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Global Media President Trump considers Afghanistan surge
Author: 0 President Trump considers Afghanistan surge

Trump is expected to make a final call on the strategy before a May 25 North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Brussels that he plans to attend. The president hasn't yet decided on expanding the USA presence in the nation's longest war , according to the official, who asked not to be identified discussing internal deliberations.

Author: 0 South Korea exit polls see win for liberal Moon

His victory caps a remarkable national drama in which a corruption scandal, mass protests and impeachment forced a South Korean president from office for the first time in nearly 60 years, leaving the conservative establishment in disarray and its former leader in jail.

Global Media Australian senator makes history by breastfeeding in Parliament
Author: 0 Australian senator makes history by breastfeeding in Parliament

Australian Senator Larissa Waters reacts as she breastfeeds her baby in the Senate Chamber at Parliament House in Canberra, Australia, May 9, 2017. "We need more #women & parents in Parli #auspol", Waters tweeted. "Women have been doing it in parliaments around the world ..." The milestone is especially sweet since Waters, a Queensland senator and co-deputy leader of the Australian Greens party, helped a year ago to extend Parliament's breastfeeding rules, according to The Courier Mail .

Global Media Nigerian President Returns to London for Medical Treatment
Author: 0 Nigerian President Returns to London for Medical Treatment

Before that, in June 2016, the president also travelled to London to seek treatment for an ear infection. The President might be absent when Nigeria celebrates its Democracy Day on May 29. According to CCSOGG, nobody should force the President out of power, since he has not declared himself unfit to lead the country. That is not tidy at all.

Author: 0 Floods drive nearly 1900 from homes in Canada's Quebec

A man and a woman are evacuated from their home by Surete du Quebec police officers in the town of Rigaud, Quebec, west of Montreal, Monday, May 8, 2017, following flooding in the region. Though water levels have likely reached their peak in Quebec, public security officials are stressing patience. " I've been here 20 years, I've seen nothing like this ".

Global Media WH: Trump Only 'Complimentary' To Australian PM On Universal Health Care
Author: 0 WH: Trump Only 'Complimentary' To Australian PM On Universal Health Care

That's great. Let's take a look at the Australian healthcare system.... The federal government administers Australia's universal healthcare system. But he might want to pay a bit more attention to the details. According to data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) health care costs in Canada rose from $4,100 per capita in 2009 to $4,600 in 2015.

Global Media Le Pen's niece quits politics in 'desertion'
Author: 0 Le Pen's niece quits politics in 'desertion'

Bruno Cautres is a French political analyst: "There was a big issue of branding the Front National because the Front National, still the French do consider that the Front National is not a party like another one, I think that most French have still in their memories the provocation of the time of Jean-Marie Le Pen".

Author: 0 Rice: Trump shouldn't meet with N. Korean leader

Rice was diplomatically kind in speaking of the current president, saying, "We have a different kind of president". He had never been in government before. Rice also revealed that Putin has been trying to interfere with American elections for a long time but cyber allows him to do it easier and quicker.

Global Media Mexico fireworks explosion kills at least 12
Author: 0 Mexico fireworks explosion kills at least 12

The pyrotechnic material to be used for the May 15 occasion was stored in a facility behind the local church. Three more people died later at hospital. The San Isidro blast comes months after a similar incident at fireworks market outside Mexico City in which more than 30 people were killed. State governor Antonio Gali Fayad plans to visit the village soon.

Author: 0 Is this joke Prince Philip's last zinger?

He has been eligible for a government pension since June 10, 1986, yet still soldiered on. In 1940, Prince Philip joined the Royal Navy, and served with distinction in World War II in the Mediterranean and the Pacific. "It's something to aim for". Like her husband, Queen Elizabeth has gradually cut back her workload in recent years as they go into their nineties. The queen is the longest-reigning monarch in British history.

Global Media Deal to establish Syrian
Author: 0 Deal to establish Syrian "de-escalation zones" comes into effect

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights which monitors the war relying on local sources said that fighting has decreased in Syria since the Russian-backed deal has come into effect. According to both Syrian opposition activists and government media outlets on Saturday, there were no immediate reports of casualties after a memorandum signed by Turkey, Iran and Russian Federation, the three countries behind peace efforts in Syria, took effect at the stroke of midnight local time on ...

Author: 0 Labour eyeing seven Scottish seats after analysing council election results

Asked whether the Tories winning 15 seats was a "likely scenario", the Scottish Tory leader insisted she never made predictions ahead of elections. With the deadline for nominations looming this week, Green spokesman Stuart Jeffrey said: "With Labour and Lib Dems losing ground and the Tories polling at record levels we believe it is time to do politics differently which is why we have once again reached out across Kent".

Global Media Palestinians seek Pizza Hut boycott for 'mocking hunger strike'
Author: 0 Palestinians seek Pizza Hut boycott for 'mocking hunger strike'

The health of the 1,600 hunger striking Palestinian prisoners is in danger as they are now on the 23rd day of their strike, the Palestinian Committee of Prisoners' Affairs warned today. Pizza Hut Israel is a franchise of the company in the country, with dozens of kosher outlets. "Pizza Hut International apologises for any offence caused by a recent post on Pizza Hut Israel's Facebook page".

Global Media PM: Energy bills cap will not guarantee end to yearly price hikes
Author: 0 PM: Energy bills cap will not guarantee end to yearly price hikes

That translates to a loss of between £1,000 and £2,000 for the 15% of customers who have not changed providers for a period of between five and 10 years. Even consumer groups are anxious that consumers will become less bothered trying to find a good deal if they think the government is doing it for them.

Author: 0 Turkey's Erdogan calls U.S. to drop plan to move embassy to Jerusalem

It unilaterally annexed the entire city in 1980, claiming it as its "eternal and undivided" capital in a move that was not widely recognised by the global community. "We will continue exerting efforts to make Al-Quds a city of peace". Palestinians see Israeli settlements as a major obstacle to reach a peace agreement, and want them dismantled.

Global Media Wife of American detained in North Korea pleads for his release
Author: 0 Wife of American detained in North Korea pleads for his release

The trumped up charges against Kim mirror charges made against other Americans, including 22-year-old American Otto Warmbier who was on a guided tour of North Korea when he tried to take a sign with political writing from his hotel. North Korea has in the past detained US citizens to use as bargaining chips in its negotiations with Washington. The assertion comes as the considering putting the North back on its list of terror sponsors.

Author: 0 Australia treasurer promises fair budget that reins in debt

That fair go extends to a year-long Productivity Commission inquiry into competition in the financial sector. Squeezing down the deficit is that between 2016-17 and 2020-21 government expenditure is projected to jump 18% or $74 billion from $444.5 billion in 2016-17 to $518.9 billion while receipts are projected to jump by $121 billion or by 30%.

Author: 0 Liberal South Korean presidential candidate celebrates victory ahead of official results

Liberal contender Moon Jae-in of the Democratic Party was the clear frontrunner in polls before the election, with experts expecting a swing from Park's conservative government. " South Korea should take the lead in handling issues of the peninsula", Yang said. Park sympathizers later staged their own rallies. Park is awaiting trial over corruption for offering governmental favours to top businessmen - including Samsung heir Lee Jae-yong - who bribed her secret confidante, Choi Soon-Sil.

Global Media Couple Arrested for Posing as Adele's Rep for Concert Tickets
Author: 0 Couple Arrested for Posing as Adele's Rep for Concert Tickets

When Jackson and his wife showed up to collect the tickets, they were promptly arrested and charged with grand theft and identity theft. Miami-Dade police detective told the Miami Herald that they were able to lure Justin Jackson - who also goes by the aliases Jayce Lii and Justin Lii - and his wife Angel Lii into a sting when Lamar's record label, Interscope Records, became suspicious of their request and informed the real Dickins.