IPhones may get reversible emoji in 2018


The Unicode Consortium has published new guidelines that will allow companies like Apple and Google to implement reversible emoji.

In addition to reversible emoji, the proposed guidelines also contain a slew of other proposed emoji that make great candidates.

Those googly eyes on emojis that now face left could be made to face to the right next year if Apple or other device vendors decide to give you the option.

However some proposals have already been canned - including a frowning pile of poo, mango and redheads. A new section now outlines a ZWJ mechanism which will let the vendor switch directions of any emoji.

According to Emojipedia, there are 2666 emojis in the "Unicode Standard" as of June 2017, meaning that there must be ENDLESS situations in which aesthetic confusion is created by emoji that face the wrong way. That being said the glyphs will only be applied for emoji's that benefit from them. Emojis are a great way to add a little extra flavor and humor to text messages, and having them work more flexibly will make for a better experience overall. The final list will be confirmed in the first quarter of next year, with a decision in January and an announcement in March.

The list-which Unicode made very clear "is not final"-features 130 possible new faces, people, body parts, clothes, animals, foods, household items ... and a pirate flag". The included emoji is sure to go through several changes before the final meeting in January, so check back frequently! Next year, iOS devices could boast reversible emoji and many others. A year's time should be more than enough to get things up and running, however, and the rest of us can expect a big expansion in our iOS 12 emojis as soon as Apple rolls out the new update.