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Global Media Taiwain court rules in favor of same sex-marriage
Author: 0 Taiwain court rules in favor of same sex-marriage

The Constitutional Court did not specify a decision on one of the issues dividing lawmakers, whether to amend existing laws, as the gay rights movement wants, or whether to draw up a new law specifically targeted at same-sex marriage. With virtually independent Taiwan considered by Beijing to be a "renegade province" of the People's Republic of China, another question that could crop up in the future is what effect, if any, mainland Chinese courts will accord to same-sex marriages solemnized ...

Author: 0 This video of Melania Trump slapping away Donald Trump's hand is EVERYTHING

President Trump and President Abbas reaffirmed their commitment to reach for a genuine and lasting peace between Palestinians and Israelis. Prime Minister Netanyahu was one of the first world leaders to visit the United States after President Trump's inauguration and today's visit is one more step the President has taken to reaffirm the bond of friendship between the United States and Israel.

Global Media Migrant Rescue off Libya: 'Mostly Toddlers' Among 31 Drowned
Author: 0 Migrant Rescue off Libya: 'Mostly Toddlers' Among 31 Drowned

The Coast Guard is coordinating 14 ships across the central Mediterranean where good weather has helped make migrant traffic "intense", Ansa quoted Coast Guard sources as saying. More than 5,000 migrants died crossing the Mediterranean previous year, according to the IOM. He warned that, among the 31 dead according to MOAS, "most are toddlers".

Author: 0 Does US Believe Western Wall Is In Israel?

Haley was quoted as saying. "If anyone is burying the chances for its relocation, it's Bennett". Haley's impolitic comments had White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer , struggling for a coherent response. "The capital should be Jerusalem and the embassy should be moved to Jerusalem , because [Israel's] government is in Jerusalem ". The Palestinians don't know what to expect because Trump has not yet endorsed the bedrock of U.S.

Author: 0 Hostages taken at church in southern Philippines

The militants belong to the Maute group, which has pledged allegiance to Islamic State in the Middle East. "If you confront government with violence, and anyone caught possessing a gun, my orders are shoot to kill", the President said. Duterte also said that he may permit the citizens to carry firearms in the proper time . "What I told everyone, do not force my hand into it". He noted that the group was able to occupy some establishments in Marawi City.

Global Media FCC Will Not Take Action Against Colbert Show
Author: 0 FCC Will Not Take Action Against Colbert Show

Colbert later told viewers he did not regret the jokes but acknowledged some of the words were "cruder than they needed to be". A CBS spokesman declined to comment on the decision. He wasn't accounting for Israel", followed by his Trump impersonation: "I had a great weekend. "I think we can all agree on that". Many Democrats now assume that Trump has committed some political - or even criminal - wrongdoing by allegedly colluding with Russian operatives during last year's presidential ...

Global Media Former Fox News chief Roger Ailes dead at 77
Author: 0 Former Fox News chief Roger Ailes dead at 77

Reportedly, a key witness was Megyn Kelly , the network's superstar personality, whose voice was conspicuously missing in the chorus of women and men at Fox News who spoke up on behalf of Ailes. The New York Times' (surprisingly) more balanced article about Ailes' life achievements, published shortly after his passing yesterday, is buried beneath the rest.

Global Media Death toll in southern Libyan attack rises to 141
Author: 0 Death toll in southern Libyan attack rises to 141

It was not possible to independently verify the number of casualties. "We liberated the base and destroyed all the forces inside ". In the aftermath of the attack Martin Kobler, the top UN official in Libya and the Head of the UN Support Mission known as UNSMIL, strongly condemned the deadly incident as a "vicious attack [that] undermines political efforts".

Global Media Michael Flynn Gets Another Chance From Intelligence Committee
Author: 0 Michael Flynn Gets Another Chance From Intelligence Committee

Warner said one subpoena had been served and that he expected the second one to be served Tuesday evening. "It is a corporation", Warner told reporters. The investigation focuses on whether Flynn and other Trump associates colluded with Russian Federation to boost the Republican candidate in the 2016 elections.

Author: 0 Unity, consensus is solution against terrorism: Iranian President

Fresh off a resounding re-election victory, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani criticized President Donald Trump on Monday for visiting Iran's arch-rival Saudi Arabia , but also insisted that he wanted to improve relations with the U.S. Tehran and Riyadh are involved in proxy wars across the region, backing opposite sides in Syria , Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon . "The Iranians have strengthened their position in the foreign world taking into account a number of important factors related to ...

Author: 0 'Peace Is A Choice,' Trump Says During Appearance With Palestinian Leader

Speaking at the Israel Museum , he declared both sides were ready to move forward, though there were no tangible signs of the dormant peace process being revived. Trump also visited Yad Vashem, Israel's national Holocaust memorial, on Tuesday. "Our society can have no tolerance for this continuation of bloodshed", Trump said.

Global Media USA seeks to allay Turkish concerns over YPG
Author: 0 USA seeks to allay Turkish concerns over YPG

The matter becomes even more complicated as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is scheduled to visit the White House this week. It is true that Turkey faced a fait accompli when the Syrian Kurds declared autonomy along Turkey's southern border, but the Democratic Union Party (PYD), the political wing of the YPG, tried to reach some sort of agreement with Turkey at the beginning.

Author: 0 Palestinians, Israel police clash at Jerusalem Old City gate

Speaking ahead of Trump at the Israel Museum, Netanyahu said, "President Trump, working with you, I believe we can advance a durable peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors, as well as the Palestinians, because of the common danger that the Arab world and Israel face from Iran, and because of the leadership that you bring to this process".

Global Media India qualifies for knockout stage of Sudirman Cup
Author: 0 India qualifies for knockout stage of Sudirman Cup

AFTER a disappointing outing against Denmark on the opening day, India came back strong to keep their hopes alive in the Sudirman Cup held in Australia . The recent retirement of Jwala Gutta, who was Ashwini's partner for most of the 2008-2016 period, and when the two won the 2010 Commonwealth Games gold medal, has worked to India's benefit.

Global Media Police Make 3 More Arrests In Connection With Deadly Manchester Concert Attack
Author: 0 Police Make 3 More Arrests In Connection With Deadly Manchester Concert Attack

Gerard Collomb told French television that both British and French intelligence services had information that Abedi had been in Syria. But at the moment all they have confirmed is that they did know about him. Soldiers were replacing armed police on Wednesday at sites like Buckingham Palace, 10 Downing Street and Parliament. Armed police were also seen on patrol outside St.

Author: 0 Trump urges Mideast nations to drive out 'Islamic extremism'

Terrorists do not worship God, they worship death. His speech sought to rally Islamic leaders behind a renewed push to tackle extremism, with Trump urging religious leaders to condemn violence and governments of Muslim countries to make further efforts to end support for extremists.

Author: 0 Why Melania Trump covers her head one day and not the next

It said the gift of writings "honors Dr. King's hope, vision, and inspiration for generations to come", while a bronze sculpture Trump gifted named Rising Above "represents hope for a peaceful tomorrow". So far, the U.S. President Trump made an historic visit to Saudia Arabia where he gave an address to over forty Arab and Muslim heads of States. The two leaders have diametrically opposing views on various issues ranging from immigration, Mexico wall and climate change .