Winter Event For Call of Duty: WWII Kicks Off on Friday


Call of Duty WW2's next seasonal event is the month-long Winter Siege.

If you're interested in getting involved in the community event, make sure you hop online this Friday before it all comes to an end. Winter Siege will hit the game starting December 8 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The second week of the Winter Siege event marks the limited return of Gun Game as part of a non-stop schedule of special double XP playlists. The winter-themed Supply Drops will further allow players to access various cosmetic upgrades, emblems, and more. The classic mode lets players compete to be the first to earn a kill with each weapon in the game (and it was previously leaked that it would be coming back). Multiplayer also delivers a new approach to character and create-a-class through Divisions, War, an all-new narrative multiplayer mode of play, and Headquarters, a first of its kind for the Call of Duty social community, designed for players to interact and socialise with friends.

Taking command of the quartermaster position in the redecorated headquarters will be Captain Butcher, a grizzled British vet. There will be a visiting Quartermaster, too. Players will be able to earn a variant of each weapon for free via a Special Orders from Major Howard, and other rarity variants will be available through bounties, or in specially-marked Winter Siege Supply Drops, which can be earned by playing the game or by purchasing them with in-game currency.

These Winter Siege Supply Drops will also be purchasable with Call of Duty Points.

Gun Game will also be returning to Call of Duty in WWII, and will have 2XP activated for a portion of the event. Players can also earn Winter Siege Supply Drops, which can be earned with zero purchases as well.