'Mario + Rabbids' gets a free versus battle mode tomorrow


Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is already available on Nintendo Switch.

Mario and his friends will use hundreds of never-before-seen weapons to strategically take out enemies in true Rabbids style - with the occasional well-timed misfire.

Turns go back and forth with players getting three actions per turn, making the biggest challenge the most presents.

In the main campaign for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, players will form a team of three unique characters, customizing their abilities via each character's dedicated skill tree to form the flawless trio.

The Versus mode is a new multiplayer experience, playable locally on a single console and developed especially for you, the fans!

Players will freely pick three different heroes from amongst the eight from the main game.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is getting some paid DLC next year, but this year we're getting some for free. Each character comes with its own unique pre-sets, including specific statistics and skills, so you can create your own winning strategy.

"And just to be sure that things heat up near the end, there's the 'Showtime, ' option, which kicks in as the match nears its end and turns regular items into super items, while also opening up new ways to get around the map, like pipes or trampolines", Reparaz said. On Friday, December 8, the game will add a competitive mode - and it's absolutely free for all players.