Osi Umenyiora Has The Perfect Response to Mike Mitchell's Rant (TWEET)


Steelers safety Mike Mitchell went off on NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and the state of the league Wednesday afternoon, railing against the inconsistency of how hits, legal or not, are policed.

On Tuesday, the Pittsburgh Steelers safety took to Twitter to rail on the National Football League for suspending Cincinnati Bengals safety George Iloka for his hit on Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Antonio Brown (a suspension that was overturned) during Monday's NFC North matchup that has drawn widespread criticism for what many deemed excessive violence and dirty play. There was screaming about dirty play, there are questions about the NFL's handling of in-game penalties and ejections and just a lot of vitriol spilling over into the general conversation.

While some find Mitchell's point of view and brand of football draconian and unsafe, he gives voice to others who feel the game is under attack and that the violence on the field is a necessary part of the sport that participants have signed up for. Let's not try to turn football into a risky, barbaric game. I stand by that.

And don't forget, New England's Rob Gronkowksi was also suspended for a game for his late hit on Buffalo's Tre-Davious White on Sunday. I don't know. Is he just trying to fix his karma or what?

No one has to turn football into a unsafe game.

"They go to their locker rooms, they go to their meeting rooms and their players are praising them, their coaches are praising them, but their check, their wallets are being deducted thousands of dollars for doing what we learned how to do to come into this game". "Think about what you ask us to do". You can't. It's just the risk of playing football. "I thought a fine, a pretty steep fine, something like that". I don't think there's any way it can be eliminated. "There's just so much going on in the game right now". Nobody signed up for that. Former players have died and are dying terrible deaths because of head trauma. Don't judge me on what you see on football, because football's my competitive side. There should be no doubt, he said.

The Monday night victory came at a cost for the Steelers, as linebacker Ryan Shazier remains hospitalized in Cincinnati with a spinal injury. "I feel like I've got to ask a guy, "Hey are you ready for me to hit you right" now before I hit you?" "I can hear the way they talk; their speech is starting to ... it's the strangest thing to see".

Mike Mitchell is fed up. If you want to see flag football, then let's take our pads off. "What are you talking about?" The NFL is the last bastion of masculinity? He said there will still be crashes and collisions, but if you're wearing a seat belt, "you aren't going to die". In no way was he tryna hurt AB just like I know @TeamJuJu wasn't trying to hurt #55. "For people to be against that in any form or fashion, the players especially, is just stupid".