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Author: 0 US President Donald Trump, Canada's PM Justin Trudeau discuss dairy, lumber trade

Trade relations will not be easy-going after the U.S. imposed 20 percent tariffs on Canadian lumber, warned Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland. "We're pretty far from that conversation at this point", she added. USA lumber companies have accused their Canadian counterparts of receiving government subsidies and dumping lumber into the United States market - much of which goes towards building homes.

Global Media SC reserves verdict on linking of Aadhaar with PAN
Author: 0 SC reserves verdict on linking of Aadhaar with PAN

The petitioner had also argued that a law-abiding tax payer can not be forced to give his Aadhaar number while filing income tax returns and this was like an "electronic leash" as government would be able to keep a tab on its citizens. Divan also argued that mandatory Aadhaar violated the Right to Freedom of Speech and Expression, since it was akin to making a person speak against himself.

Global Media Black Student Uses Hot Glue Gun And Shuts Down Entire University
Author: 0 Black Student Uses Hot Glue Gun And Shuts Down Entire University

The university says "find a safe space and remain indoors". WKTV reports that Campus Safety contacted local law enforcement and the school was placed on lockdown, which was not lifted until almost four hours later when it was determined the reported person in the Coop was a Colgate student who had a glue gun that was being used for an art project.

Global Media Nearing 100 days, Trump says his presidency is 'different'
Author: 0 Nearing 100 days, Trump says his presidency is 'different'

The same ABC News/Washington Post poll found that 61 percent disapprove of Trump's appointments of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump to official White House jobs. " [10].pdf" target="_blank">survey. Nevertheless, Trump supporters remain firmly planted behind their man. "It's not very meaningful".

Global Media 10 ministers inducted in Odisha CM's cabinet
Author: 0 10 ministers inducted in Odisha CM's cabinet

The ministers were administered the oath of office and secrecy by Governor S C Jamir in presence of the chief minister and other senior ministers at Raj Bhavan. The BJD spokesman and vice president S N Patro was appointed as the observer for Bolangir district, another strong hold of Opposition BJP. While party vice-president Surya Narayan Patro has been given the charge of Bolangir, Prafulla Samal has been assigned Jagatsinghpur district.

Global Media Chelsea still a team in transition, says Conte
Author: 0 Chelsea still a team in transition, says Conte

The Saints managed to pull themselves level midway through the first-half as Oriol Romeu hammered home on the rebound after Thibaut Courtois could only parry Manolo Gabbiadini's initial effort into the path of the forward. " I don't think that a player like Messi is a selfish player ". "In this season, we have lost Ivanovic, Mikel and next season we lose John Terry".

Global Media Activists scale Eiffel Tower to hang banner declaring Liberty, Equality, Fraternity
Author: 0 Activists scale Eiffel Tower to hang banner declaring Liberty, Equality, Fraternity

Delpuech said the emergency meeting would involve the police as well as officials from Paris City Hall and the company that runs the tower erected in 1889 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution. The students at Lycee Buffon recalled the fate of five students shot in 1943 for fighting the Nazis and said France should unite in the fight against the far-right National Front and Ms Le Pen.

Author: 0 Russian-Proposed 'De-escalation' Plan to Save Syria Gets Underway

He says a cease-fire is unsustainable in the presence of the Iranian-backed militias in Syria, accusing them of also forcefully displacing people to replace them with a loyal population. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov had a telephone conversation about "de-escalation zones" in Syria. Russia, Turkey and Iran agreed in a memorandum signed on May 4 to establish four separate de-escalation zones in Syria after rounds of talks in Kazakhstan capital ...

Global Media About 200 Indonesian prisoners in mass jailbreak
Author: 0 About 200 Indonesian prisoners in mass jailbreak

Nearly 80 were quickly recaptured after the incident, and on Saturday the majority had been rounded up. Authorities were initially uncertain about how many prisoners had escaped from the prison, estimating the numbers at between 100 and 300.

Author: 0 Unrelenting rain worsens flood crisis in saturated Central Canada

More rain is forecast, as much as 130 millimeters (five inches) and the massive wet weather system that is pelting the provinces of Ontario and Quebec is expected to move into the eastern provinces of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that his government is "ready to do whatever we can to help people get through this". It may be a while before the water levels subside, with Environment Canada calling for heavy rainfall on Friday and Saturday in several regions ...

Author: 0 82 freed schoolgirls to meet Nigerian president

Earlier reports had suggested that as many as 82 pupils had been released by Boko Haram . Days later, a widely distributed video purported to show about 100 of the missing girls. It is feared some were forced to carry out suicide bombing missions for Boko Haram , which has ties to the Islamic State group. United Nations officials have stressed that the Chibok girls are not Boko Haram's only victims.

Global Media Trump administration shrugs off softwood threat from Trudeau government
Author: 0 Trump administration shrugs off softwood threat from Trudeau government

The Trump administration says it won't be swayed by trade threats from the Canadian government, after the northern neighbour warned it could start targeting American industries if the softwood lumber dispute drags on. The government is also considering imposing duties or other trade action on several or industries, the BBC has learnt. "We share the commitment to fighting climate change and protecting the environment", Mr Trudeau wrote in his letter on Friday.

Global Media Le Pen sees French presidential vote 'surprise'
Author: 0 Le Pen sees French presidential vote 'surprise'

She announced on Twitter on Monday that she was temporarily stepping down as the National Front leader so she could run as a candidate for "all the French". Leftwinger Mr Melenchon has refused to endorse either candidate. French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron is defending his campaign platform in a heated impromptu meeting outside a factory with workers who face losing their jobs to a plant in Poland.

Author: 0 Change is in the air: East Dunbartonshire Council election results

However, it has steady control of many of Scotland's local seats, thus far holding onto 165. In a surprise result, Labour also lost one Glasgow seat to a 20-year-old Conservative candidate. The Scotsman says the local election results have laid down the "battlelines" for the upcoming general election . "There are 77 members of North Lanarkshire council, the SNP have 33, so numerically they are not in a position to form an administration so I will meet with senior colleagues, we'll sit ...

Author: 0 North Korea: US and South Korea tried to assassinate Kim Jong Un

North Korea recently uncovered a "hideous terrorists' group" that the National Intelligence Service of South Korea, working with the CIA, had sent into the North on a secret mission to kill Kim with biochemical agents, said a spokesman for the North's Ministry of State Security.

Global Media Clashes in northwest Syria after de-escalation zones take effect
Author: 0 Clashes in northwest Syria after de-escalation zones take effect

The deal marks the latest diplomatic effort to quell the fighting. But State Department spokesman Edgar Vasquez said later that the agreement does not "preclude anyone from going after terrorists wherever they may be in Syria ". Lavrentiev added: "The only place where the worldwide coalition's aviation can work is on the objects of the Islamic State that are located in the Raqqa area, some populated areas in the area of the Euphrates, Deir el-Zour and further on the Iraqi territory".

Author: 0 Hamas says Ismail Haniyeh chosen as Islamic group's leader

The document, published Monday, labels as "a national consensus" the establishment of a sovereign Palestinian state along pre-1967 lines with the return of refugees to their homes in Israel . Israel has fought three wars with Hamas since 2008, and maintains a crippling blockade on Gaza . " #Hamas elected a new leader ". Israeli army spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Peter Lerner posted on his official Twitter site.