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Global Media Woman videotapes kangaroo grabbing girl at animal park
Author: 0 Woman videotapes kangaroo grabbing girl at animal park

White said the encounter began innocently enough, with the kangaroo mirroring her daughter's movements as she walked back and forth outside the enclosure. She screamed in terror as he attacked, biting her head. Her mother says her little girl now has 14 stitches. Warning: The footage may be hard to watch.

Global Media Theresa May pledges 'sustainable levels' of migration
Author: 0 Theresa May pledges 'sustainable levels' of migration

Miss Rudd added: "I did hear that Pret a Manger had come out and said, 'It's absolutely essential for us to have European workers because if we don't we're going to have to make more of an effort to recruit in the UK". During a radio interview, the Home Secretary was asked if the Conservatives would carry a similar target to the one included in their 2015 manifesto to reduce migration to the "tens of thousands".

Author: 0 Syrian rebels begin to evacuate Damascus suburb

Other than the al-Qaida-linked groups, there are other rebel groups which want to reconcile with the government and remain in that neighborhood. According to the memorandum, any clashes between the government forces and opposition armed groups would stop within the zones.

Global Media Prince Philip, Husband of England's Queen Elizabeth, to Retire From Royal Duties
Author: 0 Prince Philip, Husband of England's Queen Elizabeth, to Retire From Royal Duties

Philip, who is also known as the Duke of Edinburgh and has sometimes drawn attention with headline-grabbing gaffes, has been by the queen's side throughout her 65 years on the throne and she has described him as "my strength and stay". The Duke of Edinburgh is associated with over 780 organisations, but he will no longer play an active role in attending their engagements. A royal aide said of the Duke: "He's looking forward to enjoying more of his leisure time".

Global Media No tax rise for people on less than £80k - Labour
Author: 0 No tax rise for people on less than £80k - Labour

He added: "What I can assure all the voters is this - that all of our proposals are fully funded, we're not raising taxes for low and middle income people at all, in any respect". However he could not say whether other taxes would rise, stating that the plans will be revealed in the Labour manifesto. He urged greater coverage for Labour's policies and Jeremy Corbyn as the antidote for this.

Author: 0 Scottish Tories 'could win up to 15 Westminster seats'

Tory strategists believe that their party could win 15 seats in Scotland in a Conservative surge that would unseat prominent SNP figures. She said her message to people who voted for other parties last week is: "'If you oppose another referendum but you also want to see an end to Tory cuts and Tory austerity vote Labour we can get the SNP out and Labour in to oppose austerity".

Author: 0 Le Pen aides brush off plagiarism of Fillon in French election speech

Macron and Le Pen are facing off in a high-stakes runoff election on Sunday. Mr Macron joined the man's son and anti-National Front protesters at an annual commemoration near the Louvre Museum in Paris. Before that Macron worked on mergers and acquisitions at Rothschild & Cie in Paris. He said only his En Marche movement could "remake" French politics.

Global Media Comcast, Charter Communications step into wireless together
Author: 0 Comcast, Charter Communications step into wireless together

A report in the Wall Street Journal says that Charter and Comcast are teaming up to make some kind of play in the wireless market. As part of the deal, announced Monday, Comcast and Charter agreed that they wouldn't buy other wireless companies for one year, or make related deals without consulting each other first.

Global Media Family sues Texas officer, department in 15-year-old's death
Author: 0 Family sues Texas officer, department in 15-year-old's death

An officer shot into the vehicle with a rifle as it was driving away, hitting Jordan in the head as he sat in the front seat, police said. Last week, the Balch Springs Police Department changed their story about the circumstances of the shooting, after body camera footage showed that the auto was driving forward, away from the officers, not moving "aggressively" toward officers as police first claimed .

Global Media Spanish naval ship saves 651 migrants in Mediterranean
Author: 0 Spanish naval ship saves 651 migrants in Mediterranean

Meanwhile, the Libyan coastguard also announced that it had picked up around 170 refugees off Tripoli on Saturday but had failed to rescue others "due to a lack of means". There was some discrepancy in the numbers. The International Organization for Migration said a total of 371 migrants were rescued on Friday thanks to the intervention of fishermen in three separate incidents off Zuwara.

Global Media UNESCO ratifies Jerusalem resolution slammed by Israel
Author: 0 UNESCO ratifies Jerusalem resolution slammed by Israel

Supposedly, Israel often makes incursions on it, and the Electronic Intifada argues that "while undertaking development and archaeological projects around it that threaten the foundation of al-Aqsa, Israel severely restricts Palestinian and Muslim access to the holy site".

Author: 0 Yates: I warned White House that Flynn could be blackmailed

But she said that it was not just Flynn's misleading of the White House that posed problems. Former acting Attorney General Sally Yates is expected to shed more light on the departure of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn on Monday in testimony to the U.S.

Global Media Roadside bomb kills three soldiers at Somali checkpoint north of capital
Author: 0 Roadside bomb kills three soldiers at Somali checkpoint north of capital

Despite being ousted from most cities and towns, al-Shabab continue to carry out deadly attacks in Mogadishu and across large parts of Somalia. The deaths prompted then-U.S. The raid took place at Darusalam village, where Abdirahman Mohamed Warsame, known as Mahad Karate, was believed to be hiding, said another security source.

Author: 0 Pakistan, Afghanistan dispute toll after clashes

Among the Afghan wounded were 23 civilians. "This was a shameful act to target civilians at the border villages of Pakistan", Riaz had said earlier when he visited Chaman. Recent efforts by Pakistan to build a barrier at the main border crossing in the town of Torkham, near the Khyber Pass, had also angered Afghanistan previous year.

Author: 0 Nicola Sturgeon rejects 'ludicrous' claims Tory surge could stop referendum bid

The new SNP leader of Glasgow City Council has said she is "very open" to doing a coalition deal with the Greens to run the city - but also stressed she would have "no qualms" about going it alone and running a minority administration. The only way to secure that is to make sure Scotland votes SNP on June 8. "Scotland must speak with a clear voice in this election to stop the Tories in their tracks".

Author: 0 President Trump Calls the Russia Investigation a 'Taxpayer Funded Charade'

There was no explanation offered for the delay, though senators pointed out that in the 18 days between Yates' first warning and Flynn's dismissal, Flynn had participated in a Trump phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin and a meeting between Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe regarding North Korean missile tests.

Author: 0 Trump Travel Order Back in Courts; What to Expect

Chaung's decision applied not to the entire revised order but to its key provision, banning travel from the six Muslim majority countries. Trump said last month that he is considering breaking up the 9th Circuit, a federal appeals court that covers Western states and which has always been a target of Republicans.

Author: 0 Venezuela opposition boycotts meeting on Maduro assembly, clashes rage

Opposition leaders said the protest is meant to show its rejection of the ministry's invitation to the Democratic Unity Roundtable opposition coalition to take part in the process to rewrite the Constitution. There is no provision in the current constitution for the sector-by-sector elections, Maduro says. He said the leaders of the Caribbean should "dig through the mass of lies and misinformation that the biased western news media routinely puts out about the situation in Venezuela and that ...