Industry Cabinet clears funding of Rs. 3173 crores for VVPAT voting machines
Author: 0 Cabinet clears funding of Rs. 3173 crores for VVPAT voting machines

Since this year's budget has already been finalised, half the amount - approximately Rs 1,600 crore - will be factored into the revised estimate and the remaining included in the 2018-19 budget. Since 2013, when the Supreme Court ordered the EC to implement the VVPAT system in a phased manner, the commission has been requesting the fund for a long time now and regarding this they have written a letter to the Law minister on March 22.

Industry Justin Bieber Invites Luis Fonsi Onstage for Live Debut of 'Despacito' Remix
Author: 0 Justin Bieber Invites Luis Fonsi Onstage for Live Debut of 'Despacito' Remix

The track which was first announced on social media just minutes before its official release keeps the original style and rhythm while featuring vocals from Justin . " Despacito Remix " is definitely a win for Bieber , especially after he struck out in the Latin pop community after teaming up with J Balvin on the remix of his own No.

Industry Facebook works on technology to control computer with power of thought
Author: 0 Facebook works on technology to control computer with power of thought

Apple is said to be working on a similar project . There's mind-blowing technology, and then there's brain-computer technologies. Facebook already knows a ton about you, but brain activity may be a bridge too far . Facebook Building 8 creators also worked with Braille - tiny bumps on paper that can be "read" by users without sight. For example, people with ALS could type-not with eye blinks-but with their thoughts.

Author: 0 Facebook Spaces lets you hang out with friends in Virtual Reality

With Facebook Spaces, you can get an avatar that looks like you by choosing one of your Facebook photos and getting various VR appearance options. It appears Facebook Spaces will also include games, which is probably a far more appealing feature.

Industry Code Vein is Bandai Namco's Latest Action RPG
Author: 0 Code Vein is Bandai Namco's Latest Action RPG

In order to survive, Revenants live in an isolated society called "Vein". These monsters are Revenants suffering from a blood deficiency that's caused them to transform. Further details on Code Vein are scarce at the moment, although the game is being directed by Hiroshi Yoshimura ( Gods Eater Burst) and is still at a fairly early stage of development.

Author: 0 Facebook F8: Messenger Doubles Down on Bots After Slow Start

You can start a chat with a jeans company and ask about a refund or new styles. All of these efforts tie into something the company calls the Messenger Platform, which is essentially a way for third-party businesses to build automated chat bots that allow them to interact with the chat app's 1.2 billion monthly active users in an automated fashion.

Author: 0 MoneyGram Sendbot™ Unveiled at Facebook's F8 Conference

It's hard to imagine Messenger, in its quest to be the next "yellow pages", could ever overshadow Google's knowledge graph. ScribbleChat bot users receive immediate access through the Messenger platform to unique fonts that reflect different handwriting styles and 3D animations that are not confined to the normal text bubble.

Industry US Jet Fighters Intercepted Russian Bombers Near Alaska
Author: 0 US Jet Fighters Intercepted Russian Bombers Near Alaska

A pair of Russian bombers were intercepted by two US stealth fighter jets in worldwide airspace off Alaska's coast. There was no bridge-to-bridge communication between the United States and Russian aircraft, but three USA officials said the Russians acted "very professionally".

Industry Windows 10 will soon throttle background apps to save your battery life
Author: 0 Windows 10 will soon throttle background apps to save your battery life

Slide it all the way to the right, for maximum performance, and Power Throttling will be disabled. Task Manager shows which processes are Power throttledMicrosoft announced that starting with Build 16176 of Windows 10, the operating system will throttle the background tasks using the most efficient operating modes of modern processors.

Industry Giraffe cam with April, baby to end
Author: 0 Giraffe cam with April, baby to end

From Britain to Barbados, from America to Argentina, they had logged on at a rate of up to five million a day in the hope of seeing April the giraffe give birth. Giddy, breathless news reports, tweets, and Facebook posts included references to April's " baby ", such as this reference from the Washington Post: " April the giraffe finally had her baby ".

Author: 0 Hillary Clinton apologized to Obama after Trump's victory

Democrats have many theories for why Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election to Donald Trump. And Clinton herself hasn't given a definitive answer as to whether or not she'll make another attempt to move back into the White House.

Author: 0 Galaxy S8: More screen and elegance, but a hefty price tag

Anticipation is high for the worldwide release of Samsung's next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8, this Friday. But, believe me, the thought has crossed my mind more than a few times these past five days while I've been reviewing Samsung's Galaxy S8 mobile phone.

Author: 0 Microsoft already fixed the 'Shadow Brokers' exploits on supported versions of Windows

However, according to security researcher Nicholas Weaver of the International Computer Science Institute, the methods in the documents show the NSA was going beyond its "official access". Upon reviewing the data released by the group it has been seen that NSA had accessed the SWIFT money transfer system through service providers in the Middle East and Latin America.

Industry NieR: Automata's New DLC Has You Fight Square Enix's CEO
Author: 0 NieR: Automata's New DLC Has You Fight Square Enix's CEO

The DLC will give players three new colosseums to take on, as well as a variety of new sub-quests. These include new outfits for 2B, 9S, and A2 that you can see below. Mastery of these challenges will grant rewards, including a range of costumes, new music tracks, and various other pieces of equipment and cosmetic accessories.

Author: 0 Lady Gaga Dyed Her Hair *Again* and It Looks Amazing

The singer is pregnant with twins . Fans have already claimed " The Cure " harks back to " The Fame " era of her career, with its summery vibes. The official Coachella app featured the invitation, which said that Gaga is slated to film scenes for the film at Empire Polo Club, the same location in Indio , California , where Coachella takes place.

Author: 0 The iPhone 8 Will Start Production Sooner Than First Thought

Yet Apple will not allow this brief digression in its set plans from delaying the release of its smartphone later on this year. The iPhone 8 is probably still half a year away, yet speculations about the device are already trickling in a steady stream.

Author: 0 Samsung Galaxy S8 Latest Battery and Design Modifications

Just look through the various forum threads over on Android Central and you'll bound to come across many that are now pitting Samsung's latest against the LG G6. According to latest reports , The South Korean- giant Samsung's latest top of the range phones have abandoned the physical home button it used in their past models and the company have also launched a new virtual assistant.

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