, the report found. It suggested that India outpaced China in 2015, with 8.6 ozone-related deaths for every 100,000 people, compared to China's 5.3.

Sci-tech Taxi drivers to protest against Uber, Ola
Author: 0 Taxi drivers to protest against Uber, Ola

Nonetheless, you would think, at least after a day of protest these cab-hailing services would have something figured out, but now it's been nearly four days, and the cab availability woes continue, with no relief to the riders. The strike comes as a blessing for auto-drivers, who have made the most of the situation. This is not the first time that Uber and Ola drivers have gone on strike in India.

Sci-tech Trump Guest Causes Stir With Controversial Photo
Author: 0 Trump Guest Causes Stir With Controversial Photo

As Mar-a-Lago's wealthy members looked on from their tables, and with a keyboard player crooning in the background, Trump and Abe's evening meal quickly morphed into a strategy session, the decision-making on full view to fellow diners, who described it in detail to CNN ....

Author: 0 NASA to send lander to Europa to search for life

It would then relay the data back to Earth via the CRO. The agency wanted to characterize Europa's surface and subsurface for further robotic exploration of Europa and its ocean. Nasa will be working closely with engineers to design a system that will allow the robot to land on the surface. Seeing as how the moon doesn't have an atmosphere, the lander won't need a heat shield for protection.