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Author: 0 New Democratic leadership wants to be Trump's 'worst nightmare'

But in the hallways of the Peachtree Plaza Hotel where Democrats meet, there will be a continuing saga of efforts made, accepted, or rejected to put this contest behind a party that needs a breather from any struggle for its soul. The poor showings also lead to an overhaul of leadership in the Florida Democratic Party. "Call me Tom, and don't get too happy", wrote Perez. President Trump wasted no time in mocking the new chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

Health Care Transgender Sister Of Singer At Trump Inauguration Wins Federal Court Bathroom Ruling
Author: 0 Transgender Sister Of Singer At Trump Inauguration Wins Federal Court Bathroom Ruling

Juliet Evancho, 18, joined with two other transgender students in suing a Pennsylvania school district for reportedly barring them from using the bathrooms of the genders in which they identify. Jackie Evancho, one of the few performers who agreed to appear at Trump's inauguration, spoke out after the new administration's Title IX announcement and asked to meet with the president to press the case for transgender rights.

Author: 0 Mesothelioma Research One Focus of Rare Disease Day

That is why worldwide cooperation is so important. That explains why 43% of individuals with a rare disease is treated only for symptoms, with inadequate care, for the most part. "Clinical research will help us find better and more effective treatment for rare disease", said Suneela Thatte, President Indian Society for Clinical Research (ISCR).

Author: 0 Colorectal Cancer Rates Rising Among Young Adults in US

For the study, Siegel and her colleagues collected data on more than 490,000 US men and women aged 20 and older who were diagnosed with colon or rectal cancer between 1974 and 2013. Siegel said she hopes young adults and their doctors will be more vigilant in recognizing the signs of colorectal cancer. The study, which included scientists at the NCI, didn't determine the reason for the shift.

Author: 0 Your Subway Chicken May Be Only 50 Percent Chicken

Subway's oven roasted chicken scored 53.6 percent chicken DNA, and its chicken strips were found to have just 42.8 percent chicken DNA. Well, according to one study into the chicken sold at Subway , that may not exactly be the case. Last year, California upstart Clear Labs used a molecular analysis technique to test hamburgers and found rat DNA in three samples. A piece of meat direct from a chicken would contain 100 percent chicken DNA.

Health Care Fox Cities gas prices rise slightly
Author: 0 Fox Cities gas prices rise slightly

Xanthoudakis says even if gas prices do go up to three dollars a gallon, he won't pass that cost along to the customers, and instead will take the hit himself. Compared with a week ago, gasoline production levels in the Gulf Coast fell 7 percent and supply declined 2 percent. Throughout the past five years, gas prices rose by 35-70 cents from February to Memorial Day; AAA attests that motorists should anticipate a similar trend this year.

Author: 0 Legalized Pot Poses a Threat to Kids, Doctors Warn

That's a problem, they reason, because new methods of studying the brain have yielded data to support the theory that using marijuana at a young age might permanently affect brain maturation - meaning marijuana might not be as benign a substance for growing teens to mess with as some adults have come to believe it is.

Author: 0 Minnesota legislature votes to allow Sunday alcohol sales

The Montana Senate has passed a bill to keep patients from receiving huge bills from air ambulance companies. From there the bill goes on to the Rules Committee where citizen champion, and father of the bill's namesake, John Barclay hopes it will be called to the floor for a vote in the House of Representatives.

Health Care Living with children makes women more sleep deprived than men
Author: 0 Living with children makes women more sleep deprived than men

For the study, researchers surveyed 5,805 people nationwide on the phone, and asked them how long they slept, how many days they felt exhausted in the past month. They also asked questions about their age, race, marital status, exercise habits, number of children, and more. The study also posited that almost 48 percent women in this age bracket, who had kids, reported that they were getting a minimum of seven hours of sleep, which fell in the optimal bracket.

Health Care Memorial fund set up for fallen CHP officer Chellew
Author: 0 Memorial fund set up for fallen CHP officer Chellew

The crash occurred near Stockton Boulevard and Fruitridge Road about 5:45 p.m., leaving Chellew ejected from his motorcycle. Officer Chellew was taken to the hospital and later died. Capitol flags will be flown at half-staff, the governor's office said. "Officer Chellew now joins a distinguished and cherished group of men and women whose names adorn a memorial fountain at the center of the CHP Academy".

Health Care Straight women have fewer orgasms than lesbians, gays and straight men
Author: 0 Straight women have fewer orgasms than lesbians, gays and straight men

The researchers examined 52,6000 Americans in the United State in order to explore and record the gap of orgasms among different type of people who have different sexual orientations. "The results suggest a variety of behaviours couples can try to increase orgasm frequency ", researchers wrote. The study is called "Differences in Orgasm Frequency Among Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Heterosexual Men and Women in a U.S.

Health Care China not taking advantage
Author: 0 China not taking advantage

Geng also urged that Washington view the yuan exchange rate "in an objective light" and reiterated China's intention of continuing to reform its exchange regime, while stressing Beijing's willingness to coordinate with U.S. "We'll do that as we have in the past", Mnuchin said in his first televised interview since formally taking over the department last week. Slapping a currency manipulator tag on China could be counter-productive, said Adam Reynolds, CEO for Asia-Pacific at Saxo Bank: "If ...

Author: 0 'Titanic' star Bill Paxton dies at 61

Television also issued a joint statement to ET about Paxton, but did acknowledge any plans for the show. Bill Paxton died due to complications from surgery, his family announced Sunday (Feb. He also starred in the miniseries Texas Rising and Hatfields and McCoys , the latter earning him an Emmy nominations. When the Dan Brown thrillers were adapted for cinema, Paxton was the first choice to play Robert Langdon in Ron Howard's "The Da Vinci Code", which was subsequently offered to Tom ...

Health Care De Blasio Set To Meet With Federal Prosecutors, FBI Agents
Author: 0 De Blasio Set To Meet With Federal Prosecutors, FBI Agents

A lawyer for the Democratic mayor did not immediately comment. Multiple sources confirm to CBS2's Marcia Kramer that the mayor will meet with federal prosecutors and FBI agents. Mayor Bill de Blasio is set to face federal investigators Friday about his campaign fundraising. Today's meeting comes as the U.S. Attorney's office potentially wraps up a lengthy investigation into the mayor's fundraising and campaign activities.

Health Care Warren Buffett criticises Wall Street as Apple investment pays off
Author: 0 Warren Buffett criticises Wall Street as Apple investment pays off

At year-end, that privilege would have delivered Berkshire a profit of $10.5 billion, Buffett wrote, noting that Berkshire can use its preferred shares to satisfy the $5 billion cost of exercising the warrant. "That simply isn't the case: Both American corporations and private investors are today awash in funds looking to be sensibly deployed". In 2016, Berkshire's stock price rose about 23.4 percent, easily outpacing the market, though most investors who bought its stock in recent years ...

Health Care What is VX, the chemical weapon that killed Kim Jong Un's half-brother?
Author: 0 What is VX, the chemical weapon that killed Kim Jong Un's half-brother?

Kim Jong Nam died shortly after he was attacked last week by two women at the global airport. Kim was preparing to board a flight from Kuala Lumpur to the Chinese territory of Macau, where he has been living. He is seen pointing to his face while speaking with airport officials and guards. He died in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. VX is outlawed except for "research, medical or pharmaceutical purposes" and can be manufactured as a liquid, cream or aerosol, but has no commercial ...

Author: 0 French vegetable producer to acquire Ready Pac Foods

Ready Pac Foods introduced the first-ever single-serve, complete meal salad, the original Bistro Bowl®, thereby creating the category, making the company the No. Bonduelle, established in 1853, owns four brands of canned, frozen and fresh vegetables and has operations in Canada and across Europe. Tuesday, Ready Pac was notified that cheese used in the chicken salad products is included in an expanded recall due to possible contamination that could cause listeriosis, which can cause ...

Author: 0 Special Olympics Nevada To Host Las Vegas Polar Plunge Saturday

Participants are required to raise at least $100 for Special Olympics. The band also celebrates its fourth year in support of Special Olympics at the Big Bear Polar Plunge . Using sports as a catalyst, the nonprofit program helps enhance the growth for all people who participate. A portion of all ticket sales will go toward Special Olympics athletes.