Selena Gomez Made Her Instagram Private, and People Are Very Confused


There's no telling whether or not Instagram's leading star will make her account public once again, but we're sure her 130 million followers will continue to let us in on her happenings.

Proving the old idiom that actions speak louder than words, Selena Gomez made her Instagram private Tuesday morning without any explanation, and fans are in a frenzy trying to figure out why.

The offensive paragraph Gomez cited described a large stuffed teddy bear the singer received as a gift.

'"I know, I know", says Gomez, rolling her eyes, acknowledging that the stuffed animal doesn't quite blend with the trio of armchairs nestled in the inviting, marble-accented nook, ' wrote Brooke. Or invite them in my home.

Selena Gomez has made her Instagram account private.

Putting up her guard: The profile, which was published with the star's Woman Of The Year honor from the mag, prompted Gomez to declare "Never will I let another human being guess my words ever again".

"The women have really defined their voices", Gomez said in a recent interview with Billboard, "and I feel most comfortable because I see all the women I look up to feeling comfortable enough to talk about the struggles or things that they've gone through". It's a story about a woman, who has been a working actress since age 7, retreating to a peaceful and comparatively humble home after a breakup.

Even though Selena Gomez has managed to rekindle her romance with Justin Bieber, it seems like her relationship with the press has fizzled.

She put her Instagram on private, which means potential followers will have to be approved before seeing her photo feed, and the abrupt action is causing people to speculate. Don't be surprised: These days celebrities have personal and direct ways to reach mass audiences, and they keep tighter leashes on their personal narratives. "She now genuinely misses him and just can't wait to get back to him". Fans astutely point to this recent update, too, which notes that she's looking forward to some "alone time".