Yemen's ex-president's house blown by Houthis


Residents reported heavy bombing, and a United Nations official said at least 25 airstrikes hit the city over the past 24 hours.

Houthi said despite his early pretense about being opposed to the Saudi aggression, Saleh finally changed course and took sides with the aggressors.

"The members of the Security Council call all sides to de-escalate and to recommit and re-engage without preconditions in the UN-led political process to achieve a durable ceasefire", Japanese ambassador Koro Bessho, the council's president, said after a closed-door meeting on the situation. On Tuesday, the U.N. Security Council warned of "the dire and deteriorating humanitarian situation in Yemen", saying the country "stands at the brink of catastrophic starvation". Saudi-backed forces are now claiming they're out to avenge Saleh, who they'd repeatedly tried to kill in the past couple of years, but the real loss is likely to be at the bureaucratic level within Sanaa, where GPC officials who were in positions running rebel-territory are likely all ousted at this point, and the Houthis are going to have to find replacements for them.

"We know the Saudi-led coalition has sent some messages to the people in Sanaa to stay away from Houthi installations for fear of air strikes, so we are trying to wait and see when things become slightly more clear and we can move around more freely", he said.

The gruesome images from the previous day sent shockwaves among Saleh's followers - a grisly end recalling that of his contemporary, Libya's Moammar Gadhafi, in 2011. He was killed by the rebels on Monday, leaving his followers in disarray. A spokesman quoted Aboul-Gheit as saying the worldwide community should label the Houthis a "terrorist" organization.

However, close sources have denied the reports that Saleh was killed.

Yemeni women held rare protests in Sanaa on Wednesday, demanding that the capital's rebel authorities hand over the body of slain ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Mohamed Ali al-Houthi, a rebel leader, said Tuesday that "some sons" of Saleh have been hospitalized, without providing further details.