Author: 0 Nintendo Will Release 'Splatoon 2' Preview On March 24

Nogami said that similarly to the first, Splatoon 2 will have "weapons be gradually released ", but that it will also have many more weapons as well as more available at the start. "I think Nintendo Switch will put Nintendo at the forefront of the game industry once again". Additionally, the testfire is also being tipped as Nintendo's way of testing its paid online multiplayer services, launching this fall.

Author: 0 Why I Don't Do Valentine's Day

If you do not have any plans and have no intentions of staying home on this handsome day, it would be a good option to hit the roads . Animals need love , too. Giving what you want makes you happy, but giving someone what they want makes your partner happy. We spend so much time on our phones and laptops, we could as well be married to them.

Author: 0 Back in rankings, Notre Dame visits Boston College

Coming off a big effort against Wake Forest four nights earlier, Colson scored a career-high 33 points with 13 rebounds as the Fighting Irish ran past No. Gibbs made his first career start. Though Florida State dominated the points in the paint - 54-38 on the night - the Seminoles could not push the Irish off the boards, as Brey's smaller lineup has been in past games.

Author: 0 United States Steel Corporation

AK Steel Holding Corporation was Downgraded by Credit Suisse to " Neutral" on Jan 12, 2017. AK Steel Holding Corporation has a 1-year low of $2.19 and a 1-year high of $11.39. The Average Volume of the company is 28.56 Million, while the Relative Volume of the company is 1.08. Starting with EPS for the final quarter of this year.

Sci-tech Gas prices fall again; enjoy it while you can
Author: 0 Gas prices fall again; enjoy it while you can

That is the same costs that were reported in the previous week's survey. The highest price in Valdosta Sunday was $2.64 at a North Patterson Street business, according to gasbuddy. The U.S. average dropped 7.1 cents during the past month but moved up 57.9 cents during the past 12 months. Gas prices in Rockford are down 3.4 cents compared to a week ago.

Author: 0 Allergan Will Buy Zeltiq for $2.48 Billion

ZELTIQ Aesthetics ( NASDAQ:ZLTQ ) traded up 12.85% on Monday, hitting $55.75. Zeltiq's non-surgical system cools fat cells to trigger their controlled elimination without affecting the surrounding tissue, according to Allergan . About a year ago, the company bought Anterios for $90 million for global rights to a product for potential treatment of hyperhidrosis, acne, and crow's feet lines.

Author: 0 Three potential landing sites shortlisted for NASA's Mars 2020 mission!

Why? If the Mars 2020 rover visits this section of the Gusev crater, it could pay its respects to its ancestor, the Spirit rover, which touched down nearby in 2004 and went offline in 2010. Top of the shortlist at the moment is Jezero crater , which used to be home to a lake the size of Lake Winnipeg in Canada. The latter could have been the site of underground life, much like similar subterranean sites on Earth.

Author: 0 Thousands participate in anti-Trump marches across Mexico

Along with the wall, Trump's plans to step up deportations, slap a tariff on products imported to the United States and renegotiate trade deals have all raised ire in Mexico and raised fears of an economic collapse. They made a wall with paper blocks and demolished it as a symbolic message about Trump's border wall. Mexico City's police department said there were no injuries or incidents at the demonstration.

Sci-tech Automata' trailer has us questioning what it means to be human — NieR
Author: 0 Automata' trailer has us questioning what it means to be human — NieR

Additionally, in an interview with the European PS Blog , it was mentioned that NieR: Automata includes a Really Hard mode where one hit equals death. We've, of course, already seen plenty of videos highlighting NieR's fluid combat system (would you expect anything else of the studio that brought you Vanquish and Bayonetta?), but what about quests, exploration and the inevitable punishment of death when the challenge of fighting the 14th Machine War becomes too great? Here's ...

Sci-tech Trump places hiring freeze on some federal workers
Author: 0 Trump places hiring freeze on some federal workers

They said the federal workforce has become somewhat bloated with managers and supervisors whose jobs could be cut. Trump's freeze was the second part of a plan dubbed, "Donald Trump's Contract with the American Voter ". "Trump wants to show that there is a "new sheriff in town" who wants to handle the federal workforce differently". The North Carolina native, a retired VA psychiatric nurse, also said 85 percent of the 2.2 million feds - the fewest in 55 years - live and work outside the ...

Sci-tech Resident Evil 7: How to Start New Game Plus and What's Different
Author: 0 Resident Evil 7: How to Start New Game Plus and What's Different

Last week we reported on the news that Resident Evil 7: Biohazard [Review: 9/10] would be receiving paid DLC packs and a Season Pass. Nonetheless, it's great seeing that Capcom is set on providing Resident Evil fans with additional content, especially since a second DLC called "Vol.2" will be coming in the upcoming future.

Sci-tech Kisenosato becomes first Japanese sumo grand champion in 20 years
Author: 0 Kisenosato becomes first Japanese sumo grand champion in 20 years

JSA executives rubber-stamped the promotion of the 30-year-old Kisenosato based on the recommendation unanimously made Monday by members of the Yokozuna Deliberation Council, an advisory body to the association, after he won his maiden title at the New Year Grand Sumo Tournament.

Sci-tech WATCH Amir Khan's sex tape! Sex act leaked online
Author: 0 WATCH Amir Khan's sex tape! Sex act leaked online

According to the details, both met in 2010 and video was shot in 2013 shortly after Amir married wife Faryal Makhdoom. If reports are to be believed, this is not the first time that he has been accused of cheating on Faryal. Family of Amir Khan however, denied all the allegations. This is the same United States model whom Amir Khan was romantically linked with in 2010 - prior to his marriage to Faryal Makhdoom.

Sci-tech New iOS update available message hitting iOS 10 beta users
Author: 0 New iOS update available message hitting iOS 10 beta users

Although Todesco has not revealed why exactly the iOS 10.2 jailbreak wouldn't work on the newer iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus devices, it is evident that the jailbreak creator does not wish to risk burning another exploit on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus for releasing a public iOS 10.2 jailbreak.

Sci-tech Can't find this girl's legs? You're not alone
Author: 0 Can't find this girl's legs? You're not alone

So who is hiding her legs? Her right shoulder is in front of girl 2 and her left shoulder is even with or a little behind girl 4 to show that she is sitting on an angle. Another person commented, "She was photochopped". It's weird. Because people are wont to debating these things with strangers online, the illusion is being dissected on a Reddit thread , which is fast gaining the traction it deserves.

Author: 0 Motorola Moto X Style Android Nougat 7.1.1 update starts rolling out

Now the question here arises is that when your smartphone will be getting an OTA update? will it surely get? Upon receiving the update prompt on your Moto Z, click on "Yes, I'm in" to download the Android 7.0 update. With this update, Moto Z becomes the first non-Google phone to support Daydream. With the speed that Google is making updates to its OS, smartphone users will soon be enjoying its latest and best offerings.