Author: 0 Oculus Rift, Gear VR could be ripped off the market soon

ZeniMax has filed an injunction , calling for all Oculus products that infringed code be pulled from shelves immediately. It seems as though ZeniMax doesn't think the half a billion lawsuit was a large enough outcome for Oculus violating copyrights.

Author: 0 Honda will have Clarity EV with rather short range

The reason for the poor driving range comes down to decisions Honda made and wouldn't change. Honda's Clarity EV will share its platform with the Clarity Fuel Cell model shown here. A sales forecast wasn't released, but the electric Clarity will be beat the Fit EV "by a whole lot", he said. Honda's VP of environmental business development, Steve Center, said in a statement.

Industry Not all Nintendo Switch games will support TV Mode
Author: 0 Not all Nintendo Switch games will support TV Mode

Could we get games that you can only play on your TV or in handheld mode? All in all, there is going to be a grand total of 60 games on the latest console from Nintendo which can be bought from its eShop. The console has around 28 mini games which can be played by two people at the same time. However, for players who are looking to remain spoiler-free for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild , it would be best to stay away from certain online forums until the game is officially released .

Author: 0 'Smart' Teddy Bear Leaks 2 Million Recordings Of Kids And Their Parents

Hunt found that Spiral Toys had stored CloudPet user recordings and children's names in an Amazon service that didn't require authorization to access. The evidence showed 821, 296 accessible records, and access to 2,182,337 voice recordings, in both a staging and production environment. The report says that the central database of CloudPets was hacked.

Author: 0 JC Penney Company, Inc. (NYSE:JCP) Eps and Price target Analysis

Evercore Trust Company N.A. raised its stake in shares of J C Penney Company by 3.5% in the second quarter. Telsey Advisory Group reduced their price objective on shares of J C Penney Company from $13.00 to $11.00 and set an "outperform" rating for the company in a research report on Monday, January 9th.

Author: 0 Amazon Web Services Outage Causing Widespread Internet Issues

That means a lot of things are broken. We will of course update this article with Amazon's findings as and when the company decides to make them public. Due to the error, is suffering as well. The Daily Pennsylvanian website, which also relies on AWS, is also experiencing problems displaying photos.

Industry Top five features of the Huawei P10
Author: 0 Top five features of the Huawei P10

On the other hand, the bigger P10 Plus model comes with a 5.5 inch IPS-NEO LCD panel that has a higher pixel resolution of 1440 x 2560. Huawei launched its flagship phones Huawei P10 and P10 Plus, along with the Huawei Watch 2 at MWC 2017.

Author: 0 OJ: Made In America wins best documentary feature

Simpson's life, career, and eventual murder trial against the backdrop of race relations in the United States. Sure enough, right after Ezra Edelman's speech, Kimmel looked at the camera and, like the savage that he is, told O.J. Its length and format led some to wonder whether or not the documentary even qualifies as a film, or TV, where it aired in five parts on ESPN. Clocking in at 467 minutes, "O.J.: Made in America" is also the longest ever Oscar-winner.

Industry Motorola unveils the upgraded, affordable Moto G5 and G5 Plus
Author: 0 Motorola unveils the upgraded, affordable Moto G5 and G5 Plus

The new Moto G 5th generation mobiles were released a couple of days before in MWC 2017. One must look at other brands like Xiaomi, Lenovo and other for best smartphone in same price range. Despite the fact that it comes with a smaller screen, the new Moto G5 Plus weighs the same as the previous model, though it's a little bit smaller and much thinner.

Industry ZTE releases two new smartphones at MWC2017
Author: 0 ZTE releases two new smartphones at MWC2017

These smartphones run on Android Nougat out of the box with ZTE's own custom MiFavor UI on top. They both also share the same basic design with a few tweaks here or there, as well as some extra color options on the Mini. Also announced was the Blade V8 Lite . Visitors are welcome to demo the latest pioneering technology for the new connected era, as well as view a thrilling holographic video and explore the Axon 7 & Google Daydream experience area and the Axon 7 Max and Blade V8 3D photo ...

Author: 0 Apple Sucker Punches Suppliers With iPad Pro Delay

Allegedly, it is part of Apple's move to streamline its iPad products, much more that it is said that the sale of Apple's line of tablets is in a stagnant phase. That matches the 9.7-inch iPad Pro (2,048-by-1,536) and the 12.9-inch version (2,732-by-2,048) in terms of sharpness. The report adds that this move will be affecting the performance of supply chain firms such as TPK Holding, General Interface Solution and Foxconn.

Industry Nintendo sues Mario Kart go-karting rental in Tokyo
Author: 0 Nintendo sues Mario Kart go-karting rental in Tokyo

NINTENDO HAS CAUGHT ON TO THE FACT THAT another Japanese business has sensed that there is money and fun to be had from Mario Kart , and the games company is not happy about it. Maricar is disappointed, which it would be, saying:"We will work with all our might to protect the smiles of our customers", it said . Requiring only an worldwide driving permit, participants can dress up in a range of costumes and hit regular roads around Shibuya, one of Tokyo's main neon-soaked entertainment ...

Author: 0 Uber executive quits for not disclosing prior sexual harassment allegation: Recode

Amit Singhal, the well-funded transportation company's senior vice president of engineering, is out. The backdrop for Singhal's presence at Uber and now his sudden departure is inevitably a highly publicized account from a former Uber engineer, Susan Fowler, that revealed a culture of "high performing" employees being given passes despite sexual harassment allegations.

Industry Twitch will sell games this spring, streamers can earn a cut
Author: 0 Twitch will sell games this spring, streamers can earn a cut

As an added bonus users who purchase their games on Twitch will earn special Twitch Crates, as long as the purchase was more than $4.99 United States dollars, including special emotes and chat badges. One of the perks of Amazon Prime is free access to Twitch Prime. Developers will earn a 70 per cent cut for games sales via Twitch - the same as on Steam.

Industry Hearthstone® Players to Embark on a Journey to Un'Goro™ in April
Author: 0 Hearthstone® Players to Embark on a Journey to Un'Goro™ in April

Elementals are a new minion type coming to Hearthstone , with both new cards and already existing ones like Magma Rager taking on the new type alongside dragons, pirates, and beasts. It begins as a two-cost minion with two-attack and two-health. And the hand buffing and Jade styles of play in Mean Streets of Gadgetzan introduced new mechanics without a new keyword.

Author: 0 Do you plan to buy the BlackBerry KEYone?

Yes, it was first unveiled at the CES 2017 earlier this year and impressed everyone with its charming looks and old-age Qwerty keyboard . It has a 3505mAh battery that's claimed to give all-day battery life with QuickCharge 3.0 and an additional "Boost" charging feature that gives 50 percent charge in 36 minutes.

Author: 0 Airtel's Sunil Mittal calls for an end to global roaming

Back in 2013, at a time when the industry was used to dropping its regular tariff plans while subscribers roamed the country, Airtel had introduced "free incoming calls" on roaming at a charge of Rs 5 per day. Means, anywhere in the country, if you are on airtel network you do not have to pay any extra charges for using data. The move comes close on the heels of fresh entrant Reliance Jio's new pricing plan that also promises to keep all domestic voice calls to all networks free.

Industry AT&T Revamps Unlimited Data Plans with Tethering, Lower Prices
Author: 0 AT&T Revamps Unlimited Data Plans with Tethering, Lower Prices

AT&T's new plans are definitely more competitive than they used to be, when they were limited to DirecTV and U-Verse subscribers, and while offering two plans is confusing, it lets the company compete with both Sprint on the low-end and T-Mobile and Verizon on the high-end.

Author: 0 Roborace unveils world's first autonomous racer, 'The Robocar'

DRIVERLESS racing cars could soon take compete against humans in futuristic motorsport championships. Roborace put two driverless cars on display simultaneously on a custom-built city street track at Formula E's ePrix in Buenos Aires. The auto uses a number of technologies to "drive" itself including 5 lidars, 2 radars, 18 ultrasonic sensors, 2 optical speed sensors, 6 AI cameras, GNSS positioning, and is powered by Nvidia's Drive PX2 brain, capable of up to 24 trillion AI operations per ...

Industry Lenovo launches e-SIM laptops to keep business travelers connected internationally
Author: 0 Lenovo launches e-SIM laptops to keep business travelers connected internationally

A number of Lenovo hybrids have won PCMag Editors' Choice awards, including the entry-level 11-inch Yoga 710 and the luxury-minded Yoga 910, both convertibles, and the Miix 510, a midrange tablet-and those are just since December. Lenovo's active stylus ships with the computer for interacting with such software as Windows Ink, while if you choose the 15-inch variant, you can upgrade to an Nvidia GTX 1050 GPU.