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Global Media GOP health care bill 'guarantees' coverage for pre-existing conditions
Author: 0 GOP health care bill 'guarantees' coverage for pre-existing conditions

In an interview with CBS News' " Face the Nation " that aired Sunday morning, Trump said "this bill has evolved" over the past several weeks and will "beautifully" protect those who have pre-existing medical conditions. Trump also said he was now relying on Chinese President Xi Jinping to pressure North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and would not elaborate on any further USA actions, military or otherwise.

Author: 0 S Korea media warn of 'Trump risk' to alliance

In a show of force, the United States is sending the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier group to waters off the Korean peninsula, where it will join the USS Michigan, a nuclear submarine that docked in South Korea on Tuesday. It said: "The large territory that is the United States has been entirely exposed to our pre-emptive nuclear strike means". Tillerson warned the UN Security Council last week of "catastrophic consequences" if the world does not act and said that military options for ...

Author: 0 Japan deploys warship as North Korea tensions mount

The helicopter carrier Izumo left the Yokosuka port near Tokyo earlier on Monday. The helicopter carrier Izumo will leave the mother port of Yokosuka, south of Tokyo, on Monday and join the United States supply ship to escort it further into the western Pacific, the leading Asahi Shimbun daily and Jiji Press reported citing unnamed government sources.

Author: 0 Runoff in Georgia House race could test Trump

By failing to avoid the runoff, Ossoff will now face Handel one-on-one in the runoff. So we are going to be united. "It is now Hollywood vs. Georgia on June 20th", Trump wrote , alluding to celebrity donations that came in for Ossoff. Price represented Georgia's 6th district for more than 12 years before vacating the seat in February. "The reaction has somewhat been, you know, that they nearly won".

Author: 0 Turkey strikes Kurds in Iraq, Syria, drawing condemnation

Iraqi government spokesman Saad al Hadithi said they considered the raid, which happened on Tuesday, as "negatively affecting the efforts of Iraq and the global community in the war against terrorism". The U.S. was given about one hour's advance notice of the Turkish strikes a senior U.S. defense official told CNN. The Syrian Kurds have driven IS from large parts of Syria and are now closing in on Raqqa, the de facto capital of the extremists' self-styled caliphate.

Author: 0 Venezuela officials: 12 dead in overnight violence

The authorities blamed opposition activists for most of the deaths in the El Valle looting incident, which happened late on Thursday night. But there were no reports of violence on the scale seen at other protests, where there have been running battles pitting riot police and pro-government vigilantes against demonstrators hurling stones and Molotov cocktails.

Author: 0 7 shot during San Diego pool party; suspect dead

Meanwhile, Zimmerman reported that eight people were injured in the shooting. Police said there is no known threat at 9000 Judicial Drive, but said people should shelter in place and witnesses should stay on scene. "We don't know if he knew any of the victims", Zimmerman said. "The suspect looked pretty relaxed, pretty relaxed", said the witness. The gunman launched his attack during a birthday celebration in the complex in the city's University City section.

Global Media Israel says 300 Palestinian inmates end hunger strike
Author: 0 Israel says 300 Palestinian inmates end hunger strike

He said: "Gaza is an explosive barrel and he can not press this barrel more". Byron Friends of Palestine call on of our local federal MP, Justine Elliott, and the Australian government to demand that the Israeli government respects the will of hunger strikers who use their bodies as a legitimate means of protest which has been recognised by the World Medical Association Declaration of Malta on Hunger Strikes as "often a form of protest by people who lack other ways of making their demands ...

Author: 0 Republicans remove Mexico border wall from budget negotiation

Faced with the threat of a "government shutdown" (ugh), Trump's administration announced earlier this week it was not insisting on funding for the wall's "bricks and mortar" in a supplemental spending bill. Republicans already seem willing to concede to Democratic demands on bypassing wall funding altogether - Rep. Joseph Crowley, D-NY, said funding the wall "was no longer an issue" in an interview Wednesday.

Author: 0 United Kingdom prepared to take part in new strikes against Assad: Foreign Secretary

President Donald Trump ordered a cruise missile attack against a Syrian air base earlier this month in response to Assad's apparent use of a banned nerve agent against a rebel-controlled area. Mr Salmond told Sky's Colin Brazier that "the Government have no mandate for that, they have to have Parliamentary approval. May would be wise not to use the cover of an election to push this through".

Global Media Pence, headed to Japan, turns focus to trade with key ally
Author: 0 Pence, headed to Japan, turns focus to trade with key ally

Vice President Mike Pence was in Tokyo on Tuesday, calling for "stronger and more balanced bilateral trade relationships" with countries like Japan and South Korea. Citing the recent United States bombings of Syria and Afghanistan, he said: "The shield stands guard and the sword stands ready ". While Pence said on Monday he was "heartened" by signs from Beijing on helping rein in Pyongyang, the Trump administration continues to press China over its trade policies, and has targeted South ...

Author: 0 Trump's tax plan could cost an estimated $5.5 trillion

During the campaign, Trump released a tax proposal that would eliminate the personal exemption. Imagine those millions saved! The proposal includes fewer details than the two tax-reform plans Trump released during the campaign, which is the reverse of the usual path for legislation.

Author: 0 Israeli Patriot missiles down target over Golan Heights: army

Moscow, which also has forces on the ground in Syria fighting on the side of president Al Assad, denounced what it called " aggression" against Syria but avoided blaming Israel directly. Israeli media are reporting that the target was actually an unmanned drone and that residents in the northern Israeli town of Safed saw two missiles being launched and of explosions occurring afterwards.

Author: 0 What is Workers' Day?

May Day is an worldwide labours movement which celebrates in many countries. Collect the best May Day Messages to celebrate the workers day and send the International Workers Day SMS. May Day is also known as Antarrashtriya Shramik Diwas which was celebrated as a public holiday in India. Across different parts of the world, the day commonly witnesses organized street demonstrations and marches by working people and their labour unions.

Author: 0 North Korea test-fires ballistic missile

U.S. president Donald Trump, at a rally marking his 100th day in office, at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex. Neighbouring Japan said the "unacceptable" launch clearly violated United Nations resolutions and said it had lodged a strong protest with North Korea.

Author: 0 Le Pen visits French factory, Macron wins ally before runoff

Marine Le Pen has played down her vow to leave the euro after polls showed it was damaging her chances of victory against the centrist Emmanuel Macron in the French presidential election a week today. "But we are no longer moving forward". Ms. Le Pen gathered 21.3 percent, NYT reports . There was no national atonement, and families across France have troubling stories of collaboration that have been hidden from their children and grandchildren.

Author: 0 Trade order, campaign rally on Trump's 100th day

President Donald Trump is greeted by Vice President Mike Pence as he arrives to speak at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex and Expo Center in Harrisburg , Pa., Saturday, April, 29, 2017. "I could not possibly be more thrilled than to be more than 100 miles way from Washington's swamp", he said, "spending my evening with all of you and with a much, much larger crowd and much better people, right?" Trump further said that the USA has been on the wrong side of the Nafta deal for many many ...