Putin will allow Russians to compete at Pyeongchang Olympics


Putin also said that Russian Federation also bore responsibility for the ban, though suggesting the greater fault lay with its accusers and his meaning was ambiguous.

SOUTH Korea today encouraged Russian athletes to compete in the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics as neutral individuals, following a ban on Russia competing over state-sponsored doping, the Yonhap news agency reported.

Jean-Loup Chappelet, an Olympic specialist from the University of Lausanne, said the IOC's decision was "strong because it rested on its credibility regarding the subject of doping and sent the ball into Russia's court".

"They have been preparing for these competitions for their whole careers, and for them it's very important". "Each of them has to make a decision of some kind now". "Will Russia be at the Olympics but without a flag?" "One should not be carried away by emotions".

An IOC commission chaired by former Swiss president Samuel Schmid ruled Tuesday that there was a doping system but said it found no evidence that "the highest state authority" knew.

But the International Olympic Committee also said it would allow some individual Russian athletes to take part as neutrals, provided they were able to pass a specially created International Olympic Committee anti-doping panel. It barred them from the events they had competed in, confiscated all medals they had won and banned them from taking part in any future Olympic games.

"I've seen all sorts of reaction from athletes", NPR's Lucian Kim says from Moscow.

"We all sign a thing that says even if we don't know, we're responsible for what we put into our bodies", Carey said during Olympic trials in Ottawa.

Some Russian sports officials have been criticized for not doing enough to prevent the ban, with senior lawmakers and sports figures calling for them to be fired.

Russia's move into wholesale Olympics cheating is often traced to 2010, when the country's athletes fell well short of expectations by winning only 15 medals at the Vancouver Winter Olympics - a bad omen as the country prepared to host the 2014 Games in Sochi.

The games will not be broadcast in the country because of the absence of a Russian national team. "It gives strength and inspires me during performances".

Anti-doping agencies from 37 different countries, including the United States, have called for a total ban on Russian participation in the 2018 Olympics.

At the Kremlin, Peskov said questions remain about how the ban would be enacted. "I can't say that the activities of the International Olympic Committee are honest".

The IOC has stripped 11 medals from Russia's tally in Sochi so far over the doping.

"Throughout history, there were so many things we had to endure from our 'partners, ' " Zakharova said.

After discussing Russia's "revival as a sports powerhouse", she said, "We constantly hear that we are doing everything wrong, be it our lifestyle, culture, history, and now sports".