Tag Team Match Set For WWE Clash of Champions


And Shane McMahon's reign of terror is about to begin.

The ongoing Zayn and Owens vs. the world storyline dominated proceedings once more, and there were further developments in the Daniel Bryan/Shane McMahon saga, but WWE's delivery was remarkably inconsistent. While the mischevious duo deserves some reprimanding, Shane McMahon is now in the process of abusing his power. Although it seems inconceivable and potentially unwise for Shane to turn heel, it could be a way to write Daniel Bryan off of television, should Bryan leave the company in 2018.

As a result, Shane McMahon confirmed Nakamura will be Orton's partner for a tag team match with Owens and Zayn at the Clash of Champions pay-per-view later this month. Gable admits they may have overreacted when The New Day was added to the match but Benjamin says that gives them the flawless opportunity to beat not one but two of the top teams in WWE. WWE typically has one company-spanning storyline for every 'Mania and this version of Game of Thrones may be the ideal vehicle for a story that affects all of WWE.

It looks like we may have cursed SmackDown's fortunes by declaring the glory days had returned last week, because this show was a dumpster fire.

You can check out the current card for Clash of Champions below.

The Dec. 5 edition of SmackDown Live featured The New Day wrestling Rusev & Aiden English, Baron Corbin facing Bobby Roode with Dolph Ziggler as a guest commentator, Charlotte Flair taking on Tamina and Randy Orton facing Sami Zayn with Kevin Owens handcuffed to the ropes in the main event.