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Global Media Dan Carter allegedly caught drink driving in Paris
Author: 0 Dan Carter allegedly caught drink driving in Paris

I am just glad no one was harmed. The Racing 92 star had to leave his vehicle, but was not placed in custody. He will reportedly appear in court, Closer magazine and L'Equipe reported. He remains the record points scorer in worldwide rugby. Dan Carter has reportedly flown back to New Zealand for a holiday. The 34-year-old World Cup victor suffered a groin injury last month and is still undergoing treatment, while the French Top 14 takes a break next weekend for the Six Nations.

Global Media Turkey explosion: Large blast in Sanliurfa province
Author: 0 Turkey explosion: Large blast in Sanliurfa province

The housing complex was severely damaged", the state-run Anadolu Agency quoted Sanliurfa governor Gungor Azim Tuna as saying. Tuna said that the dead child was the son of a court worker and added that the wounded were not believed to have serious injuries.

Author: 0 Tropical cyclone kills 7 in southern Mozambique

The storm has brought heavy rain and winds of up to 160km/h‚ raising the risk of flooding and crop damage. Numerous city's roads were blocked by fallen trees or crippled by severe flooding. South African macadamia orchards endangered by tropical stormThe tropical storm Dineo may have a serious detrimental effect on the harvest of macadamia nuts according to leading independent advisor to the macadamia nut industry, Stephan Schoeman.

Author: 0 Spain's Princess Cristina acquitted of tax fraud

The court sentenced her husband, Inaki Urdangarin, to a six-year-three-month jail term for fraud and tax evasion. Though the judge accepted the princess's argument that she wasn't aware of any wrongdoing by her spouse, she was nonetheless fined 265,000 euros ($282,000) for benefiting from his gains.

Author: 0 Tony Blair urges Britain to 'rise up' against Brexit

The former Labour leader will say that Britons voted in the June 23 referendum without proper "knowledge of the true terms of Brexit ". Mr Blair plans to say that the current government is abusing the “mantle of patriotism”, and that Remainers do not want to stay in the European Union because they are unpatriotic, but because they believe it is best for the UK.

Global Media Trump decries 'fake media,' defends former adviser Flynn
Author: 0 Trump decries 'fake media,' defends former adviser Flynn

Contacted by phone late Tuesday night, Michael Caputo, a former Trump campaign adviser close to Manafort, called the Times story "total bullshit". While the officials who spoke to the Times say they have found no evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with Russian Federation to alter the outcome of the election, the revelations and Flynn's resignation are nonetheless troubling and, under ordinary circumstances, would trigger a congressional investigation.

Author: 0 Trump weighs mobilising National Guard for immigration roundups

But a DHS spokeswoman told NBC News on Friday that the administration is no longer considering any National Guard-related round up, and that the department will instead issue guidance later Friday on how the various Trump executive orders on immigration will be implemented.

Author: 0 Amtrak officer who fatally shot man, 25, charged

Fahy said Tankson "reasonably believed he was about to be shot". Robertson's family attorney on Tuesday filed a federal lawsuit against the then-unknown officer and Amtrak seeking compensatory and punitive damages for the shooting. But two officers confronted them, so the three friends got up to leave, according to Robertson's sister, Nina Robertson, . Robertson was the father of two young children and worked construction in Minnesota.

Author: 0 Tribe asks court to overturn pipeline permits

A federal judge on Monday refused to stop construction on the last stretch of the Dakota Access pipeline, which is progressing much faster than expected and could be operational in as little as 30 days. In addition, the Corps contends that, consistent with the Lyng case, governmental action on federal land should not be restricted because of religious concerns raised by local tribes.

Global Media Trump passes on opportunity to denounce anti-Semitic violence
Author: 0 Trump passes on opportunity to denounce anti-Semitic violence

There was no way to 221. "There is tremendous enthusiasm out there". "If you look throughout history", Kirchick says, "movements that are based on conspiracy theory, based on hatred of the vague notion of "elites" without defining really who they are, that target minority groups, it doesn't have to start with Jews".

Global Media Powerful storm begins to move into California
Author: 0 Powerful storm begins to move into California

It follows a quick-moving system Thursday that delivered modest rainfall totals, ranging from almost 2 inches in Venado in Sonoma County, 1.33 inches in the Santa Cruz Mountains and less than a half-inch in most cities. The agency also issued a high wind warning that kicked in at 7 a.m. Friday and continues through 2 a.m. Saturday. Showers will pivot through Southern California from time to time.

Author: 0 Tensions rise between Venezuela and the US

Venezuela's Foreign Minsiter Delcy Rodriguez in a statement praised El Aissami as a prominent criminology expert who as interior minister fought Colombian cartels operating on Venezuelan soil and extracted 21 drug traffickers wanted by the U.S.

Global Media Russia's Lavrov to meet US' Tillerson Thursday: foreign ministry
Author: 0 Russia's Lavrov to meet US' Tillerson Thursday: foreign ministry

Tillerson and Lavrov met in Bonn , Germany, during a meeting of foreign ministers ahead of the 2017 G20 Summit in Hamburg. The Tillerson visit to Bonn came against the backdrop of a new political storm in the US over reports of contacts between US President Donald Trump's campaign team and Moscow during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Author: 0 Church of England same-sex marriage vote: What happens now?

The report was accepted by the House of Bishops and the House of Laity, but rejected by the House of Clergy in a 100-93 vote with two abstentions after a contentious two-hour debate. "I am also a bishop who seeks to be loyal to the Catholic tradition of our church and to the doctrine of the universal Church as we have received it.

Author: 0 Regis Philbin Has A Beef With Kelly Ripa

King asked Philbin whether or not he's kept in touch with his former co-host since leaving, to which he honestly answered, "Not really". Apparently, 85-year-old TV veteran Philbin is a little miffed that he's never been asked to guest co-host, even as Ripa has hosted a revolving door of guests since Strahan's departure last year.

Global Media Nations Opposed to Syria's Al-Assad Meet on Friday
Author: 0 Nations Opposed to Syria's Al-Assad Meet on Friday

During his last interview, al-Assad seemed nearly thrilled by the restriction imposed by Trump. In a odd turn of events, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has come out in defense of Donald Trump's so-called "Muslim ban". "So it's biased", the Syrian president said. Regarding torture, he said, "We don't do this, it's not our policy". We have all the information. While Turkey, Russia and Iran take the lead in the talks in Astana , the West has become "passive", he said.

Author: 0 Fresh violence in Paris amid protests over police rape allegations

An initial investigation concluded there were "insufficient evidence" to support the man's claim that he was deliberately sodomised and police claimed the rape was an accident. Police estimated around 400 people descended in the street and that 21 people were arrested. Theo has since undergone emergency surgery for severe anal injuries and was released from hospital on Thursday, according to French media.