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Global Media Syria accuses Israel of bombing outpost near Damascus
Author: 0 Syria accuses Israel of bombing outpost near Damascus

A Syrian military source reportedly said, "The missiles were fired from the occupied territory, which led to explosions on the ground and property damage", Lebanese media reported . "Every time we receive intelligence information on plans to transfer advanced weaponry to Hezbollah, we will act", the minister added. Local Israeli reports indicate that the airport compound was hit with five strikes at around 3:25 am local time.

Author: 0 FBI Director has no regrets over 'Hillary's emails'

After the hearing, Sen. "The reason I believe we lost were the intervening events of the last 10 day", said Clinton. Grassley's request for closer scrutiny by the Justice Department came in a letter dated Tuesday . Additionally, Comey said 'it's a matter that I'm very, very interested'. "This was awful. It makes me mildly nauseous to think we might have had some impact on the election".

Author: 0 Trump, Turnbull in healthcare controversy

Sanders, the Vermont independent who sought the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, tweeted in response Friday: "Yes, Mr. Trump, the Australian health care system is a lot better than ours and infinitely better than the disastrous bill you supported".

Global Media United Nations calls for support to help release the remaining Chibok girls
Author: 0 United Nations calls for support to help release the remaining Chibok girls

In a statement he personally issued and signed, the Labour Leader commends the FG over the freeing of abducted Chibok Girls and urged the government to ensure the safe return of the remaining girls that are still in captivity. She said the vocational centre, which was especially set up for the girls' rehabilitation, will be closed after they leave to resume their education.

Author: 0 Tillerson Meets ASEAN Ministers For Support On North Korea

The ministers and Tillerson gathered for a "Special Asean-US Foreign Ministers' Meeting", in which they also called for a peaceful resolution to the maritime row in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea). The meeting came on the heels of a trip to Jakarta by US Vice-President Mike Pence during which he visited the Asean secretariat, and confirmed that President Donald Trump would attend the East Asia and US-Asean summits in the Philippines in November.

Global Media Tillerson arrives in Alaska for Arctic meeting
Author: 0 Tillerson arrives in Alaska for Arctic meeting

The Trump administration is in turmoil over whether to fulfill the president's campaign pledge to pull out of a historic global agreement to address climate change, and has postponed a decision at least until late this month. "There are number of issues at play, and I'm reasonably confident that it will come out fine in the end", he said. He cast the disputes over Paris in Trump's chaotic White House as a natural adjustment period while the new administration hammers out its own approach.

Global Media Russia-backed Syrian safe zones plan goes into effect
Author: 0 Russia-backed Syrian safe zones plan goes into effect

The Britain-based war monitoring group said government forces shelled the nearby towns of Kafr Zita and Latamneh. But State Department spokesman Edgar Vasquez said later that the agreement does not "preclude anyone from going after terrorists wherever they may be in Syria ".

Global Media Quebec hit by worst flooding in decades
Author: 0 Quebec hit by worst flooding in decades

The rainfall situation is improving across the region, with the heaviest of the rain confined to the northern shoreline of the St Lawrence River and the Ile d'Anticosti. In the hardest hit province of Quebec, Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre declared a state of emergency on Sunday afternoon. A 76-year-old man is still unaccounted for following a landslide in Tappen, BC, on Saturday and teams there are also on site.

Author: 0 Israel reprimands Swedish ambassador over UNESCO vote

Carmel Shama-Hacohen, Israel's ambassador to UNESCO, wearing the country's flag around his shoulders, said Israel will stay in its eternal capital despite the resolution's approval. "There is no other people in the world for whom Jerusalem is as holy and important as for the Jewish people", Netanyahu said in a speech, reported AFP, and said that Unesco is "trying to deny this simple truth".

Author: 0 S Korea's new president 'would visit Pyongyang'

But the approach, known in the South as the Sunshine Policy , has been panned for easing the pressure on Pyongyang without getting reforms. Despite this, Moon and Abe also reportedly agreed to cooperate on measures to curb North Korea's nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

Author: 0 New South Korea president says he is willing to visit Pyongyang

Moon also asked Xi to address the "restraints and restrictions" on South Korean companies doing business in China because they're experiencing "difficulties" over the deployment, according to Yoon. Moon took the oath of office in Seoul's National Assembly building on Wednesday to begin his five-year term in office. Xi said China was willing to handle disputes with South Korea "appropriately" on the basis of mutual trust and understanding.

Author: 0 Kurdish-majority SDF announces it 'fully liberated' Tabqa Dam

The battle for Tabqa began after United States forces helped SDF fighters conduct an airborne landing on the southern bank of the Euphrates in late March, allowing them to gain control of an important nearby airbase. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the fight against terrorism "should not be led with another terror organization" — a reference to the Syrian Kurdish militia, known as the YPG, which Turkey considers an extension of the decades-long Kurdish insurgency raging in its southeast.

Global Media Akshay Kumar Meets PM Modi, Read On To Know Why?
Author: 0 Akshay Kumar Meets PM Modi, Read On To Know Why?

Akshay Kumar was most likely meeting PM Modi with regards to his website and app which allows citizens to make donations towards military personnel's families who lose their life on the battle field. "It is a taboo thing to talk about". Talking about Narendra Modi as the PM of India, Akshay had told a daily, "With my hand on my heart, I believe 100 percent that we are not only in safe hands, but being led by a man with a conscience as well as a necessary fighting spirit".

Global Media Senate Intel Committee Subpoenas Michael Flynn in Russia Probe Featured
Author: 0 Senate Intel Committee Subpoenas Michael Flynn in Russia Probe Featured

In a joint statement from the committee's chairman Richard Burr and vice chairman Mark Warner said they issued the legal demand after Flynn was asked to produce the documents on 28 April but his lawyer did not hand them over. Flynn, who was sacked from his White House position after lying about December phone calls he had with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, is under investigation in Congress, the FBI and the Pentagon over his dealings with Russians dating back to late 2005.

Author: 0 Ambition to meet reality as China gathers world for Silk Road summit

More broadly, the Belt and Road initiative could open a larger market for Indian businesses, he said. The Chief Executive, Mr C Y Leung, will lead a Hong Kong Special Administrative Region delegation to attend the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in Beijing from May 13 to May 15.

Author: 0 South Korea's Moon says willing to go to North at swearing

Moon's replacement of Park Geun-hye, who was ousted in a corruption scandal, casts doubt on these positions. But while North Korea may welcome a controlled boost in economic ties and maybe a bilateral summit in its capital, its primary concern is always national security, or more precisely the assurance of regime survival.

Author: 0 French President-elect Macron gears up for challenges ahead

Macron acknowledged the anger of many voters and pledged to protect the weakest members of the society. As Le Pen called up Macron to congratulate him, the new President vowed to fight "the forces of division that undermine France", media reports said.

Global Media Pentagon intelligence chief warns of Afghan gains being lost
Author: 0 Pentagon intelligence chief warns of Afghan gains being lost

The request for what Stoltenberg said was "about a few thousand" more troops reflects the West's alarm about the worsening security situation in Afghanistan, territorial gains by Taliban militants and military and civilian casualties. He confirmed he had received a request for more troops, but insisted it would not mean a return to combat operations. The NATO-led Resolute Support mission has been operating in Afghanistan since January 2015.

Global Media Parents of freed Nigeria schoolgirls still wait to see them
Author: 0 Parents of freed Nigeria schoolgirls still wait to see them

The government carefully stage-managed their release. Although the Chibok girls are the most high-profile case, Boko Haram has kidnapped thousands of adults and children, many of whose cases have been neglected. The girls, dressed in ICRC bibs, were walking toward a military plane. Buhari expressed joy Sunday night at meeting with the schoolgirls. Associated Press reporter Lekan Oyekanmi in Abuja, Nigeria contributed .