Woman passenger 'molested' by Ola cab driver in Bengaluru


Another shocking incident was reported in September where an Ola cab driver allegedly assaulted a businessman with iron rod near CV Raman Road. When I tried to get out of the vehicle, I realised that it was child locked. The incident allegedly took place on Intermediate Ring Road, while the victim was on her way to Koramangala.

An Ola representative confirmed that after the incident was brought to their attention, and after they spoke to the woman concerned, they temporarily suspended Reddy.

Interestingly, the woman told the New Indian Express that she had availed the Ola Select service on her mobile app, which helped customers get only the higher rated drivers to ply them.

The driver then locked the doors engaging child safety locks and harassed her till she started banging on the door and screaming. He called her to warn her that he would cause her harm if approached the police. While the woman has refused to file a police complaint, Ola has suspended the cab driver. She pushed him to the ground and ran away from the spot. Even for the police to take up a suomotto case against the accused, it is important for the police to know the area where the incident took place.

The cab driver also threatened the passenger against complaining and said that Ola doesn't pay heed to such complaints'.

Asked why she has not lodged a police complaint, she said she was not a resident of Bengaluru and wanted to avoid "legal hassles" as she was leaving the city next month.

The woman also alleged that the company did not inform her of taking any action against the driver. The frightened girl filed a complaint with Ola after reaching her house, and the driver was suspended.

The spokesperson also urged the customer to lodge a formal complaint with the authorities. "Safety of customers is our priority and we will continue to extend our full support to this investigation against the said driver", Ola Spokesperson said.