Pokemon GO Adds Hoenn Region Pokemon and Dynamic Weather


Pokemon GO developers Niantic has today revealed that they will start rolling out Gen 3 Pokemon proper, following the brief tease during the Halloween event and the handful of Ghost Pokemon.

And now the AR game will bring a bit more reality into the equation with the addition of dynamic weather that mirrors the real world.

Pokemon GO Trainers have a lot to look forward to this week, according to an announcement on the Pokemon GO website.

However, as well as bolstering the games Pokedex with upwards of 50 new mons from the Ruby and Sapphire games - a snip of the overall 135 new Pokemon from the Hoenn region - the game will also be adding a rather significant new in-game feature.

Niantic is going to release a series of "Pokemon GO" updates starting this week.

A dynamic weather system will also be introduced with new weather effects. This will supposedly be geo-specific, meaning that, if it's raining or snowing in real life, those changes will be reflected in the game.

Additionally, pokemon can be associated with different conditions, making them more or less likely to appear based on the weather. For example, a Charizard's Fire Spin will be more effective on a sunny day. Instead, they will be released gradually in due course.

Gen 3 Pokemon are coming!

While discussing the just announced new features with IGN, Niantic marketing lead Archit Bhargava noted that there were still plans to bring trading and PvP into Pokemon Go, but not immediately.

As for what's coming next, Bhargava stated that Niantic uses December as a planning month for the next year in order to start "spec-ing out" new features and planning how to market them. Although Niantic still has a lot of generations to work within the Pokemon universe, it can not introduce them all at the same time.