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Author: 0 Israel marks somber Memorial Day for fallen soldiers

Bereaved families visit cemeteries and attend ceremonies. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lay a wreath during a ceremony held at Mount Herzl military cemetery in Jerusalem, on Israeli Remembrance Day, which commemorates Israel's fallen soldiers and Israeli civilians killed in terror attacks.

Global Media Iranian TV CEO, business partner killed in Turkey
Author: 0 Iranian TV CEO, business partner killed in Turkey

Istanbul police declined to comment on the shooting when contacted by Reuters. The CEO's shooting death comes after a Tehran court in March had sentenced the executive to prison (in absentia) for making 'propaganda' against the country.

Author: 0 Monitor: Turkish internet users unable to access Wikipedia

Claiming that his government was in the process of building a new India, the Indian prime minister said: "Our focus is on making it easier to work and to do business". Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan while totally rejecting any similarity between separatist Kurds and Kashmiris has called for a negotiated settlement of the Kashmir dispute.

Global Media 'John 3:16' written on Aaron Hernandez's forehead, source says
Author: 0 'John 3:16' written on Aaron Hernandez's forehead, source says

Reporters asked Baez if he thought Hernandez suffered from CTE, but Baez would only say, "We need to leave no stone unturned and we need to specifically do everything possible to find out what happened". However, TMZ reported that Hernandez used a red marker to scrawl John 3:16 on his forehead. The suicide left friends, family and his legal team shocked as he was acquitted of a double murder just days ago.

Global Media Trump Directs Review of H-1B Visas
Author: 0 Trump Directs Review of H-1B Visas

Under the new order , the H-1B visa would no longer serve as a cheap way for companies to replace U.S. workers, the official added . "We believe jobs must be offered to American workers first", Trump told the audience at the Snap-on Tools Headquarters in Kenosha, Wisconsin, where he signed the executive order .

Global Media Bill O'Reilly cut from Fox News
Author: 0 Bill O'Reilly cut from Fox News

Smith also called for Fox to release all employees from the mandatory arbitration and confidentiality clauses "that for so many years have silenced women and kept the harassers, enablers and retaliators in place". Rounding out the Fox prime-time lineup, "Hannity" remains at 10 p.m. EDT. Then, she said, she complained to Ailes, who resigned from the network a year ago amid allegations of sexual harassment.

Author: 0 ASEAN leader Philippines go easy on China over sea disputes

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity as they were not authorized to discuss the issue with the press. "President, please see to it that there is no war because my region will suffer immensely, '" proposed Duterte, who previously appeared to pivot away from his country's long-standing alliance with the USA in favor of closer ties with China.

Global Media O'Reilly surprised by Fox exit, says truth will come out
Author: 0 O'Reilly surprised by Fox exit, says truth will come out

And we are working in that direction, OK?" The podcast would be free to access through Thursday, after which time it would be available only to "Premium Members" of his website. Pivotal Research analyst Brian Weiser said in a recent note that the effects of the O'Reilly Factor going off the air should be slim to none, though it could potentially threaten Fox's pending $14.6 billion purchase of Sky plc (SKYAY).

Author: 0 Hundreds march against far-right French presidential hopeful

Ms Le Pen - polls show her leading the first round with centrist Mr Macron at around 22 to 24 per cent each - returned to her party's core themes of immigration and Islam on Saturday to try to mobilise her base. Macron also paints himself as an anti-establishment figure - seeking to bury the traditional left-right spectrum that has governed France for decades.

Global Media Macedonia: EU Should Stop Accession Process to Break Deadlock
Author: 0 Macedonia: EU Should Stop Accession Process to Break Deadlock

Huge mobs of protesters have broken through a police cordon and stormed Macedonia's parliament, launching attacks on the country's politicians. Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov called an emergency meeting of political leaders Friday, hours after demonstrators - mostly supporters of the country's dominant conservative party - invaded parliament and assaulted opposition lawmakers.

Author: 0 Trump Warns North Korea's Missiles Will Get Better

Trump also tried downplaying the missile launch that took place on Saturday, by calling it a "small missile launch". China is South Korea's biggest trading partner and it is opposed to the THAAD missile system. "North Korea fired an unidentified missile from a site in the vicinity of Bukchang in Pyeongannam-do (South Pyeongan Province) early this morning", the South Korean news agency Yonhap reported, adding that the missile "is estimated to have failed".

Author: 0 Standoff ends in DE; suspect in trooper death killed

Burgon Sealy Jr. has been identified as the suspect involved in the fatal shooting of a Delaware State Police trooper. Delaware State Police say 32-year-old Cpl. Ballard, wounded, sought shelter behind a parked auto, but Sealy chased after him and fired again, police said, including several shots that he fired "at close range" when the trooper was already on the ground.

Author: 0 Trump tax plan stands to benefit the man in the White House

President Donald Trump unveiled his tax reform plan this week, and it included a lot of big giveaways for high-income earners, including the elimination of both the inheritance tax and the alternative minimum tax. Exporters, who would be exempt from the tax, love it. Ryan maintains it would help make American businesses more competitive. Getting the economy to expand at a faster rate would benefit the middle class , Holtz-Eakin says, adding that growth conditions have been fairly ...

Author: 0 100 days in, Trump says he's brought about 'profound change'

He also was promoting a still-to-be defined tax cut plan and the nation's strong economy, on which many of his political fortunes rest. Asked during an interview for CBS' Face The Nation if military action would follow a nuclear test by the North, Mr Trump responded: "I don't know".

Author: 0 European Union must reform or face Frexit, says Macron

For Le Pen, who has sought to distance the National Front from its roots in racism and Holocaust denial, opposition to the euro may effectively create a glass ceiling. "The long speech he made in some way institutionalised homosexual marriage, exalted it in a public way, and that shocked me", Ms Le Pen senior said in an interview on his website that was aired on Friday.

Global Media Trump's call with Philippines' Duterte 'all about North Korea': White House
Author: 0 Trump's call with Philippines' Duterte 'all about North Korea': White House

Last month, dozens of press freedom groups published an open letter in support of the First Amendment, warning that Trump's "effort to delegitimize the press undermines democracy". As it turns out, it is quite hard to change federal libel laws and, indeed, a constitutional amendment would likely be required to do so, meaning that the president can not singlehandedly change them.

Global Media Muslim men killed by mob over cow theft charges in India
Author: 0 Muslim men killed by mob over cow theft charges in India

No arrests had been made, Upadhay said. Two suspected cattle thieves were lynched by a group of cow vigilantes in Assam's Nagaon district on Sunday, the local police officials who have registered the FIR told news agency PTI . The villagers raised an alarm after the two men allegedly tried to steal two cows from the grazing ground in Kasomari village, The Indian Express reported .

Global Media Key US lawmakers in favour of Obamacare replacement
Author: 0 Key US lawmakers in favour of Obamacare replacement

He and Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows authored the amendment. But moderate Republicans still have reservations. He added, "I think anybody who is wavering feels some pressure because the vast majority of our conference wants to pass this bill ".

Author: 0 Trump slams 'ridiculous' court ruling on immigration

The White House called the ruling an "egregious overreach by a single, unelected district judge". But they say they're confident they'll prevail in the Supreme Court. Trump posted on Twitter on Wednesday, April 26. New York, San Francisco , Los Angeles and Houston are sanctuary cities, among others. Orrick, who was appointed by former President Barack Obama, ruled that Trump's order violated the Constitution by trying to punish local governments by seeking to "deprive local ...

Global Media Labour leader says United Kingdom election 'establishment vs people'
Author: 0 Labour leader says United Kingdom election 'establishment vs people'

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn set the tone for his campaign by criticising May for her "broken promises" on healthcare and education, and jabbed at her for not agreeing to take part in television debates before the election . The polls - admittedly not always a reliable indicator - give the Tories a 24 point lead and unless there is some sort of political quake, it is hard to see how Labour can pull off a most unlikely victory.