Pearl Harbor Survivors Remember Those Killed 76 Years Ago


76 years ago, the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor that killed more than 2,400 Americans. He said he's still alive because he happened to be on the ship's starboard side.

"He told me many stories of World War II from his experiences so it absolutely has had an impact on my life as I believe it has in every American's life", Ingalls said.

Herbert Elfring remembered hearing bombs explode and initially thought the explosions were USA training exercises.

"Each year, we remember this date, but what's happening as we all get older, ... we're starting to lose the memory of this event", Jindrich said.

"I can not help but note that just as the crew of the USS Ward was not caught unprepared by peacetime mentality, likewise the Pacific Fleet was not trapped by fear and uncertainty following the attack that morning", he said.

This October, local Vietnam veteran Virgil Johnson and his wife, Marilyn, visited Pearl Harbor and toured the USS Missouri.

"It's a real pleasure to come out here and join them", said retired Army Col. Frederick Clinton, who fought across the French and German fronts in 1944-1945.

"We have to take our remembrance of what happened with this unprovoked attack on December 7 and relate to what happened on 9/11 - an unprovoked attack", Jindrich said while calling for mutual respect of countries, cultures and each other.

Soon after, he was on the shores of Normandy for the D-Day invasion, Gutman said Thursday, Dec. 7, at a commemoration at the Naval Weapons Station Detachment in Norco for those who died in the attack and for other veterans. "Heroes whose honor, courage and commitment amidst adversity continues to inspire generations of American service members today".

The Navy and National Park Service host the ceremony each year at the same time the attack began.

It didn't do much then but this survivor continued to fight back, serving in the Pacific throughout World War II then the Korean War. Usually, a Navy vessel with sailors manning the rails passes by the USS Arizona Memorial during the event.

"It caused us all to come together and work hard to win", he said.

More than 2,400 lives were lost when the Japanese attacked. Almost half were on the USS Arizona, which exploded and sank after it was hit by two bombs.

Jindrich held out the United States and its military as the most humane country and troops the world has ever known.

Japan and the US became close allies after the war.