Author: 0 Kushner Family Sell US Visas in China for $500000

While Kushner Meyer didn't mention President Trump by name - although CNN Money noted that his picture appeared on a presentation slide listing "key decision makers" on the EB-5 program - she did talk about her brother's new job. "Security was tighter in Shanghai than it had been in Beijing, where reporters for The New York Times and The Washington Post briefly attended the event before being kicked out", the Times reported.

Author: 0 Bank of England keeps rates at record low as economy slows

Inflation forecasts have also been mildly adjusted with the BOE bringing forward its expectations for consumer price inflation (CPI) to peak over the forecast period in the final quarter of this year at around 2.8 percent, as opposed to its earlier estimate that the highest point would be reached in the second quarter of 2018.

Finance Tunnel collapse renews safety concerns about nuclear sites
Author: 0 Tunnel collapse renews safety concerns about nuclear sites

Federal authorities on May 9, 2017 evacuated some workers and instructed others to shelter in place after a tunnel cave-in at the Hanford nuclear waste site in Washington state. This includes 56 million gallons of radioactive waste stored in 177 underground tanks, some of which have leaked. People were anxious that the radiations released from the tunnel may affect them especially that Hanford is close to Richland, around 200 miles southeast of Seattle.

Author: 0 Oil up on falling US inventories

Gasoline and distillate stocks also fell , supporting a market that has sold off sharply in recent weeks due to persistently high U.S. inventories. U.S. Even though OPEC has stuck to its pledge to cut production, USA output has risen by more than 10% since mid-2016 to 9.3 million bbl/d, close to the output of Russian Federation and Saudi Arabia .

Finance Budget: Drug test trial for new recipients of Newstart and Youth Allowance
Author: 0 Budget: Drug test trial for new recipients of Newstart and Youth Allowance

The Government is also introducing a "three strike" demerit system for bludgers who skip job or job placement interviews. If they fail more than one test, they will be referred to a medical professional. Mr Turnbull further called the move compassionate and it's supportive for those addicted to drugs or alcohol. There will be fines imposed for people who refuse to take the test, and those who test positive to drugs will be able to take out less of their welfare payments in cash.

Author: 0 Buffett says AHCA is tax cut for the rich

Critics of the bill have said it will take away the healthcare benefits of millions of people and allow the rich to get tax breaks, just as mentioned by Buffett. Buffett also raised the possibility Berkshire could pay its first dividend since 1967, if "reasonably soon, even while I'm around", the company had too much cash it could not reasonably deploy.

Author: 0 North Korea Accuses US of Plotting Kim Assassination

There is at least one retaliatory plan that includes targeting North Korea's leadership if South Korea feels threatened by nuclear attack. "The murderous demons of the IS who conspired with the CIA ideologically corrupted and bribed a DPRK citizen surnamed Kim, the then worker of the timber industrial branch in the Khabarovsk Territory of Russian Federation in June 2014, and turned him into a terrorist full of repugnance and revenge", the North's security agency said.

Finance Sinclair to buy Tribune Media, expanding its local TV reach
Author: 0 Sinclair to buy Tribune Media, expanding its local TV reach

Tribune also has stakes in the Food Network and job-search website CareerBuilder. The Tribune-Sinclair deal, which must be approved by the Federal Communications Commission, would give Sinclair a presence in the top three TV markets - KTLA in Los Angeles, WPIX in NY and WGN in Chicago .

Finance Travellers accused or near riot at Florida airport over cancelled flights
Author: 0 Travellers accused or near riot at Florida airport over cancelled flights

A federal lawsuit by the airlines says the cancellations were due to limited pilots. Sheriff's reports released Tuesday said about 500 people were in the Spirit terminal when 22-year-old Desmond Waul of Selden and 24-year-old Janice Waul and 22 year-old Davante Garrett, both of Brentwood, were seen by deputies threatening the airline's front counter employees.

Author: 0 Chinese-Made Passenger Jet Takes Off For Its First Test Flight

The C919 has more than 150 seats and a range of 4,075 kilometers (2,532 miles), and is meant to compete with the Airbus A320 and Boeing 737, among the most popular commercial planes flying in the skies. The single-aisle plane is created to carry between 155 and 175 seats, and fly 2,530 miles (4,075 km). The successful flight moves China one step closer to transforming itself from a manufacturer of low-priced goods to a creator of advanced technology.

Author: 0 Australia plans major spending plus surplus in 3 years

Labor holds a clear poll lead over the Coalition as Mr Morrison prepares to release his second Budget. At the heart of Australia's challenge is jobless growth: much of the recent economic expansion has been underpinned by resource exports, immigration and house-price gains.

Finance Amazon Announces New Echo Show With Touch Screen, Introduces Alexa Calling
Author: 0 Amazon Announces New Echo Show With Touch Screen, Introduces Alexa Calling

As expected, you'll ask Alexa to call someone who has the Alexa app or a supported Echo device. If you want to have a Show in more than one room, Amazon is offering a $100 discount if you buy two. "All hands-free-just ask", Amazon notes in its blurb on its product page . "Alexa, show me cooking videos on YouTube". To make sure that the user's voice is heard, the Echo Show comes with eight microphones, noise cancellation, and beam-forming technology.

Author: 0 Oil prices fall further amid oversupply fears

Oil prices have fallen, hitting their lowest levels since November past year, as volatile markets extended Thursday's near 5 per cent loss further over concerns of oversupply and fears of an emerging glut. Worldwide benchmark Brent crude fell to $48.17 per barrel, after opening the day at $50.65 a barrel. The main trend is down according to the daily swing chart, but the June WTI crude oil contract is also down 16 days from its recent top, putting it in the window of time for a ...

Finance United Airlines reaches settlement with passenger dragged from plane
Author: 0 United Airlines reaches settlement with passenger dragged from plane

Demetrio also praised United CEO Oscar Munoz for doing the right thing after he promised to do so. "We are pleased to report that United and Dr. Other passengers recorded video of Dao screaming before police at Chicago O'Hare International Airport dragged him through the plane's aisle. It was a police officer who worked for the city who actually removed Dao from the aircraft.

Author: 0 Quarter economic growth slowest in three years

However, the pedestrian growth pace for the first quarter is not that true of a picture of the health of the economy. The labor market is near full employment, generating stronger wage growth, and consumer confidence is near multi-year highs.

Finance Congress approves bill to avert government shutdown for a week
Author: 0 Congress approves bill to avert government shutdown for a week

The vote caps a dramatic week of deal-making on Capitol Hill, particularly in the House. The spending bill is also expected to increase funding for the military and border security, as Republicans requested. "I anticipate the members reading through it this weekend, and as soon as possible, we will bring that bill to the floor", said the House majority leader, Rep.

Author: 0 Former official says she warned White House about Flynn

Yates, however, did not say specifically that her concerns about Flynn's behavior was related to these conversations. But, the idea that the surveillance story - that the United States government monitors foreign actors and could have swept up a conversation that person had with a Trump campaign official - is a bigger deal than Russian Federation having compromising information about the national security adviser doesn't pass the smell test for me.

Finance Obama starts defining his new role in the age of Trump
Author: 0 Obama starts defining his new role in the age of Trump

He also labeled her "not exactly someone excited about President Trump". President Barack Obama warned Donald Tru. Prior to former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates' scheduled testimony on Capitol Hill Monday, Trump tweeted that the Senate Judiciary subcommittee conducting the hearing should ask Yates whether she knows how classified information was leaked to the media shortly after her meeting with White House counsel Don McGahn.

Author: 0 Islamic Jihad rejects Palestine state within 1967 borders

The moves come with 82-year-old Palestinian president Abbas losing popularity and a behind-the-scenes succession battle taking shape. If Hamas can gain control of the PLO, it will secure the legitimacy it needs to rule all the Palestinian territories.