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Author: 0 Cambodia lawmakers approve law threatening opposition party

Opposition lawmakers boycotted Monday's vote and the controversial amendments were passed unanimously by ruling party MPs. It mounted a strong challenge at the last election in 2013, winning 55 seats in parliament compared to the CPP's 68.

Global Media Raw: Pipeline Protesters Set Fires to Close Camp
Author: 0 Raw: Pipeline Protesters Set Fires to Close Camp

The camp's evacuation came after North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum and the Army Corps of Engineers said it was necessary to clear the area to keep people safe from flooding and to keep debris from contaminating the river system. Tom Iverson told CNN on Wednesday morning. August 10 - North Dakota authorities make the first arrests of protesters. Castle has been at the camp since October, except for one week home where she was given her Indian name by her tribe - meaning Strong Woman - for ...

Global Media Amazon: Take $8.62 off a purchase of $50 or more, today only
Author: 0 Amazon: Take $8.62 off a purchase of $50 or more, today only

The offer expires tonight at 11:59 p.m. PT, so make some time to place your order over $50 today. Still, the offer applies for anything else sold on Amazon , which obviously covers a lot of territory. A discount of $8.62 might seem super random, but Amazon has a good reason for that seemingly arbitrary figure. "A huge thank you to customers-we're energized by this recognition and will keep working and inventing on your behalf", said Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder and CEO.

Global Media Narendra Modi, Amit Shah are terrorists spreading terror in Indian democracy
Author: 0 Narendra Modi, Amit Shah are terrorists spreading terror in Indian democracy

If this issue was flagged by Amit Shah or Keshav Maurya it would not have the same effect. "The question is symbolic to try and make it communal by bringing in Congress, SP, BSP", he said. Addressing an election rally on May 19, Modi had said that if there was a "kabaristaan" (graveyard), there should be a "shamshaan" (cremation ground) too.

Author: 0 San Joaquin Flash Flood Warning Downgraded To Watch, Crews Shoring Up Levee

Crews opened one lane open Tuesday as Caltrans workers tried to fix the road failure after numerous mudslides blocked it for days at a time in recent weeks. "This isn't over by any means - the worst has yet to come". Fears of widespread flooding resurfaced as bands of torrential rain advance on Northern California Monday.

Author: 0 WITH AUDIO: Police release audio of suspect's voice in double homicide case

They also say they have an audio recording from her phone. The news conference comes after police widened their search for a suspect one week after the deaths of German and 13-year-old Abigail Williams. Officials declined to release more information about how the girls were killed and what else Liberty might have recorded on her phone. Abigail Williams, 13, and Liberty German, 14, went missing on Monday after going for a hike at 1pm near the Monon High Bridge along the Delphi Historic ...

Author: 0 Family of British IS bomber deny £1m compensation payout

The compensation was agreed in 2010 by the [coalition] government. In March 2004, after a massive campaign by politicians and the media, Harith was released from the US base at Guantanamo Bay along with four others who had been held for two years without trial.

Global Media Flynn exit creates vacuum Trump's pragmatists may fill
Author: 0 Flynn exit creates vacuum Trump's pragmatists may fill

Flynn resigned Monday night - at Trump's behest, the White House later said - after reports that the national security adviser had discussed sanctions with Russia's ambassador to the us before the inauguration, despite previously denying those conversations to Pence and other top officials.

Author: 0 Philippines: framework of South China Sea pact possible soon

In doing so, they agreed to adopt a legally binding code of conduct to manage tensions and avoid conflict in the area, widely seen as a potential flashpoint. "The ministers had expressed their views on what they see is an evolving, still evolving policy, of the United States under the presidency of Donald Trump", said Yasay, who chaired the event.

Global Media Mom pranks college student with care package
Author: 0 Mom pranks college student with care package

Cox's sister didn't take too long to clarify: it wasn't just any trash, it was trash he left on his bedroom floor. "Why did you send me this?'" Cox told ABC News. "Why did you send me this?" It was the trash Connor was supposed to take out before he headed back to school after winter recess. She says she hopes this teaches him not to forget to do it again.

Author: 0 Jay Cutler trade talks expected to heat up next week

The Bears have been shopping their starting quarterback since mid-January , when they informed Cutler of their intentions, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported Tuesday. While the 37-year-old veteran's play dropped off in 2016 after being an MVP candidate in 2015 with 35 touchdown passes, he still managed to throw for over 4,000 yards and 26 scores.

Global Media Iran's Supreme Leader Lashes Out At 'Fake Entity' Israel
Author: 0 Iran's Supreme Leader Lashes Out At 'Fake Entity' Israel

The top Syrian lawmaker blamed the regional countries who support terrorism in Syria and said that with murdering the people of Syria and wrecking Syrian institutions, economy, and infrastructures, they have done a big favor for "the Zionist regime" which uses its full power to undermine the role of Syria and the resistance front and impose its expansionism in the region.

Author: 0 UK January Budget Surplus Highest Since 2000

For the current financial year to date, public sector net borrowing fell by £13.6bn to £49.3bn compared with the same period in the previous financial year, which is the lowest YTD borrowing since the financial year ending January 2008. The fiscal watchdog said "simply extrapolating" the reduction in borrowing over the final two months of this fiscal year "would imply full-year [borrowing] of £56.2bn, a £12bn bigger fall than required to meet our November forecast".

Global Media Man caught on camera hitting 7-year-old 62 times
Author: 0 Man caught on camera hitting 7-year-old 62 times

A Texas man has been charged with child abuse after investigators said he hit a 7-year-old boy 62 times within five minutes. In the clip, a man is seen knocking the boy to ground after repeatedly hitting him in the head, torso, shoulders and buttocks several times.

Author: 0 21 people hospitalized following suspected GHB overdose at Melbourne's Electric Parade festival

As The New Daily reports , Ambulance Victoria State Health Commander Paul Holman said that the event was "awash with drugs". The dance festival kicked off at 1pm and ran until 10pm local time. GHB slows the heart and can cause blackouts and seizures. Sadly, the drug overdoses marred what was otherwise, by many accounts, an incredibly successful event, with Melbourne City Council officials estimating a crowd in the hundreds of thousands turned out for the festival, which boasted some top ...