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Author: 0 Trump security adviser urges Russian Federation to rethink Syria support

McMaster made an appearance on this week's edition of "Fox News Sunday" where he suggested that Russian Federation should reconsider its support for Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad. He attributed the chemical attack in Syria "in large measure" to a "failure on Russia's part to achieve its commitment to the global community". Previously the US Ambassador Nikki Haley told the United Nations they are prepared to do more, but they hope it will not be necessary.

Global Media Russia-Syria Ties to Dominate G7 Meeting of Foreign Ministers
Author: 0 Russia-Syria Ties to Dominate G7 Meeting of Foreign Ministers

Black is also criticizing President Trump who said the missile strikes were in retaliation for Assad's chemical attack on innocent civilians, including women and children. The U.S. military has been clear that the chemical attack itself was carried out by Syrian jets. U.S. president Donald Trump ordered a strike by 59 cruise missiles on the base he said launched the attack in America's first direct attack against the Syrian government.

Author: 0 USA, Canada and Mexico confirm joint bid for 2026 Fifa World Cup

The 2002 World Cup is the only other tournament to be played in multiple countries (Japan and South Korea). The announcement was made on the floor of the One World Trade Center in NY on Monday. But what was newsworthy about Monday's fanfare was President Donald Trump backing the bid despite Mexico's involvement. "This will be an extraordinarily successful World Cup on financial and economic grounds".

Global Media UK leader seeks snap June 8 election to bolster Brexit hand
Author: 0 UK leader seeks snap June 8 election to bolster Brexit hand

Deputy UKIP leader Peter Whittle also said the decision was "utterly cynical", adding: "But we're having [a general election] now and my party is actually quite excited about it". But the election still carries risk for May, with voters' potentially wary at being asked to go to the polls again, less than a year after the European Union referendum.

Global Media OYS | Tax Day Freebies and Deals
Author: 0 OYS | Tax Day Freebies and Deals

Don't forget to proofread - break out the calculator and check your math. Missing details can kick back your return and could make you late. To do this, you need to file form 4868, which you can find at IRS.GOV . McDonalds has a variety of freebies from free coffee to quarter pounders for a discount. Cinnabon: The sweet-smelling store is offering free Cinnabon-bites at select Cinnabon stores on Tax Day.

Global Media French police thwart attack days before election
Author: 0 French police thwart attack days before election

Molins later told a press conference the two men were planning a "violent" and "imminent" attack on French territory, adding it was not however possible to determine with precision the date or the target. "The security forces are mobilised everywhere across France to ensure the security of French people and to ensure the presidential campaign goes smoothly", he added.

Global Media Sen. Joni Ernst criticizes Trump's Mar-a-Lago travel
Author: 0 Sen. Joni Ernst criticizes Trump's Mar-a-Lago travel

The website is run by the Center for American Progress , so it's not exactly a non-partisan endeavor. The fine print appears, at first blush, to back up the eye-popping amount. This is not all to say that Trump's traveling isn't expensive or unusual. Reliable calculations indicate that the president has played 19 rounds in his first 87 days in office, shredding the record of Bill Clinton, who only managed to play golf three times in the equivalent period in 1993, and utterly ...

Global Media Iran's president registers to run in May elections
Author: 0 Iran's president registers to run in May elections

An 88-member elected clerical panel called the Assembly of Experts appoints the supreme leader and can remove one as well, though that's never happened. But he "has not been successful in opening up foreign investment". Iran has managed to sign a string of multibillion-dollar civilian aircraft deals since sanctions were lifted, but many ordinary Iranians are still waiting on hoped-for economic benefits of the nuclear agreement to trickle down.

Global Media US VP Pence assures Japan America is with ally '100 percent'
Author: 0 US VP Pence assures Japan America is with ally '100 percent'

Here's how events have unfolded. Russia and China too have criticized the deployment, with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov describing it as "disproportionate". After meetings with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and other leaders, Pence told reporters that President Donald Trump was confident that economic and diplomatic pressure has a chance of compelling North Korea to cooperate.

Global Media Race to replace Tom Price: Atlanta mayor predicts win for Ossoff
Author: 0 Race to replace Tom Price: Atlanta mayor predicts win for Ossoff

If none of the candidates for the candidates achieve a majority of the district's vote, the district will be forced into a runoff election between the top two vote getters, likely Ossoff and Republican Bob Gray . Despite running in a Republican-heavy field, Democrat Jon Ossoff is slated to vanquish several other candidates as they race to fill the seat left vacant by new Health & Human Services Secretary Tom Price .

Author: 0 White House decides against releasing visitor records

Obama administration lawyers at the time said the release was voluntary and not required by law. On Friday, the Trump administration reversed an Obama-era decision to release lists of people or groups that visit the White House. Pence said the U.S. would "abandon the failed policy of strategic patience" with North Korea but would redouble efforts to bring diplomatic and economic pressure to peacefully decrease tensions.

Author: 0 Suspect in Deadly Fresno Shooting Told Police He Hates White People

In less than a minute, 16 shots were fired, authorities say. A psychiatrist who examined Muhammad believed he had psychosis, Muhammad's attorney said in the court filing. Fresno city spokesman Mark Standriff said county offices were on lockdown, and people were urged to shelter in place, the AP said. He was being sought in the April 13 slaying of Carl Williams, 25, an unarmed security guard shot outside a Fresno Motel 6.

Author: 0 Ireland fears UK election could damage talks to ease N.Ireland impasse

Secretary of State James Brokenshire has warned that there will either be direct rule from Westminster or another election if there is no agreement reached by early May. If the Conservative Party widens its majority in the election, it will be more hard for Unionist parties in Northern Ireland to influence government policy, a leading member of the Democratic Unionist Party said.

Author: 0 21600-Pound Non-Nuclear Bomb Unleashed On ISIS Targets, 90 Killed

Nicholson said the "MOAB" ordnance - for Massive Ordnance Air Blast, or less formally, the "Mother of All Bombs" - was "designed to destroy caves and tunnels, which ISIS-K have been using, along with extensive belts of IEDs, to thicken their positions against our offensive".

Author: 0 Suspect in Facebook video killing shoots himself to death

Tom Wolf said in a statement . The suspect was added to the FBI's 10 Most Wanted List as the manhunt was extended from five USA state to nationwide. "When people go on the run like this, at some point in time, they need help", Cleveland police chief Calvin Williams told a news conference Tuesday.

Global Media Trump says China working on NKorea 'problem'
Author: 0 Trump says China working on NKorea 'problem'

The device exploded nearly immediately after takeoff. It came a day after the parade marking 105 years since the state's found Kim Il-sung was born. "But as the president has made very clear, either China will deal with this problem or the United States and our allies will", he said. As hostilities in the region surge Trump has sent an aircraft carrier-led strike group to the Korean peninsula to press his point, while the North has launched a flurry of rockets.

Global Media North Korea surprises with display of new missiles
Author: 0 North Korea surprises with display of new missiles

Thousands of US and South Korean troops, tanks and other weaponry were also deployed last month in their biggest-ever joint military exercises, which prompted North Korea to issue routine threats of attacks on its rival if they show signs of aggression.

Global Media Without evidence, Trump says Susan Rice may have acted criminally
Author: 0 Without evidence, Trump says Susan Rice may have acted criminally

According to a USA official, Rice asked spy agencies to give her the names of Trump associates who surfaced in intelligence reports she was regularly briefed on. In mid-March, House intelligence committee chairman Devin Nunes abruptly announced he had seen "troubling" information about spy agencies widely spreading the identities of Trump associates.

Author: 0 British Prime Minister Theresa May will seek election on June 8

Both reiterated their commitments regarding Brexit and Ireland including that there be no return to a hard border and to maintain the Common Travel Area. They say that a government with a stronger mandate could get a better deal for the U.K. However, it could also push through a more aggressive version of Brexit that cuts off business more from the EU's single market.

Global Media Vijay Mallya tweets back at media, says arrest hyped, nothing special
Author: 0 Vijay Mallya tweets back at media, says arrest hyped, nothing special

The court concluded the proceedings after a three-and-a-half-hour hearing during which the Centre contended that Mallya was mocking the Indian system after fleeing the country. "Officers from the Metropolitan Police's extradition unit have this morning, Tuesday 18 April, arrested a man on an extradition warrant", the statement said.