Snow threat continues for Friday


Because much of the snow is falling during the day and temperatures are marginally cold, snow should accumulate more on non-paved surfaces, though higher elevations and on the north side of hills we may have to do some minor plowing of the snow. For communities on the North Shore, snow flurries are possible Friday, the National Weather Service predicts.

As of 11 a.m. Thursday, a winter weather advisory has been issued for parts of Louisiana, Southern Mississippi, and Central Georgia.

Snow arrives in New England at the south coast on Saturday morning, it'll be warm enough that it's mostly rain on Cape Cod and along the immediate shoreline. Still, any accumulations would likely have a hard time sticking to roadways, and be confined mainly to grassy and elevated surfaces.

A few areas in this general strip may squeeze out one inch of total snow accumulation, but most other accumulations will likely be less than one inch. However, the biggest concern is the potential for black ice on bridges and overpasses first thing Saturday morning.

Thursday will be another cold day as temperatures struggle to reach 40 degrees under cloudy sky in Lubbock and northerly wind speeds become gusty by afternoon. However, temperatures will go back below freezing rather quickly tomorrow night, and any lingering water on roads could freeze.

This would be the first snow event of the winter season and it's only happening because of the cold front that moved through Wednesday morning.

REMEMBER: With nearly every winter weather event in Alabama, there is a surprise or two. If the cold air makes it farther south, we'll have more snow in more places.

Most of Central Georgia will stay cold and rainy with temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s. Although somewhat milder weather returns for a cameo early next week, temperatures will remain below average.