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Global Media Donald Trump's approval ratings tank, with just 44% in support
Author: 0 Donald Trump's approval ratings tank, with just 44% in support

The partisan divisions driven home by the famously contentious 2016 campaign appear to have continued seamlessly into Trump's presidency, the new data shows. Trump's Supreme Court nomination of Neil Gorsuch is supported by 32 percent and opposed by 20 percent. Another 6 percent said reporters needed to be tougher on Trump.

Author: 0 Syria opposition calls for Russian support in Geneva

In Geneva, al-Hariri sounded more upbeat after his latest meeting with the United Nations envoy. He added: "We hope that these theories will be put in practice and we will see support for the peace process which would ultimately lead to peace by putting pressure on the (Damascus) regime".

Global Media Pentagon Sends White House Options To Fight ISIS
Author: 0 Pentagon Sends White House Options To Fight ISIS

During his election campaign, Trump publicly called for a tougher military action against the terrorist organization wreaking havoc in Iraq and Syria. "Our plan, to be successful, needs to, number one, cut the connective tissue between regional groups that now form a trans-regional threat", he said.

Author: 0 Ferguson Suit Against Trump Travel Ban Can Proceed, Appeals Court Decides

The government had asked the court to pause the litigation until the president issues a revised executive order on immigration. The order from the 9th U.S. Trump has said he will sign a new executive order "tailored" to courts that have largely ruled against him. The 9th Circuit paused consideration of an en banc appeal based on those representations, even as the president signaled he meant to pursue a 9th Circuit appeal on the merits of the preliminary injunction, according to a brief ...

Global Media At least seven killed in attack on prison bus in Colombo
Author: 0 At least seven killed in attack on prison bus in Colombo

Seven people have been killed when unidentified gunmen opened fire on a bus transporting prisoners to a court south of Sri Lanka's capital. Police Media Spokesman Deputy IGP Priyantha Jayakody told the Colombo Page that an unidentified group of people opened fire on the bus killing seven and injuring four.

Global Media Tarell Alvin McCraney News, Pictures, and Videos
Author: 0 Tarell Alvin McCraney News, Pictures, and Videos

Moonlight has already bestowed an award for Mahershala Ali (Supporting Actor) and is still up for the marquee Best Picture award. The original play ― titled " In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blue " and written over a decade ago ― was inspired by McCraney's own life experiences.

Global Media Jeremy Corbyn 'determined to finish job'
Author: 0 Jeremy Corbyn 'determined to finish job'

He is facing calls to consider his position after the Tory victory, which is the first gain by a governing party in a parliamentary by-election since 1982. The Labour Party's strength in Parliament is at its lowest level since 1987, with only 230 of the 650 seats in the House of Commons, and is far behind the Conservatives in the polls.

Author: 0 Hijab-wearing White House staffer quits Trump administration

As a career civil servant, Rumana had the option to keep working in the new administration, but her experience with the new staff made her uncomfortable enough to want to leave. A few days back, Price in an op-ed had written that after 11 years of service in the CIA, he chose to quit as he didn't agree with the way Trump was issues related to security intelligence.

Author: 0 Tara Brown murder-accused pleads guilty at trial's start

His trial was set to get underway in the Brisbane Supreme Court before Justice Debra Mullins. "Miss Brown lost her life in your hands in a brutal way", Justice Mullins told the court. with just a small drop of blood on the left hand side of her forehead from the impact down the embankment". The 24-year-old later died in hospital from "non-survivable" head injuries while Patea was also treated for self-inflicted stab wounds after handing himself to police soon after the attack.

Author: 0 German spy agency tapped journalists' phones, emails

The surveillance, which began in 1999, allegedly targed media orgabizations such as the BBC, the British news agency Reuters and the American daily " The New York Times ". But to the great embarrassment of Germany, it later emerged that the BND helped the NSA spy on European targets. She told the committee that she had assumed at the time that "the BND would not do such thing".

Author: 0 Vehicle runs into New Orleans parade crowd, police say

The accident happened Saturday during one of the busiest nights of Mardi Gras, when thousands of people throng the streets of Mid-City to watch the elaborate floats and clamor to catch beads and trinkets tossed from riders. "We suspect that that subject was highly intoxicated", he said. Harrison was asked whether terrorism was suspected. During the hearing, Blackburn said he was setting the bail amount for an amount he "envisioned" for about 21 counts, based on the number of people who ...

Author: 0 Iran tests anti-ship missile as part of naval drills

Meanwhile, Navy commandos and strategic Special Operations Brigade practiced military operations aimed at defending territorial waters and the country's southern coastline. In June 2016, Sayyari said the Navy had plans for 20 military drills in the current Iranian year, which ends on March 20. Also assessed in the drills was the "telemedicine" medical assistance provision system, which enables remote medical diagnosis.

Author: 0 Hungary begins second line of fence on border with Serbia

Prime Minister Viktor Orban, an admirer of US President Donald Trump and who has called immigration "poison", announced plans for the three-metre (10-feet) high fence last August. The watchdog's deputy Europe director said: "The European Commission should not stand by while Hungary makes a mockery of the right to seek asylum ".

Author: 0 United States almost deports French Holocaust historian

While Customs and Border Protection officials have stayed mum, a $2,000 honorarium due to Rousso appears to have been a source of confusion, the New York Times reports. "His reasons for being here were nothing but beneficial to the United States". The university stopped the deportation with help from a law professor, local news website The Eagle reported.

Author: 0 Barack Obama will be in France President race? check out story

There will be indeed so many obstacles for Barack Obama and a hell lot of formalities to be done that he would probably choose to stay from France rather becoming their president. The creators of the petition, who wanted to remain anonymous, told NPR it was a joke but it was started out of frustration about politicians in France in general.

Global Media Iraqi forces seize key Mosul bridge
Author: 0 Iraqi forces seize key Mosul bridge

Major General Haider al-Maturi of the Federal Police Commandos Division told The Associated Press that his troops entered the Tayaran neighborhood Sunday morning and it is now "under their full control". ISIS has lost over half of the territory it once controlled in Iraq, but headway against the group has been slower in Syria. "We're firing a lot more than we thought we would be", Ross said, as U.S.