The Champions' Ballad DLC is Coming to eShop Tonight


The only other Zelda game which offered the level of freedom that Breath of the Wild does was the original Zelda on the NES.

For the last few weeks, Nintendo fans have been on the edge of their seat. December came, and the expansion pack still didn't have a release date.

The Champions Ballad, as the expansion is called, gives players a series of new challenges.

Aonuma: "I want to take all of the joy and warmth I'm feeling right now receiving this award and put that back into continuing to make Zelda games and continuing to try to surprise all of you".

Eiji Aonuma appeared at the Game Awards tonight to announce that the Champions Ballad DLC will debut tonight. While the Champions had their Divine Beasts for protection, Link did not.

"True to his title, as a Champion, link saves Hyrule from its Crisis". On behalf of everyone who worked on this game, thank you so very much for this award.

The trailer, shown above, starts with Link holding a glowing trident in front of a shrine, and then goes on to show a montage featuring the four champions, Zelda, and a fresh slate of puzzle dungeons.

Well, given Nintendo has been rather evasive about what this second DLC pack actually contains, let's dig into what this new pack, dubbed The Champions' Ballad, gets you.