Finance Snap surges after Wall Street heavyweights reveal stakes
Author: 0 Snap surges after Wall Street heavyweights reveal stakes

Snap Inc., formerly Snapchat , Inc., is a camera company. KPCB DGF Associates LLC acquired a new stake in Snap during the first quarter worth about $40,911,000. ILLEGAL ACTIVITY NOTICE: This piece of content was originally reported by Community Financial News and is the sole property of of Community Financial News.

Author: 0 Trump shared sensitive information with Russians

The intelligence was held by the U.S. at one of the highest classification levels that would typically prevent it from being shared even with allies, according to the Post . The new controversy came even as there was no letup in the conflict Trump stirred last week with the firing of Comey and as Trump prepares for his first foreign trip, which include stops in Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Author: 0 Arsenal beats Southampton 2-0, climbs into 5th in EPL

Sanchez's goal was a wonderful effort, the South American selling two Saints a dummy to create the space for his shot, but it shouldn't mask what up until then had been another lacklustre display from the visitors. "But we were united and we have to stay like that, strong together". "The physios told me Alexis Sanchez wanted to come off, I don't know what it was, but he's a fighter and found the resources to score an excellent goal after", he said.

Finance United Airlines says cockpit access information made public
Author: 0 United Airlines says cockpit access information made public

That brief apparently included instructions to follow the additional security procedures which help to minimize the risk of unauthorized access to the flight deck. On the other hand, aviation expert Joe Schwieterman told CBS 2 the situation was alarming, considering this type of security information "is meant to be carefully guarded".

Finance Speeding Amtrak driver charged in 2015 crash that killed 8
Author: 0 Speeding Amtrak driver charged in 2015 crash that killed 8

Pennsylvania's attorney general has made a decision to bring charges against an Amtrak engineer in connection with a 2015 crash that left eight people dead and hundreds hurt in Philadelphia. Attorney General Josh Shapiro's office said it's reviewing the matter. They found no evidence he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol or distracted by a cellphone.

Finance Pizza delivery man takes pie to stalled Amtrak train
Author: 0 Pizza delivery man takes pie to stalled Amtrak train

As well as the pizza delivery, the train's buffet cart gave out Twix's for free. The train was traveling from NY to Washington, DC, when a mechanical problem halted the trip, NBC 4 reported . Katz used Global Positioning System mapping to pinpoint his exact location to driver James Leary, 46, said Dom's owner, Dominic Philingera, to The Post.

Finance Renault and Nissan are the latest victims of the global cyberattack
Author: 0 Renault and Nissan are the latest victims of the global cyberattack

French auto giant Renault has been hit by the global ransomware cyber attack that has infected tens of thousands of computers in almost 100 countries, a spokeswoman said on Saturday. It did not identify the sites, but a union source said the factory at Sandouville in northern Normandy was one of the main sites affected. "Our teams are working to resolve the issue".

Finance 'Excess' vehicle pollution killed 38000 in 2015
Author: 0 'Excess' vehicle pollution killed 38000 in 2015

These excess emissions were linked to an estimated 38,000 early deaths in 2015 alone. According to a new study in the journal Nature , diesel vehicles put out 4.6 million more tons of nitrogen oxides than they're supposed to under global standards.

Finance GIC offloads whopping 93m UBS shares, says it is
Author: 0 GIC offloads whopping 93m UBS shares, says it is "disappointed" with loss

At this price, 93 million UBS shares are worth about US$1.55 billion. The stock had closed at 16.61 on Monday. According to the statement, GIC said it is "disappointed" that it lost money on the investment. The statement didn't show what stake GIC now owns in UBS. GIC measures its performance on an overall portfolio basis, based on long term rather than annual returns.

Author: 0 A huge tax cut for guys like me

The next leader of Berkshire is "going to have to allocate maybe $400 billion or something like that, maybe more", Buffett said . Had the new law been in effect, Buffett said his taxes would have gone down 17 percent previous year. The billionaire investor puts a great deal of the blame of Wells' former-CEO John Stumpf, who Buffett says acted far too late in stopping the fraudulent scheme.

Author: 0 Israeli police: Jordanian stabber shot dead in Jerusalem

Trump is planning on visiting the Western Wall in Jerusalem's Old City, the holiest Jewish prayer site. Trump , who will meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem on May 22 and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Bethlehem on May 23, has stopped short of recommitting to the goal of Palestinian independence, a longtime bedrock of US policy.

Finance Sprint, T-Mobile rise on merger speculation
Author: 0 Sprint, T-Mobile rise on merger speculation

After the ban was lifted in late April, reporters asked Deutsche Telekom chief Tim Hoettges whether he would consider a merger, and he said T-Mobile is willing to look at deals and partnership offers from interested companies. Although it's now larger, it's unclear if T-Mobile has the desire to be the acquirer in any deal since Sprint has struggled to retain customers even after offering the industry's cheapest unlimited data plans.

Author: 0 Upcoming Disney Movie Held Ransom By Hackers, CEO Says

It comes just weeks after hackers released pirated episodes of the upcoming season of Orange Is The New Black , with a hacker who had been holding them ransom carrying out a threat after Netflix refused to pay. Iger didn't identify the movie, and the Burbank-based Disney declined to comment. The studio is working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation to identify the source of the hack.

Finance Google, Lyft teaming up on self-driving auto project
Author: 0 Google, Lyft teaming up on self-driving auto project

On Sunday, Waymo and Lyft announced a partnership on self-driving vehicle pilots, an opportunity for both companies to accelerate their autonomous efforts. Alsip ruled that Levandowski must also remain quarantined from Uber's work on Lidar, but stopped short of issuing a broader order that may have stalled Uber's program for the duration of the court battle, saying he didn't find clear evidence of wrongdoing by the ride-hailing company.

Finance North Korea's Missile Threat
Author: 0 North Korea's Missile Threat

The U.S. Vice President reiterated that the "era of strategic patience is over". US President Donald Trump has said that will not happen, and stepped up pressure on the isolated North. The recent surge in tensions on the Korean Peninsula finds Beijing on the outs with both North and South Korea , while many critics have yet to be convinced by its insistence that its influence with Pyongyang has been exaggerated.

Author: 0 Trump Says He Wants To Help Mediate Israeli-Palestinian Peace Deal

President Donald Trump stressed his desire to broker a peace deal in the Middle East as he was joined Wednesday at the White House by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas delivers a statement accompanied by U.S. President Donald Trump during a visit to the White House in Washington D.C., U.S., May 3, 2017.

Author: 0 EU demands urgent talks with Washington over airline laptop ban

The DHS announced on March 21 that laptops and other large electronic devices would be banned from airliner cabins on direct flights to the USA from 10 Middle Eastern airports. The Trump administration is considering a further expansion of the ban on using laptops on commercial flights to cover European travel, reports have claimed.

Finance China's first homemade passenger plane makes maiden flight
Author: 0 China's first homemade passenger plane makes maiden flight

COMCAR already has 570 orders from 23 clients but aviation website Airline Reporter points out that most-apart from 20 orders from GECAS , an aviation asset management service-are from other state-owned Chinese airlines and questions remain over whether the C919s will have worldwide appeal.