Two Of R. Kelly's Homes Were Robbed While He Was On Tour


Kelly's housekeeper called the police to say she found the house emptied of belongings when she came to clean the home.

TMZ reports that two of R. Kelly's homes have been completely wiped out from a burglary over Thanksgiving weekend. Walker used to do "odds and ends jobs" for Kelly, Captain Christopher Byers of the Johns Creek Police Department told BuzzFeed News.

Police said Walker claimed Kelly owed him money, so to get back at him, he hired movers to remove everything from his homes, including furniture, furnishings and even a diamond-encrusted hoodie.

Neighbors noticed suspicious vehicles at one of the homes over the course a week, with people moving items, but Byers said they didn't find it alarming because the men "were doing it in broad daylight and weren't acting like your typical burglar". She walked into Kelly's house and found it empty.

"Everything they could get into the truck that week they took", Capt. Chris Byers told Channel 2's Mike Petchenik. One of the men admitted to buying one of the room's items for $6,000.

However, Kelly's team told cops Walker was just a part-time employee.

The suspect, Alonso Walker, who Petchenik described as an "associate" of Kelly's, is now on the run from the law after missing a December 5 appointment to turn himself in on theft charges.