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Global Media Mitt Romney is exploring a Senate bid in Utah
Author: 0 Mitt Romney is exploring a Senate bid in Utah

The Atlantic cited six sources who said Romney has been talking with people in Utah and Washington, D.C., about running for the seat now occupied by Republican Orrin Hatch. Constitution will one day "hang by a thread" and Mormons will have to save it. Obviously I am an Orrin Hatch supporter. Josh Romney may have other plans as he brushed off his mother's comments saying, "The thought of running for office doesn't sound very fun".

Global Media Olympic marathon champion Jemima Sumgong tests positive for EPO
Author: 0 Olympic marathon champion Jemima Sumgong tests positive for EPO

Athletics governing body says marathon champion tested positive for banned substance EPO. Therefore, Sumgong cannot run any marathon race, from April 23, where she was there to defend the title won past year, said Bitel, disappointed. According to Bitel, the athlete is now suspended, pending the B test and the results of the investigation. Under WMM rules, if she were to finish top of the rankings at the end of the Series, an athlete who fails a drug test and is banned is not eligible to ...

Author: 0 Most young people say government should pay for health care

While Republicans try to hammer out a new healthcare bill that would get the support of House Freedom Caucus members, two new studies show increasing support for the Affordable Care Act that the new bill would repeal and replace. Still, Trump can't afford to placate just the moderates while ignoring the Freedom Caucus: There are enough conservative Republicans to kill the bill too.

Global Media Davis Cup: Djokovic gives Serbia 1-0 lead over Spain
Author: 0 Davis Cup: Djokovic gives Serbia 1-0 lead over Spain

Djokovic lost his No. 1 ranking to Britain's Andy Murray after a slump in form following his French Open title past year. Five-time victor Spain is without Nadal after the 14-time Grand Slam champion opted to stay at home to prepare for the clay-court season.

Global Media Thousands of dog attacks on postal workers reported in 2016
Author: 0 Thousands of dog attacks on postal workers reported in 2016

Postal Service. Dogs have been known to burst through screen doors or plate-glass windows to get at carriers. "Dogs may view the letter carrier handing mail to a family member as a threatening gesture", the USPS said . Overall, an estimated 4.5 million Americans are bitten by dogs annually, mostly children. Delaschmit was attacked by a dog on a mail route. Among them are tools which let carriers know which homes have dogs.

Author: 0 Blumenthal Opposes Gorsuch, Will Support Democratic Filibuster

In an explanation posted on the essay site Medium , McCaskill acknowledged that she and 10 other Democrats have been facing intense political pressure to back Trump's choice for the high court. The news that two red state Democrats will support his ultra-conservative nominee - over Democratic objections that the seat for former Justice Antonin Scalia's successor was stolen by Republicans from Barack Obama - is surely welcome news for a battered Trump.

Author: 0 Russia cuts hotline meant to avoid air incidents with US over Syria

A USA -led coalition has been bombing Islamic State-held territory across Syria, launching 24 strikes on Thursday alone, according to the US military's Central Command. Syria denies the claim. Syrian state media has claimed that a USA missile attack on a government air base has killed seven people, including four children.

Global Media North Korea test-fires missile into sea ahead of Trump-Xi summit
Author: 0 North Korea test-fires missile into sea ahead of Trump-Xi summit

Amidst the upcoming talks between U.S. and China with regards to North Korea's unwarranted actions, the Kim Jong-Un led Government has actually tested a missile. North Korea would register on zero radars if it weren't for their pursuit of nuclear arms. However, a senior USA defense official later told CNN that the missile was actually an extended-range Scud missile.

Author: 0 US to press NATO allies on counter-terror, defense budgets

In response to Mattis , Alexey Pushkov, a senior Russian lawmaker, tweeted , "New US administration sounds just like the old one -- Mattis is indistinguishable from (former Defense Secretary Ash) Carter, Tillerson is talking about 'Russian aggression.' (Barack) Obama and (Hillary) Clinton must be happy".

Author: 0 Carolinas bracing for next round of severe weather

In Georgia, National Weather Service meteorologist Laura Belanger said about 75 percent of the state could experience severe weather beginning at daybreak and see it increase after 2 p.m. Heavy rain - accompanied by fog, thunder and lightning - was falling in Atlanta Wednesday morning. The agency's Storm Prediction Center said several reports included word of damaged houses, flying roofs and downed trees.

Global Media Finland routs Germany 8-0, wins bronze at world championship
Author: 0 Finland routs Germany 8-0, wins bronze at world championship

Keller received the 2017 Cammi Granato Award as the Women's Hockey East Player of the Year. And, they carried that momentum into the eight-nation tournament by dominating the competition until their rivals pushed them into OT. The U.S. routed surprise semifinalist Germany 11-0 on Thursday night, and Canada tore by Finland 4-0 earlier in the day to continue an unbelievable streak - the two countries have now played each other in all 18 world championship finals since the tournament began in 1990.

Author: 0 Trump hails 'tremendous progress' with Chinese leader Xi

Xi said the delegations covered important topics and have established a good friendship and working relationship. "We have made tremendous progress in our relationship with China", Trump told reporters during a brief media interaction along with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Author: 0 Yogi waives loans for small and marginal farmers

Please Wait while comments are loading. But sources said there were 86 lakh farmers with harvest loan dues of up to Rs 1 lakh. So even after this date, farmers have taken loans twice. Farmers in the state were unable to repay loans worth around Rs 62,000 crore after natural calamities had lead to severe crop loss. The decision was taken at the first cabinet meeting of the BJP government, presided over by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

Author: 0 BJP failed to fulfill promises made to farmers: Samajwadi Party

The government also chose to write off loans amounting to Rs 5,630 crore of around seven lakh farmers who had defaulted and bore the non-performing asset tag. "The promise was to waive off the all the debt of marginal and small farmers of the state", he said. Cabinet ministers Shrikant Sharma and Sidharth Nath Singh briefed the media about the decisions.

Author: 0 Basque militant separatists ETA say they have disarmed

Initially targeting high-ranking military and police officials, some estimate that over 40 years ETA attacks killed 800 and wounded many more. Share with Us - We'd love to hear eyewitness accounts, the history behind an article, and smart, constructive criticism.

Author: 0 At least four dead in Swedish truck attack

Swedish beer maker Spendrups told Aftonbladet that one of its vehicles had been carjacked earlier on Friday. Photos showed the beer truck sticking out of the Ahlens department store. "Sweden has been attacked", Lofven said in a nationally televised press conference. Children were among the injured, an earlier statement from Stockholm's regional health care authorities said.