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Global Media Melania Trump highlights women's empowerment in keynote speech
Author: 0 Melania Trump highlights women's empowerment in keynote speech

In April, the women will take part in a State Department-sponsored exchange program in several US cities. Mrs Trump faced criticism on social media during her last major public speech at the Republican National Convention because it was believed to be copied from a speech given by former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Global Media Charlton pay tribute to fan killed in Westminster attack
Author: 0 Charlton pay tribute to fan killed in Westminster attack

Among the people killed in the attacks was 48-year-old Keith Palmer, a husband, father and veteran police officer. Lizzie Owens served in the same unit as Mr. MPs held a minute silence for PC Palmer at 9.33am - matching the fallen cop's police badge number. He then asked Prime Minister Theresa May to honor the officer posthumously for his "gallant" actions.

Author: 0 Euphrates Dam 'Out Of Service,' Kurds at ISIS Airport

The U.S., which has provided substantial air and ground support to the SDF, ferried hundreds of SDF forces - as well as U.S. military advisers and U.S. On Tuesday, clashes erupted near the airbase between SDF forces and the Islamic State "after an SVBIED [Suicide Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Device] attack by the terrorists north of the Tabqa airport", the Telegram social media channel of the Euphrates Shield operation reported.

Global Media Woman Who Works In Remote Canadian Arctic Village Wins Global Teacher Prize
Author: 0 Woman Who Works In Remote Canadian Arctic Village Wins Global Teacher Prize

She has taught for the past six years in the Inuit village of Salluit, Québec, in the Canadian Arctic, which has a high rate of suicide, according to her biography provided by the award organisers. The award comes with a $1 million prize which MacDonnell plans to use to start a non-government organization. Highlighting the contribution of teachers to the development of a society, Binoy Job, Academy Member (Jury), Global Teacher Prize said, "Teachers are the greatest catalysts of change in ...

Author: 0 Tom Brady's missing Super Bowl jersey found

ESPN has full play-by-play here, and according to their reporting, FBI investigators and National Football League and Patriots security narrowed down the possible suspects to 1,400 credentialed press members (from about 20,000) based on the Fox footage.

Global Media Trump's truck driver moment
Author: 0 Trump's truck driver moment

Before Trump met with trucking industry representatives discuss his health care bill proposals and infrastructure, he climbed into the cab of a semi-truck parked on the White House lawn pretended to drive. "I'm going to lose by one vote and then I'm going to blame the truckers", he said. In an interview, he told the reporter: "I can't be doing so badly, because I'm president, and you're not".

Author: 0 Hamas closes Gaza crossing with Israel after shadowy killing

He was serving multiple life sentences for orchestrating a 2002 suicide bombing in which nine Israelis were killed. Masked gunmen from the Qassam brigade, the militia wing of Hamas, surround the body of Mazen Faqha, during his funeral in Gaza City , Saturday, March, 25, 2017.

Author: 0 Turkish ruling party moves to end European campaigning

Some local German authorities have chose to block appearances by Turkish ministers, but Mrs. Merkel's federal government - unlike its Dutch counterpart - so far has made no such decisions. While Chancellor Angela Merkel's federal government has distanced itself from the decisions of local authorities, Turkish politicians have accused the government of carrying out a covert and systematic campaign to obstruct their rallies, and favoring the No campaign.

Author: 0 McConnell criticizes Iran nuke deal as 'windfall' for Tehran

The current waiver expires on June 1 2017. "This means including refugees, involuntary exiles, the minority in Israel, and residents of Jerusalem within a coherent overall structure of systematic discriminatory domination". UN Watch, a Geneva-based human rights organization, further called for the United Kingdom to expel Falk for his comments last week. He referenced the latest round of talks between Trump's Special Representative for International Negotiations Jason Greenblatt and an ...

Global Media US, Israel move closer to agreement to curb settlements
Author: 0 US, Israel move closer to agreement to curb settlements

The American delegation "reiterated President (Donald) Trump's concerns regarding settlement activity in the context of moving towards a peace agreement", the statement said. The U.S. representative, Deputy Ambassador Michele Sison, made no statement at the end of the talks. While he does not welcome criticism from his most powerful ally, Netanyahu has in the past used US objection to settlement activity to rein in his own coalition members.

Author: 0 In Europe spat, Turkish president warns Westerners on safety

If Europe continues this way, no European in any part of the world can walk safely on the streets. Ankara has been embroiled in a row with Berlin and other European capitals over campaigning among the Turkish diaspora for a referendum on granting Erdogan greater powers.

Author: 0 House Committee Confused About Comey Testimony

Stormy skies and a Kremlin-shaped cloud will linger over the White House for the foreseeable future. Trump's tendency to play loose with the facts is mirrored by his subordinates. It's not surprising that questions of trust are so dominant in politics since last year's election turned on widespread, bipartisan disdain for the political process and Washington establishment.

Global Media Korea could conduct nuke test next month: China's diplomatic source
Author: 0 Korea could conduct nuke test next month: China's diplomatic source

This week, the Americans participated in a drill for a potential raid against Pyongyang's stockpile of chemical weapons, US Forces Korea (USFK) said in a statement on Sunday, as cited by South Korean media. Mock North Korea's Scud-B missile, center left, and South Korean missiles are displayed at Korea War Memorial Museum in Seoul, South Korea. THAAD is a missile system which aims to shoot down short-and-medium-range ballistic missiles as they descend to their targets.

Global Media Ex-IRA leader turned peacemaker Martin McGuinness dies at 66
Author: 0 Ex-IRA leader turned peacemaker Martin McGuinness dies at 66

John Eaglesham, whose father - a postman and part-time soldier - was shot dead by the IRA in 1978, said: "People say about what he has done for the peace process". "We are very, very sad that we lost him overnight", he said. "Thus I come to note the death of Martin McGuinness, not to praise him", he added. "I would like to offer the people of Dublin this opportunity to pay their respects to Martin McGuinness who was a pivotal figure in the Northern Ireland peace process".

Author: 0 Russia General Claims Us-Led Coalition Hit Dam In Syria

The reports suggest that possibly the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a bloc of different militant units with Kurdish majority, will launch their final comprehensive offensive against ISIS in Raqqa in association with the so-called US-led worldwide anti-terror military coalition.

Global Media Kerala minister AK Saseendran resigns over 'obscene talk'
Author: 0 Kerala minister AK Saseendran resigns over 'obscene talk'

Saseendran said his resignation should not be seen as an acceptance of guilt. Talking to reporters, Saseendran said that his resignation is to uphold political morality. The controversy that has erupted at a time when electioneering is in full swing for the Malappuram Lok Sabha bypoll has come as a major blow to the LDF Government.

Global Media U.S. to set up zones for refugees in fight against Islamic State
Author: 0 U.S. to set up zones for refugees in fight against Islamic State

The 68-member coalition focused the one-day meeting, hosted at the State Department, on the ground campaign in Iraq and Syria, as the USA backs local Iraqi forces fighting to retake the ISIS stronghold of Mosul and is expanding its effort as it pressed toward the terror group's capital of Raqqa, in Syria.